1. @over imagination And that changes the fact that Obama/Biden got the US into this how?
      Also the fact that you assume that i’m American shows your ignorance and “over imagination”.
      At least your name is fitting.

    2. @Kenneth A: It was Obama/Biden that got the US into this by funding Al Nusra, ISIS/ISIL and also “moderate” Syrian rebels.
      Trump/Pence have done only one thing! Cleaning up their mess and trying to get out as fast as possible.

    3. @Trump is my President Now we have left wingers and right wingers writing total nonsense in one comment section.
      Great job at showing of your low IQ.

    4. @deee 327 no pilot on gods green fucking earth would do that unless the jet is almost in direct contact with it and the us jet was using it as a human meat shield to reach it’s destination or was praying syria would shoot the plane down while the jet runs away and sais syria takes down civilian ship bachar al asad is the devil dont bullshit yourself or us anymore the united states thinks it is an empire not a country

    1. @J K Shot down by an idiot on the ground with a surface to air missile, he mistook for a U.S. cruise missile. At that moment Iran was in a heightened state of defensive preparedness because Dear Leader trump, threatened Iran for some stupid actions of their own. We just love to scrap. Any old excuse and preferably for trump, just before an election.

    2. There’s a reason there would be a huge uproar if they did that to America. You libtards would be the first ones to cry about it.

    3. @Tim Apple Spare your insults bub…. The opener to your argument is “yeah, but.” Sounds like my 7 year old. My comment is a fact and that likely why it is bothersome to people that rebuttal it throughout the day. What was the speed of the F15 during the encounter?

    4. @Tim Apple any chance you notice how many people comment on this video asking about the Iranian fighter jet? We have bigger problems than my comment. Lol

    1. @Average Joe Russia has Avangard now and nuclear supremacy for the next 25 years( estimated).In 10 minutes it could be game over for USA.

  1. Pls don’t waste your time on messing up the other countries! The US people are dying from COVID virus & racial discrimination! The US government is not qualified to be the world police if it doesn’t even manage well its own country!

    1. @Chavvy Did the UN ask them to inspect passenger planes with military aircraft? Do you have any proof or do you just make up whatever sounds good and worry about the cost of lies later?

    2. @Alic4444 I was speaking generally. The UN sends troops all over the world to handle stuff and theres literally proof given that’s the only thing the UN does.

    3. @Chavvy The UN has been using U.S. troops very little in the last two years since America started ceeding it’s leadership position in the world.

  2. Since when is it necessary to „inspect“ a civilian aircraft with an active flight plan? When has there ever been an „inspection“ of a civilian aircraft that has neither sent out a distress signal / squawk or is following the advice of the ATC?

    1. So, if they don’t signal properly, shoot first and sift thru the wreckage? Don’t be an idiot. That lesson was learned decades ago.

    2. Every since 911 there have been many of jets scrambled for all sorts of inspections…but it’s supposed to remain classified and this would have been too if the captain had not of taken unnecessary evasive action like this and then some dumbass reported it..

    1. With so many state AG’s bringing him up on charges, he HAS to stay in the White House. He can’t even go back to his home in New York anymore – that’s why he moved his residence to florida (that, and he fits in a lot better in The Nut Job State anyway).


    3. brian gardner not any more did you see the plan incident today? Well just in case a US heft fighter got in close distance to a an Iranian passenger plane and several people were hurt.

    1. 11 11
      Nope. It’s what President Donald Trump repeated …IN ORDER …for extra points! …during the cognitive test he was forced to take because of all the concern about the president’s sanity. 🤣
      He aced that test, much to the surprise of the doctors …because they are SURE Donald Trump is nowhere near anything resembling “sane”. Trump’s results is the reason that cognitive test is currently being re-evaluated for validity.

    2. @11 11 Wow, you are COMPLETELY unaware of how stupid your president is, aren’t you.

      Nice failed attempt at deflection though!

    3. @Vince F Good to know…Now they need to have all the pinto-bean-brained blowhards at CNN take the test…Half of them seem like lunacy personified… I just want to know how Fredo and Le’mon would do…


    1. @Tripod Threefoot just shut up and stay home dont act as if the #1 nuclear arms country is afraid of external war nobody would pick a fight with the us and you know it you guys just play as policr victims as an excuse for oil NOTHING ALLOWS THE US GO HAVE ANY INVOLVMENT OUTSIDE ITS BORDERS

    2. Ray Zhao not millions. Also that’s mainly stupid policy decisions. Most Americans don’t support these wars

    3. We have a job to do and that job is to protect the world from dumb leaders who seek to disrupt piece. Tell me a more powerful country to do it?
      We lead this world. Deal with it.

  4. The good old USA 🇺🇸 yet again proving that they are the bullies of the world. 🇬🇧

    1. Exactly correct 👍 and that is why we 🇬🇧 have learned from past mistakes and now have welcomed more people of different races and religions into our country than most other countries have, which the USA has yet to do, it is very intolerant of outsider’s Muslims, Mexicans etc.

    2. @The Walking Thrones C’mon. We have the most Covid cases because we have no leadership right now. It has nothing to do with anything else. All rulers are bullies, you say? Well, it is difficult to be the top dog for the last 100 years.

    1. @Imbeth101 MISTER bone spure. Is not a war time pres. Hes a man doing a bad job. And were paying him to do it. CRAZY

    2. @BILLY THE KIDAir Force Camp, Mazandaran.

      Air Force Integrated Residential Housing, Mazandaran.

      Allah Akbar Garrison.

      Army Beach, Mazandaran.

      Army Garrison, Bampur.

      Google it idiot

    1. @Trump is my President Well I mean….errr the Russians? You know the ones who have your president in their back pocket

    1. @d rockwell because being in Russia is no priviledge. If blacks were there they left long ago! 😂

  5. In *Syrian* airspace…!! *Inspecting a civilian airline* …!! Wtf that even means…!!?

    1. @dnate697 how comes USA has a base in Syria? Are they there legally or invited? Or are they there as a invaders (rebranded as peace keepers… like killing civilians is called collateral damage)? As far as I know nobody invited them in Syria, as the Syrian government did with the Russian

    2. This means that the Syrian air defense system has not yet decided to shoot down American fighters. Today.

    3. This is one reason why you should always wear your seatbelt on a commercial flight at all times. You never know when turbulence or a sudden evasive maneuver is required. As far as the airliner suddenly loosing altitude aggressively, if the fighter jet only came within a 1000 feet, in an area considered a war zone, would you not expect frequent intercepts? In a war zone area, when an aircraft comes from a hostile neighbor, you as that aircraft should be expecting an intercept. I believe this was an intentional over reaction.

    1. Our propaganda machines are all the major television networks, newspapers and most universities and they all work for the Democrats and China…

    2. @Trump is my President Cutting out all the Political Policies (Red Tape & Rhetoric Chit) Last days are upon us all, Lucifer, Satan & Devil has been on Earth to complete 6,000 year challenge…The Father, Son & Holy Spirit has CONQUERED in Heaven & Now!!!
      So let’s just live out these last days in Harmony, for the Love Of GOD!!! 🙏💯🙏👍🙏

    3. @Trump is my President Trump is not for you, he is for himself, if Trump doesn’t give his own wife RESPECT & honor 👀 do you really think that he cares about YOU??? His only care is VOTES & winning!!! When it comes to Republicans & Democratics we as voters has to choose 1 LESS the EVIL 👀 Sad to say, but it’s the Truth!!!
      The Last Days! (Year 2000) Please do not come for me!

  6. If you every are in a car accident and you’re at fault just say you were inspecting their vehicle. It will work everytime #noconsequences

    1. If youre ever pilotibg a plane woth several hundred passengers and you are asked by a fighter jet to id yourself just do it. Guaranteed way to not get blown out of the sky

    1. @Bax 60 you are clueless but it could be true as israeli fighter jets also hide behing civilian airlines when they strike in Syria.
      They do that to avoid being downed or to create chaos so that the syrian air defence could shot down a civilian airliner.

    2. @Mihai Ilie None of us have really been given enough factual information to make an educated guess as to what really happened or why. But I can garrentee you one thing ,had the captain just held his altitude instead of making an abrupt decent and injuring his passengers like that,we would have never heard about it.

    3. @Mihai Ilie Btw most of the storys you read that makes you feel like you found something that few people know is all false propaganda to satisfy the masses and its put there intentionally,sometimes by our own Government and especially the US miltary.

    1. @Alfred Malam Than definitely big wars are coming sooner than thought maybe as iran is ally of Russia & China.

    2. @Drip BZ – It was not a Canadian plane my dear and I did sympathize with all that lost their lives by the way. I know there were a lot of Canadian Citizen in that Aircraft but it was not Canadian plane at all.

    3. Alfred Malam Drip doesnt know the different between canadian n canadian plane. Forgive him. Maybe hes on drip.

    1. @Xi Jianggreat reply !!! wondering if that was the same in 2016 ? Hell she couldnt even buy a election !

    2. @Logic B4Religion sorry but think I heard that in 2016 also ! Here we are with something that looks so identical ! So I call your claim or ” asinine ” as a fake accusation . Good try cupcake ! 😘

    3. @filngood no, you never heard that in 2016. All polls in 2016 showed a close race, that isn’t happening now. Biden is leading with double digits across the map, something Hillary didn’t have.

    4. @Logic B4Religion hmm ! Lol ! Keep thinking that right up to November as we all know they are fake #’s ! Just like all the other fake stuff that they have wasted time on and couldnt prove anything ! Oh wait they did prove something ! They proved that a friend of a friend of a friend heard something about this or that ! Lol . Truly a great try but he will be in the White Hiuse till 2024 ! Senate will be on the right and you will say goodbye to the House . Look me up in November so why can have a talk about those polls that failed the left once again ! 😎

    1. exactly… yet the narrative seems to be pointing responsibility towards the pilot for freaking out… unbelievable

    2. If the jet was closer to the plane and it went on a specific space within the air rockets could have been launched suspecting it was an enemy plane in the syrian skies so that was the plan get the plane shot down and blame syria for terrorism

    3. @aozen why does Syria want to shoot down civilian airliners? Maybe the fighter jet was protecting them.

  7. “Behold, the whirlwind of the LORD goeth forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked.”
    — Jeremiah 30:23 (KJV)

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