Video appears to show Iranian missiles fired into Iraq bases

Video from Iranian state media reportedly shows missiles being fired from Iran into two Iraqi military bases housing US troops in retaliation for the American strike that killed a top Iranian general.

A US official told CNN that there were no initial reports of any US casualties from the attack, but an assessment of the impact of the strikes is underway. Iraq's joint military command said there were no casualties among Iraqi military forces.


    1. Pillar of Truth, exactly. imo that was just the first strike from iran of more to come. we would be naive to think they won’t strike US again.

  1. “It’s the end of the world. Got any plans?”…

    “I’ll be spending it with my in laws. It will be the looongest day of my life.”

    1. @Josie Whales because when you fight.first. you have to wait for your enemy have to wait for them until they spend all them weapons on other countries then you fight them

    2. Iran is more united against us and Iraq is trying to expel U.S. troops. Soleimani has already been replaced. The threat wasn’t eliminated. tRump doesn’t serve anyone.

  2. More tweets from deal breaker.
    Missle brought it down? Trump hated ukraine. Their plane goes down? #Putins in town.

    1. @Bryan Kay THAT was 3 years ago idiots, that President wasn’t in office you god damn moron?

      Did your mother have any kids with no Brain damage?

      The circumstances where completly differant.

      What you quote is russian propiganda.


    1. I agree but as long is USA government Zionist Jews ther will never be a peace this country the love warr the cent not live without warr

    2. @Hafza Osman how would you feel if you walked into your home and found your entire family tortured to death??????? Would you want revenge or war then????????

    1. William H
      Yeah cuz that’s what people do they just stay with what they have and never ask for more, especially those capitalism leaders

    2. The Middle East is running out of oil. That’s why millions of Arabs are flooding into Christian nations to take advantage of their welfare systems…

    3. @William H Bullshit. Then Ya’ll americans should stay away from Middle East. You are just making things complicated. Innocent people died bcoz of your stupid interest.

  3. cnn why did you settle the Nicholas Sandman case? Like you settled the Fredo “I’ll throw you down the stairs” Cuomo, and Little Donny “Stink Finger” Lemon cases?

    1. Kc Mac illegal immigrants cant vote dude omg how can you be this freaking dumb!!!! The only voter fraud that there was detected came from the republicans lol. Omg just because trump told illegals were voting doesn’t make it true just like when he said mexico would pay for the wall. Trump lies to you EVERYDAY. When people say illegals are voting it just shows you how damn stupid people are and how willing they are to believe anything. Seriously who tf in there right mind actually thought mexico would pay for a wall???

    2. @Carlos Duque You’re certainly free to rage scream when Trump wins 2020. *Freedoms brought to by Trump, literally it’s true*

    3. @Kc Mac I agree. Im registered independent, but the entire demographic shifted under, like most independents. Libtards (not real Democrats, because there really are some left) understand that those independents that may have voted for Obama will never vote for a communist candidate, neither will many democrats from 10 years ago. Not everyone is a mindless zealot that will instantly begin preaching, as is it was a life long core belief, everything a pundit vomits out thier mouth.

    4. Jeffry Garew this guy really just said donald trump brought freedom to America 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Earth is literally on its breaking point with those forest fires of Amazon and Australian Forests and now this, can’t we be in peace? Wtf is wrong with these leaders

    1. @Bryan Kay in the middle ages we’d just begun destroying tiny parts of the planet. You don’t get outside much if you haven’t noticed the dump of a planet we’ve made in 50 years

  5. This was just a flex, weird flex but okay. As long as there are no casualties – believe me, there will be no war

    1. No war? U must be a real dumbass if you think no war is coming. Dummy thus saith the lord. Its coming!…plus is all planned by the ppl who control the world fool . the NWO WILL BE FUFFILED

    2. @Demonstryde Every MSM channel that is deeply sympathizing and grieving over the death of their dear leader.

  6. Wanna good laugh?
    Quote from “Judge Judy” yesterday’s show.
    “If you were the prize at the end of the race, I would run backwards!”
    Luv it!!❤🤣🤣🤣

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