1. This is ridiculous, country that gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees, territorial integrity and political independence in Budapest memorandum, is threatened with nuclear weapons by one of the signatories of that agreement, Russia!

    1. @Rene Magritte I will surprise you, but in the 17th century there was no country of Ukraine. At this time only Russian Empire . In the Old Russian language Ukraine means at the edge of Russia. You no look smart because anyone can check that in google or Wikipedia

    2. @Igor Miguel Camacho
      I know. And Ukraine already existed as a political entity in XVIIth century as Cossack Hetmanate.

    3. ​@Rus777 Pal, pls don’t explain to me what Ukraine means, I am aware what it means.
      You canexplain to me instead whom the Pereiaslav Agreement was signed with. Looking forward to your answer…

    1. @Nature and Physics 😂😂😂😂 I clearly just wanted you to openly admit that the USSR was the 1 who was invading Berlin when Hitler killed himself

      & Also I never said I did my research 😂😂😂😂 But yes I did do my research (Now I said it)

    2. @Nature and Physics We can thank mother Russia & Joseph Stalin for Hitler’s defeat 😂😂😂😂

      & Also for Japan’s surrender, Since the real reason Japan surrendered was because USSR entered the war against Japan

  2. Imagine telling the people of Russia you are liberating the people of Ukraine on one hand, and on the other, you’re talking about Nuking the place.

    1. @hymns4ever west Ukraine didn’t like east Ukraine bc they spoke Russian and wanted to keep both Ukraine and Russian ways!!! East Ukraine wanted there own land beliefs mines ect… Sorta like the American Indians have their own land here…( Not the same just an example) west Ukraine said no and was being prejudice to east Ukraine people… West Ukraine has American ties… East Ukraine has Russia ties .. its at it’s border… This stuff isn’t rocket science…we aren’t going to talk about West Ukraine leaders ties to America….

  3. You are truly an amazing and courageous people and deserve the utmost respect. Let’s hope all of Ukraine’s allies will continue to meet all their military needs, while there’s still time. We continue to hold you in our prayers. Slava Ukraine ❤

    1. @Equa nimity nope! Never give in to bullies, no matter how much they threaten you. Freedom is so precious it’s worth dying for. I live in a free country because people died fighting for it. Never take freedom for granted.

  4. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear Ukraine plea for the much needed weapons and be denied the kind they need. It will be devastating for them if Russia turns to Nuclear weapons, and knowing they could have ended this before it got to the Nuclear state had they been given the requested weapons.

  5. Ukraine must have whatever they need in order to fight Russia – all Western countries must step in and supply Ukraine with what they ask for.

  6. She is suffering badly. Her bravery is beyond question. She could have fled to relative safety and so could her husband. She has the Grit. I hope She also has the stamina. ☮🕊4 Ukraine. 💛💙

    1. It sounds more like entitlement. It’s more than White faces which are experiencing war, and I care about Ethiopia. American faces also need financing.🇺🇸

  7. Most of the people involved in deciding whether or not to give them these systems probably don’t think Putin would use nuclear weapons on Ukraine because of the devastation that would be inflicted on them if they did but frankly Putin is crazy and could do it. I think if Putin does then the United States should launch nuclear weapons against Russia. Frankly if Putin crosses the line then we must assume that he would cross the line against other countries including us.

  8. To be honest with you, her point about all the foot soldiers in the world not being able to stop flying metal; is the perfect way to put it. I’m so sorry I hadn’t really thought of this or understood it. I would love to hear the why we aren’t sending more, but if it’s nots a great reason I’m inclined to agree with her. Let’s reshuffle and prioritize this on the next shipment. It’s dudes moving equipment in planes. Cut the red tape for our brothers and sisters dying and send them tonight.

  9. From day one…I’ve felt nothing but shame that we didn’t get in there with them. Shame we wouldn’t even give them planes. Shame that we can’t provide some kind of “air shield” like that of Israel (at least for major cities). This last one is admittedly outside my current technical understanding so maybe it isn’t possible. But still…I feel shame.

    1. For one thing, just give Ukraine the F-15’s and F-16’s they’ve been requesting for months. As far as I know, the U.S. has been training Ukrainian pilots, so I don’t know what’s going on.

  10. It is both politically and economically advantageous for us to help Ukraine end this war as soon as possible. Just give them what they need to get it done. SLAVA Ukraine! 🇺🇦

  11. I admire THIS woman so much, everything she says is factually accurate.
    If ONLY SOME men had the “balls” THAT she had!!..
    I WOULD vote for her in my COUNTRY.. She is a ROCK!!
    Slava Ukraini

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