US citizen sends message to Biden from Russian prison 1

US citizen sends message to Biden from Russian prison


In an exclusive phone call with CNN, Paul Whelan called on President Biden to "aggressively discuss and resolve" the issue of United States citizens being detained for political purposes when he meets President Vladimir Putin at a summit later this month. Whelan — who is a US, Irish, British and Canadian citizen — was detained at a Moscow hotel in December 2018 by Russian authorities who alleged he was involved in an intelligence operation. US officials have condemned his sentencing and Whelan denies the charges.

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  1. Hey at least he didn’t get that Putin panty poison right…

    Hope he gets out and can live his life back home though

    1. Actually the reason why the Novochok showed up in Navalny’s underwear is because one of the side effects of a near fatal oral ingestion is you get to piss your pants uncontrollably. So it’s not like they put it in his underwear – he did.

  2. This a wakeup call you’re not welcome, just because it is free to travel dont let vacation be your final destination.

    1. @Callsign Starbuck Viper Dragon

      He isn’t lying .perhaps you should do your own research and fact check, instead of listening to CNN.

      The American in this story is accused of commiting Esponiage on Russian soil

    2. @Tommy YT Have you ever considered it is actually your source that is the lie? Like ever? Seriously. Brain. Use it.

  3. Smoke screen by the generals. You really have to get on top of your fascist traitors and the right leaning hawks in your military. Just mind boggling.

  4. So he’s a political prisoner in Russia and Reality Winner is a political prisoner here in the United States? Okay got it.

    1. https: // ….. Let’s see how horrible Christians are beating Israeli police.

    2. A political prisoner?

      Lol the dude Russia is holding in this story is charged with commiting Esponiage on Russian soil

    3. @schievelbein schievelbein clearly the MSM is trying to get the pre-emptive drop on the Lavrov comments yesterday.

      It won’t matter. No one in the US genuinely cares

  5. Total sanctions against Russia are all Putin will understand. If Russia then wants to release the hostages we’ll accept that as a good will gesture but sanctions remain.

  6. Who here thinks Paul Whelan was just a tourist in Russia being ex marine with 4 citizenship’s?

    1. Well when I Fact checked CNN story here
      It’s reported the american Russia is holding in the story is charged with commiting Esponiage .He received classified Russian information and was caught

    2. Exactly! As a prior Marine, he should have remembered his directive when in a foreign country, which is DON’T GET ARRESTED! Lmao

    1. @allabout perspective just wait clown biden is after you and your money . he already cut foodstamps to lots of people , I heard them talking about the cuts at the grocery store and just laughed you get what you deserve fauci e-mails found now

    2. @sissy murphy I KNOW you’re not talking about Trump, because he was the one that converted those holding pens for adults into use as cages. Shame on you for NOT knowing the history of the past decade of immigration – Trump, not Obama, was the one who started the policy of ripping children away from their parents and putting them into those cages – I still remember the speeches he made and how proud he was – he touted about how that will teach the adults NOT to come into the U.S. because WE would take away their children. And so, don’t try to fucking presume to tell me I didn’t hear with my own ears what he said. He said it. The child cages were HIS idea. And he was proud of them.

    1. @Evan Gaudet what point am I missing? I’m saying that their GOVERNMENT/PUTIN, are the issue not the CITIZENS

    2. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 It’s the Russian government, not the people. Do you really think that Russians buy into all that crap? Or ever did? You don’t know Russian people then, kiddo, you should just STFU.

  7. Now that travel restrictions are loosening, how about a Russian vacation, where you too can become a bargaining chip for the release of Russian drug and arms dealers. I hear that their COVID vaccine is far superior to the Chinese ones.

  8. So does an agent get paid while incarcerated. I’m thinking overtime 7/24 tax free. Can we bring that up at the next union meeting ?

  9. About what Putin is trying to do and everything and put it is trying to do some dirty crooked ruthless stuff

  10. This is a set up I’m not one of them conspiracy theorist but I deeply believe Trump still stay in contact with putin

    1. Trump will forever idolize Putin, for 2 prime reasons: #1. Putin is very rich, #2. Putin rules with a suppressive iron fist.

  11. – I imagine the vaccine hasn’t reached you
    – I should have the second shot in two weeks

  12. The biggest support for him being a political pawn is that the Russians are allowing foreign press access to him. The timing of this is also significant.

  13. That’s what he gets for messing around in Russia. Only a fool would “travel” to Russia and not expect to get roughed up.

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