Armed men abduct college students

Armed men stormed a college in northwest Nigeria in the early hours of March 12, opened fire and kidnapped an unknown number of students, a police spokesman told CNN. The students were abducted from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Mando, Kaduna. It is the fourth mass kidnapping from an academic institution in northern Nigeria since December 2020 and police say they are working to rescue the students.

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  1. And Stevie wonder trying to relocate there for his kids sake smh
    Ppl aren’t safe from each other anywhere

    1. @aurora And do you believe it is a good thing that celebrities and politicians who are billionaires and in the elite take away weapons from you, while they have direct access to each and every kind of heavy weaponry by default?

      I mean… Do you think it benefits YOU or do you think it benefits the ELITE that you have no way of protecting yourself while they have?

      Are you in the elite?

    2. As a black man who’s family were kidnapped and slaves here in America and the stories that were passed down through generations of what it was like…. I can definitely say my people know what its like. and America better not get involved because you Americans still have the children of the victims you kidnapped still in your hands and oppressing us to this day. So stay out of it hypocrites. Because when blacks tried to leave America in mass in the 1920’s on the ship “Black Starline” yall whites literally stopped us from leaving! so if you Americans wanna help them then start with your Psuedo moral selves

  2. With the spate of mass student kidnappings in Nigeria, their government really has to step up!

    1. @Ben Ugo If that’s the case, then I reverse my statement: the “government really has to step down!”

    1. Nigeria is not a poor country. In fact, Nigeria is one of the most blessed country in term of resources (both human and capital) with lot of natural resources such as crude oil, gold, Iron ore and many more. The land is fertile for agriculture from north to south.

      Unfortunately there is one problem, there is bad leadership with lot of embezzlement of public fund with impunity.

  3. Abduct Children. Watching this makes me sick. This has nothing to do with culture but more of Insanity. This has to stop man.

    1. Not too great of a leap from child soldiers for that area.
      Same level of depravity just different execution.

    2. @[Hashknight Gaming] Money can be used for good as well as bad. Money isn’t the problem. Evil humans are the problem.

  4. Oh my God looking the world’s going crazy so the criminals are going to take advantage if they do survive this a lot of those kids are not going to go back to school after this🤔

  5. This is just ridiculous!!! I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain and sorrow their parents must be going through! 😞💔 I’d be going crazy

  6. Instead of paying the ransom could you asked the world for help as we are all in this world countries we should all help each other!

    1. @Urrealdad Lolololol You don’t give them money they kill the kids. You guys don’t know how reality works yet?

    2. @Number Six yes a few will die. But if we give them the money they will keep kidnapping and killing. Dont give them money it would be pointless for them to keep kidnapping

  7. How much to go to school on Nigeria?
    “Since the fees go up at 7th grade, many children don’t progress pass 6th grade, and since there are expenses for school, even though they are modest for primary school, there is a family hierarchy for school attendance. Boys are first in line, girls are second, boys from extended family third, and then girls from extended family. So many families here include children from family members who have died. There aren’t many institutional orphanages, and children who have lost their parents will live with aunts, uncles, grandparents. This is an added burden to already struggling families, and these children are last in line when it comes to school.

  8. Those poor students!! I so hope they’re all safe and they’re found soon. This must be terrifying!

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