UN team builds genocide case against ISIS for massacre in Iraq

Karim Khan, the head of the UN Investigative Team on Daesh Crimes, tells CNN's Christiane Amanpour that his team has uncovered enough evidence against ISIS to call a massacre against Iraq's Yazidi community a genocide.
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  1. Wao, the world is heating up in an apocalypse style…we need a Extraterrestrial Intervention…by god or gods.

    1. Stan Wilson – Don’t over-sell your case or nobody will listen. Yes, we have a big problem with bad cops. No, it’s not most of them, and no, it isn’t “genocide”.

    2. @Stan Wilson yes the long arm of the law has a lot of blood on it .that’s because w.s are in all law inforcement to do what they please without recourse tyrants f t p

  2. That whole situation is complicated but one thing we can all agree on is innocent people are suffering. Hope the international community helps them.

    1. The international community should try an innovative new approach: Staying out. Keep buying into manufactured consent. Check out how the OPCW lied to make the ridiculous invasion in Syria possible.

    2. These stories always come out when we are about to leave. Why believe this genocide and not the one in China. Just think about it

    1. that’s disgusting. God converts human pain into glory? what kind of sadistic homicidal god do you believe in? Self projection say’s it all.

  3. Thank you for at least giving packages. I’m always in question when reports show the faces of genocide but never offer food or water. This is repulsive.
    God Bless all of His Children πŸ™
    It has been written and so it shall be πŸ˜”πŸ™

    1. Grow up and move on from these god delusions, the world will be a far better place once people give up on such superstitious nonsense.

  4. But no war crimes for Bush and Cheney huh? A few packages out the chopper door; gee that is really generous.

  5. That is a statement it is easy to brush off , and many people do so to their later sorrow, but it is a statement that should be put to test by everyone . Once one gets the habit of orderliness it is much easier to be orderly than disorderly .
    Orderliness in a working place makes it easier to resolve problems and perform operations, whereas disorder in his surroundings hampers a worker as to speed and accuracy . The habit of putting tools back in their places is part of orderliness . The carpenter and machinist can reach for a tool without stopping work. So can the orderly manager take up his pen or rubber stamp or a paper clip . So can the orderly housewife at her baking counter pick up without waste energy a roller, a measuring spoons or the salt shaker.

  6. Of course the UN would prepare such a report. It wouldn’t even dare to make such a report on the US and the UK and NATO. No ways!

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