‘Unfortunately, I was right’: Russian politician-turned-dissident speaks out

CNN Christiane Amanpour speaks with Russian dissident Ilya Ponomarev, who voted against the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, about the current state of the war after he joined the Ukrainian forces. #CNN #News


  1. Well done. Basic humanity with common sense. Stay strong and chase the orks out of your country. Do not allow an inch of your territory. Show them that you can be free end not lead by an idiotic evil leader. Glory to Ukraine.

    1. Brian Wiltshire : Right? He shows that you don’t have to have thousands of laws & ammendments to laws – just basic common sense. Like : it’s wrong to poison somebody because they disagree with you, or it’s wrong to bomb civilians & maternity wards…

    2. I wouldn’t call this example of humanity as “basic”. Basic humanity is the philosophy Putin and his cronies practice.

  2. Love this guy. He understands the difference between good and evil; right and wrong. And Putin is dead wrong.

    1. @Bert Jilk ” no, mr putin, we expect you to ‘ d i e ‘ ” And, that’s a BONDing statement….where is jaws, when Ukraine needs him ?

    2. oh yeah from poor family background, his net worth came to 15m- 700m euros in just a short while being a politician? hahahahahahaha

    3. @peter sack u mean Ukraine Nazi.. bhahahahah bhahahahah..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮… 👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Brave politician who was so coherent that he saw the wrong in his government and decided to defend what he saw was right. He is an example to all of those who hesitate.

    1. The GOP should stand up to the Criminal Trump. If they have a spine left they would do the right thing and stop the cry baby Trump 👶.

    2. Yes….unusual example for sure which speaks a lot of his integrity and poses ?’s as to most people and their willingness to hold to the truth and what is right

    3. ​@Robert Carlyle Not in America anymore. All Republican and many Democratic US Politicians are phony whored-out hairdos.

  4. Interesting strategy–fighting to defeat Putin from within Ukraine in order to save Russia from Putin. Another thought: this man has a nice face and nice eyes, especially when he smiles. I hope he and the other volunteers from Russia are able to achieve their objectives. I’m sure Ukraine is grateful for their presence. Thank you to Christiane for bringing us this interview and introducing us to this person.

    1. @RobBCactive I hope the Chechens would try to liberate themselves..I hope the new liberal Chechens would fight for their independence.. and take it to moscow

    2. @RobBCactive Chechens, Georgians, & Belorussians — should now take the opportunity to unravel putin’s dreams of empire.

  5. What a wonderful man, good luck to you and may you stay safe, lets hope the words you spoke come true and free all those suffering because of Putin. Blessing to all those in this terrible time

    1. Hugs, all around i say…….united = win ” ….may each, be a commitee of one, united together with RESOLVE, COMMITMENT, COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, EMOTIONAL MATURITY, AND HONESTY ! Shalom, Pierette ! from western canada ! my grandparents, came from russia, Grampa was german, gramma pure russian.`

  6. What I particularly liked was when he stated: “I am anti-Putin and we will kill the bastard”. A simple objective expressed simply. Well done him for having the courage of his convictions and doing his best for Ukraine.


    1. This is a good Russian man like most Russians who are scared to speak out its bad for Ukrainian citizens and Ukrainian army lives being lost putin has make a big mistake invading ukraine the Ukrainians are very brave

  7. Thanks for being the one who stands for a better way. I pray for all Russians who are on this side of the equation.

  8. That man is an example of bravery. Ex Duma member and saw how Putin was doing horrific things and chose to risk his life in MANY ways to join the Ukrainian people and take up arms. Props to this guy, best wishes. SLAVA UKRAINI!

  9. This guy might make a great Russian president. What extraordinarily high principles. If only all Russians could understand what bravery, commitment and risk he is taking personally and why.

    1. @Janette Dewar One believes from the facts they see and hear each day. In Russia facts are the propoganda the government puts out through the state controlled media. They control the internet like a parent would for their children. Any free press is often warned what it can not say. Journalists have been killed, to warn others what can happen to them. Recently an even stronger law, 15 years, was made regarding any “fake news”(think Trump). A person can now got to prison for just calling Ukraine a war. You must call it a special military operation.

  10. De-Nazifying Ukraine is not really a thing, but perhaps the world should try to de-Putinize Russia. That is what the world truly needs.

    1. Unfortunately, many Russians don’t have access to true information about the situation. Russia is almost completely controlling the flow of information (complete propaganda) to the Russian people. I’m sure many more would side with freedom and democracy if they only knew what Putin was doing to ruin Ukraine and Russia.

  11. This brave man is so inspirational. He’s wise, intelligent, and well spoken, but beyond all that he has strong moral convictions to do what’s right by mankind. When he said “we’ll kill the bastard”… Damn. Glad he’s on the right side of history.

    1. D*mn Facts! I am very angry at Putin! I am a believer in Jesus Christ, a man of peace, but I am so angry about him killing the babies. 😠✝️🇺🇦 Slavo Ukraine!⚔️

  12. A Russian man with great principles, there must be many like him inside of Russia, we just need to hear them speaking louder about what is happening in the Ukraine and then making Putin part of History not part of our world today.

  13. This whole invasion is totally sickening, Russia Is Already Big Enough, Russia Absolutely Does Not Need Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Finland and Poland’s Territory Too, It’s Totally Sickening!

    1. @Relaxation Station Not to mention all the Russians Putin is going to purge if he is not removed from power.

    2. @Luis Aymerich Putin reminds me of A Side Impacted Tooth, it’s going to be a real mess trying to dislodge him but, for far too many people, it’s a matter of life and death!

    3. Russia can’t handle Poland without German help 😂😂 thank god for having only 1 enemy this time

    4. @Relaxation Station
      Your statement is pure scaremongering !
      How the hell is Russia going to attack Poland
      Sweden Finland
      Latvia !? Ukraine shares a 2 thousand klicks border with Russia you’d be insane to think that Russia has No right to defend that border !

  14. He is so impressive. I’m happy people like him exist, I’m sad he can’t just have a nice life not fighting monsters like Russian dictator and war criminal Poo💩tin.

  15. This is the man we need to see leading Russia. Very intelligent and rational levelheaded invidividual, hard to come by apparantly.

    1. @asdf jklö I meant “worst.” It was a typo. I was in the middle of something else when I wrote the comment. So, go ahead and crucify me over a little mistake. I went ahead and corrected it for your viewing pleasure. Smh

  16. What I love about watching Christiane Amanpour is that she asks her questions and lets the person answer without interrupting once! Every other report I watch repeatedly asks a new question whilst the person is talking :-/ – its rude! Well done Christiane, always a breath of fresh air watching your reports!

  17. This is one of the most insightful interviews in the past month. It’s inspiring to hear him describe what it means to work for freedom in Ukraine and Russia. Even paved streets in a Ukrainian village exemplifies a goal of freedom in Ukraine that does not exist in Russia for the average person. I hope to see more people outside and inside Russia with his commitment and vision. I believe and am horrified by his math: 1 Ukrainian soldier kills 4 Russian soldiers, but then 3 Ukrainian civilians are killed, so the killing on both sides is equal. He speaks about a WWII anti-Nazi hero before saying, “I am pro-Russian; but I am anti-Putin; and we will kill the bastard.” I love Amanpour’s reporting as usual – she asks perfect questions in a genuine and human manner. I also give credit to CNN video editors in this piece: the interweaved video editing is excellent, which includes a woman sweeping broken glass from a sidewalk. This is poignant and adds a significant, banal element to the overall and massively important reality.

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