1. I earnestly wish that this war comes to an end soon, and the suffering stops. Putin needs to be held accountable for causing so much destruction of human life. 🇺🇦

    1. @FeedYourMind so, a regime change operation. I think the russians might be too smart for that again- yeltsin wasn’t that long ago

    2. @humanitarianclassicide Didn’t say it was intelligent or that it would work, only that our State Dept had it out for Vlad.

  2. “So many of these people, almost all of them that we see, are so poor, and they are so black.”
    – Wolf Blitzer reporting from “the trenches”

  3. Why is there no barb wire in front lines making it more difficult to attack , also leaving opening in the wire covered by heavy machine guns?

  4. Its awesome to see the Ukraine troops show appreciation for the support given by wearing Britain’s colors. Respect

    1. @Сергій Фуглевич серёж, не забудь макияж когда в магаз пойдёшь, иначе загребут прямо там

  5. It is ridiculous to hear about freedom in Ukraine, where all opposition media are closed, people are being grabbed on the streets and tortured in prisons, and also sent to die for the Kiev regime hated by people.

  6. Cedric better give me some great insight! I watched him get everything wrong the last week of 2022! It’s redemption time Cedric, give us something!

  7. Netanyahu could be the leader who begins the message of: Putin, my country really looks forward to partnering with you in the years to come, but this was a mistake, and we cannot progress together until you end this war and leave Ukraine. Then ten other counties need to step up and sign on. This is the kind of diplomatic pressure that need to happen now.

  8. this lady is too emotional to the extent that its clouding her judgement, washington and london are the ones impeding peace, they want to fight to the last ukranian

  9. Except Europe 80% of the world stands neutral or support Russia by not imposing economic sanction which utterly failed and the world is multi polar now no country can dictate and impose their foreign policy on any other country

  10. Ukraine needed these aircraft 9 months ago when they first asked for them. I wish the west would stop dragging its feet when hundreds of Ukrainians aren’t dying every day.

  11. “the Russians are 400 yards away” Ukrainians proceed to fire into an empty space.. but it’s good so many of your audience seem to believe you

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