Ukrainian airlines plane crashes in Tehran shortly after takeoff 1

Ukrainian airlines plane crashes in Tehran shortly after takeoff


A Boeing 737 passenger airplane crashed in Iran's capital of Tehran with 176 passengers and crew on board. CNN's Richard Quest has the latest on the technical difficulties that reportedly brought down the Ukraine International Airlines flight. #CNN #News


    1. rickardo patterson ah, so, “muh russian collusion” links did not pan out for conspiracy theory peddlers and now you are pushing for Ukrainian one?
      I guess, because evil orange drumpf Ukrainian “links” only fly on Ukrainian planes, right?
      TDS is a real thing…

    2. @Jesus Christ have u ever considered that an attack could be planned ahead of time before the flight departs?

  1. This could be either a sabotage from a foreign country that they timed the flight and Iran’s missile launch, but Iran launched their missiles hours earlier.

    or Due to panic and rush for leaving Iran, alot of things were overlooked in the Ukrainian airline, that it gave it a higher chance of crashing. Alot of planes from other countries have been sent to the Middle East to take their citizens home.

    1. Chi chan or Iranian missile defense panicked because they heard that US combat jets were taking off from an airbase in the UAE and accidentally shot it down.

      Since the pilots lost the ability to communicate with ground control, the crash does point towards a sudden, violent event.

    2. @Kuro Usagi This is probably the best explanation. There’s no way a “technical difficulty” would have blown it to bits and there’s no way they know the cause without analysis of the blackbox, crash site, etc, which is not done in a matter of hours, ever.

  2. Listen if an engine flames out they have a fire suppression system. With one engine out the plane could still fly. That plane was a ball of flame before it crashed.

    1. Jeffrey masar they were only at 8,000 feet too! This is bullshit. ANY engine problem or technical difficulty wouldn’t have caused an accident like this. It wouldn’t have been on fire and exploded in air and then went straight into the ground!

    1. Just seven rounds from a 308 shortly after takeoff,,,. Will definitely give them technical difficulties,,,,. !!!

    1. Over 90% of air plane crashes results in the death of all people on board. You are basically in a huge piece of metal, moving 100s of kilometers an hour, 1000s of meters above the ground.

    2. @Assassin Mongoose Great point sir. Tbh I have never flown air plane in my life so I can only imagine how extremely tight people are packed inside modern jets.
      I am afraid of flying :(.

      From what I have read about the crash of Polish gov jet in 2010 where Polish president Lech Kaczynski died with his wife. During the impact human bodies are basically torn or shred into pieces. One arm is 10 meters away from the torso, head can be 20 meters away and the lower part of the body with legs can be 100 meters away from the rest. 🙁

    1. Oh come on I am sure that people are having a fantastic 2020 start not being sarcastic I really believe a lot of people not effected by the issues going on in the world are having a great year and some maybe not

  3. Ukrainian International Airlines officially reported that this plane was technically normal and safe (6 January last inspection), and the pilots were one of the best in the company with large experience.

    1. baguette obama The fuselage is nadenout if Aluminum you can see the engines were on fire and fuel is held in the wings of a war head hit that plane I guarantee you will be able to notice that

    2. It was shot down by a Tor-M1, anyone with a bit of a clue looking at the wreckage can instantly tell it was shot with an AA missiles.

  4. This was a seasoned crew with plenty of experience.. This is also a very safe aircraft; don’t get caught up in the whole 737Max paranoia. Pilots are trained to deal with engine fires and fires that start in the fuselage, fwd/aft cargo.. Regardless of whether this was the first few minutes after takeoff or the last few minutes before landing, there’s no reason a fire couldn’t be dealt with efficiently. When the plane suddenly lost communication at 8000ft or so, one might think it had to have been a collision of some sort.. No radio communication since that altitude makes me believe,
    1: The plane was hit by a foreign object (missile possibly) and the crew had no time to declare an emergency, as they were preoccupied trying to keep the aircraft flying
    2: On board fire or engine fire that the crew couldn’t control. Hydraulic issues followed (Control of aircraft)
    3: Hit by a smaller GA aircraft (Doesn’t look like there’s evidence of this)
    4: On board explosive from passenger..

    Hate to speculate on situations like this… especially when the situation is still raw. Just hope it’s not some deliberate attack. RIP to all those that lost their lives

  5. Hours after the crash and their saying it crashed from “technical difficulties” “mechanical failure”. Doesn’t it take weeks, if not months of investigation to determine the cause of crash?

    1. OKAY!
      Especially without the BLACK BOX… Please.

      -Seeing Recognizing the MAY-TRICKS -Sht in 2020 !

      … for whom and what it is and it is not what and who is relayed to the masses!

      The Wizards curtain is wide open. The Scales are fallen from our eyes. The Veil is burned up. The Magician’s mirrors have cracked.


    2. The Iranians shot it down with a Tor-M1 missile, the pattern of shrapnel entry holes on the fuselage remains is clear that this was caused by an AA missile.

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