Uncertain Future For Two-State Solution Under New Israeli PM 1

Uncertain Future For Two-State Solution Under New Israeli PM


An unlikely coalition has teamed up in Israel in hopes of ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Naftali Bennett, leader of the far-right Yamina Party, looks set to take over as the country’s leader. NBC’s Mehdi Hasan spoke to his Chief Strategist, George Birnbaum, about whether there’s any hope for peace under this fractious new coalition.

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    1. @J SMARTIN I’m afraid I’m not going to listen to your second suggestion. since you’re the one who sticks your nose in a conflict that is none of your business.

      Your first suggestion I’m afraid is also going to be politely rejected by the millions of people who call Israel home.

    2. @Sunshine well that’s where you’re wrong sweetheart. It’s the whole world’s business. You should try reading some history. Start with the 1917 Balfour Declaration, work your way up from there. Your ignorance is embarrassing.

    3. @J SMARTIN I personally don’t have any issue with people expressing their opinions about any issue no matter where they come from or how relevant it is to their personal lives.

      You’re the one who suggested that I should “mind my own business”. I’m just following your logic.

      And I don’t think ‘ignorance’ is the right way to describe my level of knowledge on this issue.

    4. @Sunshine sure because you presented soooo much. GMAFB. Which word do you like better, “uneducated”, “unschooled” or “illiterate? Unless you have something else, they would all apply. Maybe I didn’t phrase it correctly when I said mind your own business. What I meant to say is, unless you have something to add to the conversation that is relevant or debatable, STFU. ιδιώτης

    5. @Sunshine israel should stay where it is…. well not where it is but where the world agreed it could be in 1948. ALL THE REST OF THE STOLEN LANDS MUST BE RETURNED to the rightful owners the Palestinian people. We can talk about restitution later.

    1. The PLO chairman of Yasser Arafat should never when he walked away from a peace deal in 2000 that Bill Clinton tried to arrange between Palestine and Israel. All Arafat had to do is agree that Israel has the right to exist, and he walked away. The rest is history.

  1. 2:23 They looked each other in the eyes? What does that supposed to mean? People look you in the eyes and lie all the time.

    1. It means that two enemies sat down to talk, and they found humanity in each other. It happens or we would all be swinging from trees, and civilization would never have evolved. It’s possible that even today’s Republicans could renounce their insanity and become humans once more.

  2. A state of conflict is necessary for everyone involved to stay in political power. Add a load of religious extremism and divergent interpretations of diverse prophecies from the three major monotheistic religions concerned with a couple of square miles of Temple Mount area real estate.

  3. Perhaps it was more important to create an opportunity that Netanyahu finally could get prosecuted and convicted…

  4. You can tell if the Palestinians were successfully driven out of Gaza and the West Bank or exterminated Israel and America would throw huge parties to celebrate.

  5. Sounds like a normal politician seizing on whatever will get him power at the moment. Let’s see if he keeps his word.

  6. They did not discuss the two-state solution. Of course not. Why would they? It’s just about israel after all. Pathetic liar!

  7. this is going to fall apart in the matter of months, Bennett and Lapid have nothing in common besides wanting Netanyahu out of office.

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