1. Science deniers are the worst. Alas, most “men” still suckle and nurse a broken-hearted mommy cow from the holocaust whilst they indignantly scream at pet abusers. Most “men” will mock ‘soi-bois’ whilst they are literally nursing! The cognitive dissonance is systemic.

    2. They’re radicalized climate change loons that are a result of the current fear-mongering of climate change. Yes it’s real, No it’s not as bad as you’re told by extremists. Climate change has been a thing since the beginning of time.

    1. @Qunited States Patriot Well obviously that wasn’t harsh enough, so we’ll have to send them somewhere else

    2. Or maybe eco terrorists should stop trying to convince the world it’s their fault the world is on fire while setting it ablaze.

  1. This is just so heartbreaking. All the deaths of those poor animals and people. Those people are straight evil who did this, plain and simple.

    1. @Kristján Rúnarsson well the oil industry isn’t helping but unless roughly 6 billion people go away it’s not going to stop because you know, people need heat and air conditioning. new technologies like clean nuclear energy? how do you feel about that one? I don’t know how you can say they are the least of the world’s problem let alone quantify it seeing how they’re directly responsible for a lot of damage .you know the same thing happened in Canada just last year. a bunch of arsonists starting forest fires and the news saying its climate change. Ya not exactly. It’s a little more complicated

    2. @Kristján Rúnarsson

      LOL and yet, Australia doesn’t even rank in the top 5 polluted countries. So I guess it’s their fault other countries neglect their environmental regulations? You don’t add anything intelligent enough to pick apart arguments because you’re too busy making excuses for your stupid narrative.

    3. ​@First name Last name Firstly, name calling won’t get you anywhere, I’m immune. Secondly, Australians could decide to end coal mining because of the way CO2 emissions are messing up their continent. Instead a majority of the Australian electorate chose to shoot themselves in the foot by putting politicians in charge of their country that don’t want to do that. Australia’s coal exports count towards its CO2 emissions that’s just basic economics. You can try to argue with those numbers but be advised that smarter people than you have tried to argue with the laws of mathematics and lost. Being in denial about carbon emissions a bit like banging your head against a rock to cure a headache.

    4. Libtards: Climate Change is what caused these fires.
      The rest of the world: We didn’t know there were that many Muslims in Australia named “Climate Change”

    5. ​@Kristján Rúnarsson Every year there are brush fires in Australia June to May. In February it was wet and there were floods. An Aussie would know better than Jennifer Aniston. These blazes were started by arsonists.

    1. It is possible that these are scapegoats for the Australian regime. The authorities have always done so, covering their incompetence, and let the anger of the people come out on the innocent. This is as old as the world, but people are not trained in the art of management, so these techniques are not subject to them and therefore they can not recognize them

    2. So how exactly did they prove these people started the fire. Oh thats right listen to cnn and dont ask questions.
      Always a good idea.

  2. I am assuming they will be named, shamed, charged and given whole life prison sentences as clearly they are a danger to society as a whole, and arsonists cannot be “cured” either.

    1. Burn them at the stake. THAT would be so very fitting if they are found guilty through a preponderance of evidence.

    2. Adani is the company that is doing the most harm in Australia. Adani is the most corrupt company. Please look into them.

    3. karon mcgregor oh no they don’t show white people’s faces on the news only black .Now I see it’s not just in America it’s everywhere.

    1. Apparently the threat of imprisonment isn’t working… we can’t have people like this in the world

    2. So what if you shot off some new years fireworks that lead to a brush fire. Do all the damages from other fires get added to your penalty. How does that work?
      Cnn can get you folks out for blood in less than 2 minutes. Creepy.
      So if trump wins again and you destroy property while rioting. Will you accept your punishment?

  3. Extensive jail time… Like never see the light of day jail time. These people don’t deserve freedom

    1. @Thedfectiveone :3 Your YouTube name just says it all! Do something about that vulgar mouth of yours shill, and while you’re at it get medicated for that SEVERE truth allergy you have.

    2. Shawn Corbin My YouTube name? Damn who knew you could read.Vulgar? How dumb and triggered are you? Even Tucker Carlson called trumps move stupid but yet you only want to listen to what you like not the truth,sad

    3. @tingle blade ×what about 100 years ago when it was the outback the people were smart they used controlled burns selective cutting to grinding undergrowth.. I ask this with respect the people gave up control to the government, & now the banning of forest management has caused this the government , with taxes rules.permits …. the older generation could fix thos

    1. @cj p Watch Australian news and read their papers. This is all information available. We are living in a world now where the technology is that of from the movie Enemy of the state. Look it up.

  4. Although I’ve been thinking this has caused by some natural phenomenon, I can’t imagine the reason why they did that..

    1. Never underestimate the stupidity of the human species. And never underestimate the willingness of the climate change businesses/cults to drive up their donations by all means possible.

    1. @Serena Ireland so quick to assune guilt based on no facts… Im pretty burned out on the typical cnn viewer being like this. The reason so many of you eat fake news.
      Just like when trump NEVER said nuke hurricanes. Half of you still believe it.
      Also roy moore was never proven.

    1. I dont think Irwin is out of ”purgatory” yet. He partook in too many slaving and slaughterous holocaust meals to be gifted a ‘get-out-of-jail card by any ‘GOD’..

    1. @cj p They didn’t even mention animals. People lost their lives and homes in these fires, so the people that did this are most certainly evil.

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