UK’s 1st Black female MP backs Meghan’s comments about Royal family

CNN's John Berman speaks with Diane Abbott, a UK Labour Party member and the first Black female member of Parliament, about the royal family's response to the interview Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex gave to Oprah Winfrey.

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    1. Anymore than speaking to Markle , asking about her yacht days! Or Oprah and her buddy Weinstein just saying…

    1. @Susan Channo disrespect but your comment is one of the dumbest I’ve heard today. So your saying discrimination on the basis of class and China imprisoning over a million indigenous Chinese because they follow Islam is okay because its their cultural norm.

    2. @Ken K Thank your for your comment…i just quiet confuse why sometimes the left said we should respect multi culture…they can tolerate Islam’s systematic discrimination against woman e.g.forcing woman to cover their whole body…meanwhile they said Royal family is racist….Royal family is definitely part of British culture. Class difference is one of essential of Royal culture…That why many girl dreaming for marring a princess that may raise up her social status. Biden admin, this leftist supported gov, on one hand said what happen in Xinjiang is a ccp’s cultural norm and on the another hand gave praise for this couple attacking Royal family….just so confuse what standard the left hold…respect multi culture or blame on racism seems all depend on their feeling or just use as tool of intimidation. Anyway, sorry for my poor English… i am not a English native speaker and try hard to learn…but many leftist attacked me because of my England level not up to their standard…i really don’t know whether this is a act of racism.

  1. I think William was referring to his family, he can’t possibly speak for the whole of the royal family including paid staff.

    1. @Mr Matt 13 Who said features. They specifically said skin tone. Stop trying to make it something it isn’t. Do you know that one of the most profitable sections of the cosmetic industry is skin lightening? Men and women permanently damage their skin to whiten it. I could write a dissertation on racism and the psychological effects it has on people of color and their perceptions of beauty. I know of what I speak way more than you. I see the psychological fall out when the children get older.

      I’ve had to quarantine for health reasons for the last 6 years so I have been working as a counselor while upgrading my degree. Trust me. It is bad. The featureism alone is horrible. Just make sure that your children love every part of themselves. Their hair, noses, skin; everything that they were born with and the hair that naturally grows from their heads is beautiful. Self-hate among mixed race children runs deep and it starts with the parents and relatives innocently discussing skin tone.

    2. @Sam R … wow, you’ve challenged racist remarks & let it go… I’m guessing those remarks weren’t aimed at you…because you wouldn’t have just let it go!

      Funny that earrings that belong *to the CROWN* are suddenly such a hot topic nearly 3 years later 🤔

      The Palace *could’ve & should’ve* refuted those rumours, maybe then Harry & Meghan wouldn’t have felt the need to set the record straight!

      Think before you type…

    3. @devilish84 Overall, you’ve lost me a bit. Too many responses in this thread for me to look back.

      Yes, I’ve let racist remarks go. I can’t think of an occasion when even out in public when I’ve been say, called a black bastard directly to my face, I’ve not just challenged it, then let it go. What would you do? Chase someone to their doorstep, then picket there day and night with a bullhorn? I’m open to suggestions, or how you’ve dealt with it.

      Are you referring to the gifted Saudi earrings? As soon as the press discovered where the earrings came from, it was a big deal in the UK to those who follow the Royals. Along with all the other hypocrisies they displayed, they were reported on as soon as they were discovered. I can’t tell you how long ago any of that was, but if you’re referring to ‘3 years later’ as meaning now, that is incorrect.

      I don’t know to which rumours you are referring, but the Royalists just wanted them to stop pretending to be something they weren’t from what I can tell. I get the very strong impression, that the couple were not setting records straight, but executing a huge publicity stunt due to their diminished popularity and the risk of their lucrative deals falling through with the lack of interest in them. I personally couldn’t give two hoots what the Palace refutes or doesn’t. I’d make up my mind regardless of what statement was issued from there, as it would only be damage control no matter what the topic.

      Thank you for the advice on thinking before I type. I do my best to take as many things into consideration before I do, but again, I am open to suggestions or, hearing how you think before you type.

    4. @devilish84 Oh! Once I was called those very words by a patron of a bar I worked in. I didn’t let that go, and made sure he couldn’t enter the place again while I worked there at least.

  2. Excellent excellent excellent insight into the “royal house hold” firm and private secretaries influence on royal family dynamics.

    1. @M N I agree! Woke Supremacy is more dangerous because it is trying to insert itself into military, business and educational institutions through racist policies.

    2. @olesammie I think her speaking out is very critical cause we’ve heard all the racist undertones and made up bs from white press in the UK but have to someone at this level speak give her voice to what’s happening is a good sign for the future.

    3. @olesammie Agreed; I don’t agree with her on much but she knows more about racism than most, and certainly more than that preening self-publicist Markle, who used to classify herself as Caucasian.

  3. You mean the family that sent to colonized other countries then capture and enslaved black people to is Racist? you don’t say.

    1. @Tasha A no the reason we left the eu was because we were fed up with the beaurocracy. We didn’t like the eu telling us how to run our country. We were a main contributor and when we asked for changes to make things fairer it was always rejected. So we decided to leave and the decision was was taken by a democratic vote, irrespective of colour or creed.

    2. @Roger Melly
      You suppose to have a “high IQ), figure it out!!! That’s in response to what Tasha A told you.

    3. @Ann Clough
      A clue about what, how you “pilgrims” like to hide from the atrocity that you started!!!

    1. Funny that a leading black politician and anti-racism campaigner in the UK basically said claims the queen or Charles are racist were nonsense. Markle’s claims that the boy was denied a title or security due to race are patently untrue – he was not entitled to be a “prince” as the son of a second son (Harry would have been well aware of this, and the boy does have a title as an Earl) and the British police do not provide security outside the UK. The press turned against MM because of her behaviour – petulant, pretentious, and self-publicising. She is not upset because she was subject to racism but because she thinks she is a big star and didn’t like not being up at the top of the royal pecking order. She played the race card because it has the most impact and she knew the palace doesn’t get into public spats. Cowardly and despicable behaviour.

    2. @Truth Teller The queen doesn’t claim the commonwealth; it is a voluntary association of nations and she is just a figurehead. It is interesting that not all members are former British colonies; some have joined because it is a non-aligned and informal group.

    3. Their job is duty and cutting ribbons and performance for the public who pays them📚📚 commonwealth money taxes🤕 they’re worried the commonwealth will cease to exist as it is today🤔📚👂🤕✌😷

    4. Makes sense but Prince Harry said he tried talking to his family and queen but they did not attend to him for a very long time, they basically snubbed him, its in the unaired clips of the interview.

    1. @Pappy That is a good point ,the wife of a male Monarch is officially known as the Queen Consort , we do refer to her as Queen Charlotte today but being the Queen Consort isn’t actually the same as being the Queen . When a king dies a Queen consort ceases to be the Queen .

      Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon became officially known as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother after her husband King George 5th died and her daughter Elizabeth 2nd ( the current queen ) ascended to the throne . So even if she was mixed race which looks to be historically unprovable at least unless some DNA evidence can be obtained to prove otherwise ( as my previous post explains ) Charlotte wouldn’t have been a mixed race Queen .

      This is more a modern day myth perpetuated by people who probably hear it from someone else and take it as factual but the reality is somewhat different .

    2. @Roger Melly Indeed. The story is mentioned and then passed along to the next person with zero attempt at fact checking its veracity.

    3. Yes! My thoughts……where did the black woman come from, more importantly my thoughts were..why would she agree to be used as a prop?

    4. It’s REALLY crazy to me how white people have/give/comment about racism towards black people, you have NO IDEA neither could you ever fathom what it feels like. You CAN’T tell black people how it feels or what is or isn’t concerning racism until you’ve walked in those shoes. To have ALWAYS lived a PRIVILEGED life you DON’T have a clue. So STOP!!! To say there’s NO racism in the UK is like saying there’s no sky and we all know there is. And not only in the UK but EVERYWHERE so PLEASE cut it out @Rodger Melly

  4. Nobody including William can honesty say nobody in their family is or isn’t a racist, he’s being presumptuous at best, bad move William

    1. But it’s acceptable for her to call people racist without a shred of credible evidence? She is not the first person of another race to be part of the British royal family. This is bullshit.

    2. Harry talked about one talk with one person and that somehow means the entire RF is racist. 🙄🙄

  5. What kind of question was that? Is that how you ask a question? “Is the royal family racist?” What did you expect him to say, yes? Seriously?

    1. @tinka clearly you care, why else bother to reply? Just try and accept people have opposite views on this matter

    2. He could have said I can’t speak for the whole Royal Family however myself and Kate are not ( debatable ) and don’t intend to raise our children to have those views .

    3. Agreed it was an AWFUL question, but what kind of answer is “we’re ‘very much not’ a racist family” ? Like it was a multiple choice question with the answers:
      a. Very Much Not
      b. Somewhat Not
      c. Somewhat
      d. Very

  6. What did they think that Prince William would say? Duh they basically called his family out.

    1. You can find a lot of racists behind closed doors. Unfortunately. Look at Me-Again she’s a racist herself.

    2. @Alisa Oliver If there is any ‘FAMILY’ in the U.K. that should have no bias at all, it should be the Royal Family! They have such a mixed ‘diversity’ of global bloodlines! I’d love to see their trail of D.N.A, a lot of blue blood (or as we might call it incest)!
      I’m appalled that colour should even be mentioned at all! Will we ever know, I think we (The Commonwealth) should, it’s a damming racialist statement to all commonwealth countries!

    1. @Asdf jkl: ohh I had no idea prince Charles was so disgusting and creepy he wants to be a what now 😱

    1. Because the trouble is not about MM they started beefing up before MM it more deep than what we know 😭😭😭

    1. No reason to trust an attention-starved professional actress, and just watch a few Abbott videos and you’ll see why nobody trusts her.

  7. This woman of color, I’d say, she said it best, and intelligent as it could be approched with truth and honesty.

    1. You are deluded please look up Diane Abbot CNN were scrapping the bottom of the barrel interviewing this woman!!!

    2. You really need to look at this womans past, then you will realize just how dumb she is (YouTube it). She has a reputation as the most stupid person in UK politics (her math skill are not the best).

    3. @P B Her math skills are legendary. 😀😀😀 so many great jokes from all the panel shows whenever she has made another gaffe

    1. @Poyee Yancy I agree; Learning never stops for me. I make sure I seek out as much truth as I can. I see beyond the smoke and mirrors people try to use to discredit and make racism ok and acceptable. Those days are gone

    2. @Junna Redd But unless you have been the recipient of it then u have no right to tell someone else about their experience. Racism has been so acceptable and tolerated that it jus is in about everything dealing with whites who created the system if racism. Racism created to oppress and suppress

    3. @E. A Amin Did you see any British coverage of this? They spent half the time talking about the fact that he actually said something. Some of them couldn’t even remember him ever doing it as an adult.

    4. @Poyee Yancy This brother of his also insulted large parts of the family, claimed William and Charles were trapped, complained they weren’t paying his bills despite not working any more etc I can understand that William needs to calm down before getting in touch esp since they haven’t talked for months.

  8. Oh c’mon, no racist is gonna admit to the press “Oh yes I’m racist”. What else did you expect him to say?

  9. The Queen’s cousin Lady Michel of Kent wearing a pin of a black on her lapel Meghan speaks volumes…she needed to go there somehow.

    1. @Dawn Surgest No, to what? The Moor or Blackamoor not only affected Western European Fashion but were their royalty and nobility. Moor originally means “from the Black Mother goddess.” That is why all over Europe including the Windsors they have a jet black Moor on their Coats of arms and family crests. Princess Diana’s family is more royal than the so-called Royals due to her descendancy from the Merovingians. The Merovingians are from Meroe. Meroe is an ancient Sudanese/Kushite city! They were also worshippers of the goddess Aset or Isis.

    2. @nvme2ok She was calling Meghan a slave not royalty. It’s the more aristocratic way of calling someone a gollyw*g!

    3. All you say about Moor People are true. But you’ve missed the point of my comment. I’m referring to how the old British & other white women perceive the Moor brooches that they used to covet & wear as mocking status symbols. Fashion History is a relevant mirror of what’s current in societies.

    4. @Dawn Surgest Yes, thank you. However, we all are missing the clear message that that brooch is clearly not a SLAVE! They can’t deny their origins and foundation – no matter what they say or try to mock!

    1. Very true, I really admired her, so many people are mad at her, knowing the consequences, if I’m in her place will just be quiet but both of them were in their bravest moments during this interview May be truth will set them free. God bless your family prince harry and meghan.

    2. You’ve actually fallen for the antics of a hyper-privileged professional actress that wouldn’t give you the time of day? Don’t play silly beggars.

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