University of Ottawa defends professor using N-word in class 1

University of Ottawa defends professor using N-word in class


Students angry after professor used the N-word in a class about language. CTV's Leah Larocque reports.

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  1. Could be a case of critical thinking vs critical thought.

    Same event as the wilfred laurier university controversy…?

    1. @d jb essentially critical thinking is the individual researching facts and coming to a conclusion, whereas critical thought is something that you are presented facts (sometimes cherry picked or skewed), and you are told how you should feel or think based off of those selected factoids. (Essentially what you would find in most universities and why there is the sense of creeping liberalism in the education system).

  2. Where that term is constantly in rap songs, movies and said amongst themselves all the time………fake outrage is what it is

    1. Swidhelm don’t need the context. You say the n word and everyone know what you are talking about. Don’t need to full word.

    1. @Francine Levesque Francine, ignore the twits. I see there are a lot of them, as usual, and as usual, overwhelmingly male.

    2. @Anthony Hiscox this is not the same at using pronouns.. what a ridiculous analogy. You are lumping things together that don’t belong.

    3. @Anthony Hiscox and no, there aren’t a super ton of words I don’t feel comfortable using.. only this one.

    4. @NoTimeLikeThePresent I see you don’t know what “sexism” means either. Consider getting an education. Your response makes zero sense.

  3. You taking someone else’s words out of context isn’t them being racist. You can’t just scream out “Racist!” to whoever uses words that are socially affiliated with negative stigmas. Ridiculous that this was even an issue to begin with

  4. How our we supposed to form a judgment without context? This is lazy. For all we know he could have been quoting a passage and said the word, which is completely fine. Again hard to tell because lazy journalism.

    1. I guarantee that’s exactly what happened but students are being taught be other insane professors, typically within the humanities, to think everything is racist.

  5. How do we teach history when everyone is constantly offended by it? If this had happened in any other subject, it would be justified outrage. This is simply ridiculous.

    1. Keichimaru no it’s not. He did not need to use the full word. Saying the n word everyone would had understand what word he was talking about. Saying n word instead of the full word shows respect to the community that been oppressed from the start of slavery and as we can see in the comment section and this professor have learned nothing.

    2. @Daniel Normand It was a language class discussing the appropriation of the word. Either you need to go back to English and learn some simple definitions, or your moral compass is highly skewed and exactly why we need to discuss these things in classes. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

  6. Too little too late… they couldn’t care less untill the politicians told them that they were 100% wrong.

  7. Finally some professors standing in solidarity with an educator. Enough bowing to simple minded children who have been brainwashed by CRT.

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