1. The fact that Russia thinks they can attack a country but can’t be attacked on their homeland is baffling

    1. @KB BR why did you think that? There was no support for the thieving government that, as usual, was put in place by the invaders. Exactly the same thing happened when the Russians left the time before that Afghanistan was invaded.

  2. Ukraine has to be aggressive to take back their territory. You don’t offer some one who steals your house your car too. ❤️🇺🇦

    1. @GENETIC BEAST Hey generic, what are you going to do when Ruzzia collapses, while pootin is running for his life? I’d be thinking about that if I were you.

    2. oops. I left out 1991 for Ukraine! Ukraine has been an internationally recognised country since August 1991.

  3. Stay strong Ukraine! The world’s democracy are with you. This reporter is incredibly annoying. Slava Ukraini!

    1. @Jesse Fisher …. thoughtful, thank you. At very least he ended up repeating that Ukraine must maintain high ground. …and that is so incredibly important….. of course as in any incendiary situation, i certainly wouldnt put it past mr. Putin to stage something like this.

  4. God bless Ukrainians and restore their strength to recapture all their territories from the aggressors.

    1. @Enrique Perezarce Enrique. The Donbas was part of Russia in Soviet Union. These lands have changed boundaries and hands so much over the millennia . Get up to speed in history. Don’t tell me what someone told you .

    2. @Enrique Perezarce Enrique. I’m thinking Poland and Hungary will take up old territory issues when this evolves . Study up

  5. One guy caused all this. One damn guy
    Putin needs to stop. Such a waste of life.
    And yes Ukraine has fought and proven themselves. They used all the weapons, munitions, and systems sent and very skillfully. Props to Ukraines soldiers 💪

    1. If one guy would come to us with weapon thousand’s would stay alive, millions wouldn’t lose they homes and towns.

    2. Hitler wasn’t one it was all nation
      Putin it’s one- all nation stands with him- they don’t want to be dead themselves but it was ok for them to see genocide and occupation

  6. It seems we are reaching a logistical snowball effect. Troops leave because of limited supply, leaving what equipment they have, they amass at a relocation or base of control. This amplify the loss or losing of more food, ammo and room. This creating a moral and logistical failure, the troops then withdraw because they can’t fight back going to the next fall point. The mass gets greater and greater, falling faster and harder. Ukraine needs to keep the momentum so that the Russian have literally nothing left to fight with. Manpower, ammo, medicine and food. A lightning total war if you will. Totalierbiltzekriegen

    1. There has been some concern that they’re not getting enough rest. But they’re plowing ahead. I got to be alive to see this Ukrainian machine. Yes. 🇺🇸

  7. Great 😊 news CNN, sad 😭 to see Russian soldiers left behind, its the people of Ukraine that see what happened to their country and the disgrace Russian invaders have left behind may the Lord 🙏 protect Ukraine and her soldiers.

    1. There is plenty of bad to go around…Ukraine is clearly in the right here and the bigger victim, but nothing wrong with seeing that it would be awful to be a young Russian man, just living your life, then told you need to go to war to “defend” your country, only to find that your country is asking you to wrongly invade another country and attack civilians, then just hoping you make it out alive…then die in a ditch when your position gets hit with artillery.

      There are plenty of criminals mixed in the Russian army, but also plenty of normal young men who had no way out besides going or facing long, harsh jail sentences and being called a traitor and coward if they won’t fight in Ukraine. I think a Christian would have some sympathy for that, with Christ saying to love your enemy and strangers, not just your family or those easy to have sympathy for.

  8. I am a Filipino, and I am very happy to see that Ukrainian territories are being liberated… I hope to see more of this, I hope Russians will not anymore fight to save lives, I hope they will just retreat.

    1. @Gregor Jerman make some sense first. Ranting something you’re so triggered about won’t make you out of being a fool.

  9. It really breaks my heart knowing that the bodies lying dead and rotting by the road side is a real human, some’s son, brother or father. It’s sad what this senseless war does a lot of people and families.

    1. @L P Jones Yes. However, one of the things that I’ve learned about russians, is that they are quite indifferent to what happens to others. Especially in their ‘military’.

  10. Man that older woman got me, she was so happy to see her own people and the reporter. Truly heartbreaking and for what? Everyone who reads this, take a moment and realize that whatever is going on in your life is nothing compared to what that woman had to endure.

    Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

    1. I have donated on different platforms – it’s very sad what happen to the locals there, one interview I saw a man say he survived the holocaust and this war was worse cuz the other side wasn’t following the rules of war.

  11. Slava Ukrainian 🇺🇦. Keep on fighting bravely, while we keep praying for ur victory 🙌 and peace ✌️🕊️

  12. Ukraine is fighting against Russian tyranny,plain and simple. The soldiers have seen what the Russians are about,and would rather die than live under Russian tyranny. They have reason to win, they are protecting their family. You can’t get any more serious than that. Victory for Ukraine .

  13. Every time, looking at photos of Ukrainians smiling or crying, day and night, we pray for peace. I in Indonesia always pray for the victory of the Ukrainian people in the war to defend their homeland. Your smile Ukrainian people are the smile and hope of the world, your tears are our tears too. Brothers and sisters Ukrainians, you are the greatest people and will surely rise. You inspire the prayers and spirit of the world. May God fight on the side of Ukraine. Amen

  14. “We old people always have food supplies.” A big hug for her.

    My mother died late last year (2021), and I made the choice of caring for her over the past ten years–all the way to her last dying breath. She was adamant about having stockpiles of food on hand, and she would be upset with people who wasted food so easily. Most of my siblings mocked her for hoarding (not only food), but it made her feel secure, and she often had that one odd item that someone randomly needed.

    I built a new house for the two of us shortly before her death. I may not fill it to the point of hoarding, but I will surely have many months of food stored. I will have a garden in Summer, and I will try to find some way to use all of the “stuff” that my mother kept.

    It’s not a burden–it’s an honor. My heart is with her, still. 🕊️

    1. Good daughter ❤️❤️ You will live w no regrets. I lost my mother. 17 years ago it’s ruined my life, miss her dearly, every second of everyday. May God bless you and your mother in heaven 🙏😇💞💞

    2. I salute you.
      My mother in law was the same. We also stood by her side until her last breath at 96 years old.

    3. @Greg Menego awesome. some comments grab my attention as did yours. thanks for posting your comment.

    4. You are wise crow person. Anyone who uses crow in their name must be wise. (But you do know crows will steal your corn seed, don’t you?)

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