1. @XVI Just type in ‘My butts been wiped.’ LOL I hope someone is still wiping Biden’s butt. LOL

    2. @XVI Just type in ‘My butts been wiped’ and watch. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Yep, he’s your President.

  1. American Christians “Jesus died for my sins so I can gift an assault rifle to someone who insinuates they might murder someone in cold blood”

    1. Gee who would have thought I’d have run into people who hate God on a liberal comment section.

    2. @Keith Hoss Have you checked the statistics lately. The idiots who won’t wear masks or get vaccinated are the ones bringing Covid back.

    3. @Brian Tinsman Peter cut off a Romans ear and did Christ condone it? No. He literally put the dudes ear back on and told Peter that, “he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.” That’s not promoting violence.

    1. I never was into politics but now I know the difference between parties! Democratic party are liers and evil and will do anything for power!

    2. There are alot of corrupt people in office and they want to make sure our President Trump doesn’t run again! TRUMP 2024

    3. @Cloudie 9 Druoid Why is it so impossible for de6to be wrong about anything? Yet you look at all the things that president trump has done for us and all the bad things Biden has done in his first 100 day’s

  2. Had a private American citizen said that they’d be sitting in a jail cell arrested for threatening a government official!! Why are these people allowed to continue to get away with all the crap they do!!

    1. @Engage360 Will Nancy Pelosi reveal every law broken, acts committed against our Constitution, proof of an American president who colluded with Russia/North Korea/Saudi Arabia to take down and destroy the United States Of America!!

      trump has ruined the reputation of our nation, he’s turned nationalities against one another, he’s lied so many times and denies he said what he’s said even with facing him with proof of his saying things!! He supports, defends the KKK, the proud boys, nazism, conspiracy theories over truth…this list can go on and on!! trump should be sitting in a jail cell for the sexual assaults he’s committed and bragged about doing!! It’s so hard for any of us to try and understand why anyone would support trump!! He cares nothing about our country, our military, our police, the citizens, our Constitution!! If trump cared about his supporters he would have pardoned everyone of them for attacking our Capitol building, he would have gone with them like he said he would….its so hard for many of us who are trying to understand why anyone would support, believe, trust trump!! As for this election fraud he’s lying to his supporters about, were is the proof? You do understand that voting in any election has a start and end time, counting ballots takes time, counting ballots doesn’t stop when the polls close!! trump wants his supporters to believe when the polls close counting of ballots also stops!! Guess what, the counting of ballots ends when every vote has been counted!! Example, you can be running a race and your ahead for quite sometime when suddenly the guy/girl who was on 4th place passes you and the other racers and that person wins, you, the one in 2nd and the one in 3rd can’t claim victory just because they were ahead most of the race!!

      The truth is, trump looks at his supporters as ignorant, uneducated fools!! He knows without a doubt they will support and believe him because of their lack of education and the ability to know when they are being lied to, not only to trump ignorant, he fully understands his supporters are just as ignorant!! Every remaining trump supporter should fact check everything he’s said to them, trump and his supporters must get a copy of our Constitution and read it, look at our rights, if you don’t understand any part of our Constitution please ask questions, nobody will refuse helping another fellow citizen if they have questions about it!!

      trump is extremely DANGEROUS and he doesn’t care what happens to any of his supporters as long as he knows they are supporting him!!

      To end this ramble I’d like to say trump supporters discuss every law abiding citizen, we are sick of the ignorance they display and we are shocked at the lack of knowledge they display about our nation and our Constitution!! Always remember, trump doesn’t care about any of his supporters, our nation or our Constitution!!


    2. @A B Griffin got no due process. She was investigated & harrassed by FBI. Trump used his DOJ, unconstitutionally, to put her on the same NSA no fly list that ISIS is on? The POTUS has no authority to influence the DOJ but Trump told his AG to drop Flynn’s case & personally destroy the life of a US citizen because his ego was shattered by a mask with ketchup on it. The 1st amendment is for everyone my friend. Even traitors like Flynn & Trump The difference is Flynn they know they’re maliciously inciting you MAGAts.

  3. MTG got stripped of her committees. Yet, the GOP treat her like a king. What a effed up world we live in.

    1. We the voters must send a clear message at the next election. Those who side with the insurrection must be removed from office.

    1. @fivethreeone I may have voted for Trump both times but I was never close to being a fan. I’m not a demotwit nor a repubelickan. I am a free thinking Independent voter that votes for the best agenda to move the country forward in a peaceful and financially stable way possible.
      This blindly voting on candidates based solely on party affiliation is a joke at the best. And is downright dangerous

      Sorry that I can’t reply to all of you lefties I’m in YouTube time out, or pre banned. I can edit posts. Like and dislike.
      I can’t make new comments or reply to comments. So I will edit the best I can.

      No Flynn shouldn’t be in prison, Trump gave him a Pardon.
      Who does belong in prison is Michael Cohen, he wasn’t Pardoned by Trump but he was released from Prison so he could help the democrats attack Trump.
      But the one good thing the Joke Hiden administration has done was order all released prisoners to return to prison after they end the plandemic after the midterm elections.

    2. @Faux Que your entire life and personality are based on trump. I’d literally walk into the ocean if it were me.

  4. This guy has officially twisted off. He needs to have his security clearance, or whatever former General perks he has revoked.

    1. @Ash Roskell shut up hes a guy at a church. you’re a self-made political victim ready to throw charges at somebody before they commit the crime.

    1. @P.M. @Carlos Rivas is a paid Russian troll who hates America and sits in her little corner of her Mommy’s basement in Moscow

    2. This will never happen because there are nor consequences for these people. The rioters won. They triggered a reversal of voting rights I’m states across the country and have continues to push the Big Lie effectively. They won because the democrats will never hold them accountable.

  5. “Gohmert who flirts with white supremacists”, Gaetz, who flirts with children or the rest of the GOP, who flirt with reality… Hard choices…

    1. @tray valone when you’re too stupid to realize that the initial comment made was about white Supremacy and yur too stupid to do the math

    2. @Nimble KIlla the chump. you’re an adult who has to say chump because you didn’t get your spoiled way in politics 5 Years ago.

    3. You missed out Kelly who was providing intelligence to the Iranians and Eric Swalwell who was sleeping with a Chinese spy call Fang Fang. I love her name.

  6. Conservatives flip over “foul” language, but a CHURCH full of people laughed at the suggestion of assassination? Repulsive is what it is.

  7. In a church, presumably “Christian”. There’s a line in Matthew, “Blessed are the peacemakers…”. But I suspect that has been corrupted by naming a weapon “The Peacemaker”

    1. @Ryan Boehm I’m an advocate of the 2nd, but don’t forget it also mentions “a well regulated militia”. The wording poses a quandary since, in today’s times, they have become contradictory.

    2. @Mark Rieck it says the right to bear arms is the right of the people , not the right of the militia and why there is a comma. It’s also been interpreted and upheld this way by the Supreme Court. An individual right. It only poses a problem for those with no reading comprehension.

  8. More and more republicans, will become ex republicans, me a republican for over 30 years has started voting democrat and will continue to vote away from anything orange

    1. If God exists, it isn’t a very loving benevolent God. It’s an evil, angry, and merciless God just like its creation. You can tell alot about a creator by looking at its creation.

    2. @A H God changes depending on the views of the culture. Catholicism alone had changed. Before the dark ages, Jesus was painted as a blonde effeminate boy and after the plague he was the dark haired skinny tortured man we see in churches now.

    3. @Miguel M here we go with “they aren’t real christian”.. Christianity sets up a system in which you can literally murder people and get rewarded and someone who doesn’t believe the right things but never hurts anyone will suffer. You can miss me with your nonsense….

    4. Religion is the root cause of most of the violence in the world. It’s a curtain that terrorists and warmongers hide behind.

  9. The fact the host could say without missing a beat “gifted a gun in a church service” just shows how lost Americans are.

    1. They are so pro life. Unfortunately, it’s not a good man with a gun – it’s Michael Flynn

  10. Call him back into active duty, hold a court martial, imprison, and strip him of his retirement.

  11. Flynn: “I’m going on a killing spree now! Washington here I come!”
    Audience cheers.
    WTF is wrong with these people?????????????????????????

  12. *Why hasn’t the military recalled him and court marshaled this outrageous traitor?*


    1. Traitors should be turned over to the military and let them deal with them. What they did to the Nazis at Nuremberg, they either faced the firing squad or they got their damn neck stretched!!!

    2. @BH1949 I love how much you people talk about using the military against people and yen you wonder why those people have so many guns. Lmao the left is full of clowns.

    3. @Callsign: Blaze the right is not the only one with many guns either. The left has just as much we just don’t flaunt them like y’all do because we are not insecure little bitches.

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