Union Leader: Hazard Pay To Workers From Funds Will Have ‘Mass Impact’

Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) and Rachel Torres, UFCW Director, join Alicia Menendez to discuss Oxnard City Council’s decision to provide essential workers with hazard pay from the American Rescue Plan.

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Union Leader: Hazard Pay To Workers From Funds Will Have ‘Mass Impact'


  1. The richest country on Earth can surely support the following proposition: anyone who works a full time job should be able to afford at least a working class life, and at less than $15 an hour that’s impossible.

    1. If we also had free tuition at state universities, there would be a smaller pool of minimum wage earners, as well. This should keep unemployment at a low. Although, I feel the wealthiest country should have healthcare for every resident, the GOP will never allow it. Perhaps, it might helpful to have a paid govt health plan for those earning minimum wage AND every child 0-18yo should be covered at 100% coverage for all visits, surgeries, prescriptions, and dental care. It should go without explanation that a child should not have to go without healthcare because a parent or guardian cannot afford it.

    2. I have something else! Lol. In order to keep the number of people on entitlement and financial assistance programs low, there needs to be a program where a minimum wage worker is not financially discouraged from seeking employment. As opposed to removing a person’s benefits for housing and food assistance when they become employed, allowing someone to have their benefits reduced on a gradual scale, ie, for every dollar someone earns, they get to keep 50 cents of their monthly benefit/welfare amount. It’s hard to justify a single parent having a sitter and paying transportation costs if they’ll get close to the same monthly amount working an entry level, unskilled job. The same goes with unemployment benefits — If a skilled worker loses their job through automation, for example, allowing them to keep part of their weekly unemployment amount whole working at a minimum wage job should exist. The way our social programs are set up, there really doesn’t seem much to incentivize someone to get ahead once they’re in a cycle, often familial, of govt assistance. Now, I am not familiar with how our benefits/unemployment/food stamps programs work. I made my statements based upon my understanding of how they work. Please don’t execute me in the comments.

    3. @B Bodziak
      Who will pay the tuition? Who will pay for the healthcare?
      If their job pays more than welfare, why pay them at all?

    4. @Ordinary Mo who will pay for it?typical American answer!how do you think other western countries manage to do it(universal healthcare education social housing…and other programs)if they can surely the richest nation on earth can no?

  2. It’s finally about time. Thank you ALL for your hard and dedicated work during this hard time. True heroes!!!!!!

  3. Cost of living in California is not cheat, Oxnard California is not cheap either any little help to families can bring food and roof over people head.

    1. Especially, when those that decided to accept state and federal unemployment during Covid were getting $938/week (in Georgia). Those who stuck it out bravely, should be compensated for MORE than the unemployment benefits.

    1. With my full heart, THANK YOU,💖💖💖 I have 3 brothers who fought. God blessings to you💖💖💖

  4. Instead of going back to 9 to 5 jobs, most people are rethinking how to make daily income by oneself.
    Case in point, I was drinking a cold soda outside a pizza joint, realizing cars passing by are also wanting a cold soda and perhaps pizza …cha ching, business idea. Help sell cold soda curb side from Establishment near you! Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s your commission.

  5. This is really a great thing and it’s time we said thank you to all the front line workers!!!!! 💪🏽❤💯

  6. I’m so glad they acknowledge the essential workers didn’t stop while everyone was at home being safe and getting paid. Tell this to Amazon

  7. There was absolutely NOTHING about the American Rescue Plan that was bi-partisan. NOTHING. The Republicans fought it at every turn.

    1. Not one single Republican voted for it. Many went home and claimed credit for it however. Republicans are shameless.

    2. There are Conservative Democrats who agree with Republicans. Generally help prevent the party from continuing momentum with Progressive policy.

  8. They are maybe not doctors or nurses but they were there and risk their life to serve you.
    It’s a very good idea.

    1. According to the bill if you worked as an essential worker 200 hours during the time period you receive the funds

  9. Imagine all the possible covid money handed to the cashiers daily. Imagine a year and a half of that while most others were getting $400 extra unemployment or working remotely. They could have quit or gotten themselves fired to get the unemployment plus $400 weekly, but they didn’t. They saw the other people coming in with extra money buying high cost items and $hundreds of toys for other peoples’ children but none for their own.
    In my opinion, those workers on the front lines have EARNED at least the same $400 weekly extra for the same length of time as those that were unemployed for so long. It was those essential workers serving the public above and beyond in full danger of bringing home covid. Why can’t they have an equal amount as those that were allowed to stay home? It’s double jeopardy to be endangered and to miss out of the $400 weekly.

  10. In the 1990s Japan printed money for stimulus packages just like this and it destroyed their country.

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