1. @Masked Man Reviews You should vote for the BEST candidate, regardless of party.. Trump has failed to protect American lives, you are dispensable..

    2. @Praeliora T please don’t use don lemon as a source lol. I just watched an hour worth of clips of him being a complete hypocrite. Cnn is leftwing propaganda the same way fox news is right wing propaganda. You are not superior to trump supporters. Your sources have just as little credibility.

    3. @II nosferatu II Don’t argue with these stupid people, you will never change them, they were doomed from birth to be brainwashed followers of systems that use them

    4. @Ilse B yea I won’t be shocked in the slightest if the dnc cancels the debates and does a virtual town hall. Same way they got out of the debates with bernie.

    1. @Jeff Osborne LMFAO. I needed that Lemming. Run to that cliff faster will you? Take a couple fellow supporters with you. Have a race to see who goes over first?

    1. Politics and authority are BOTH an illusion, and it’s no one else’s responsibility to protect you you other than your own.

    2. kingtut777 you can’t even come up with an insult right. Trump and his supporters surely do have some amazing similarities lol

    3. @kingtut777 hahaha please remember you said that. This is going to be a rout. The biggest landslide victory for democrats in decades.

    1. lily and murphy listen beta boy, you couldn’t stand one day of the bullshi@ that’s been thrown at this great President, he shakes you lefty’s off like goddamn fleas!

    1. The irony, coming from people who support this president. You already know 40 years from now, you’re gonna pretend you never voted for him.

    1. What,? Dr Fauci said we’d have a pandemic under Trump in 2017 if impeachment didn’t work.

    2. The CDC is corrupt. All they want to do is vaccinate, with no talk of individuals boosting their immune systems. Plenty of money to be made from Vaccines. Just ask Bill Gates. Dude can’t cure Windows Viruses yet wants us to trust his vaccine for humans.

  1. If he said to his team…. Why was he reading notes about what “He said” ? Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV… LOL

    1. @Clear Thinker interesting that you say supporting Trump makes you a racist. That’s pretty ignorant in your part. You should probably watch the unedited version when that was said. There’s this thing called “sarcasm”. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Not sure if your little mind can comprehend it though.

    2. @Cue ballOh yeah, sarcasm is the number one thing people want from a leader in a time of crisis.

      BTW… that was Sarcasm.

    1. metalic scorpion He was asked once what’s the difference between a semi automatic and automatic, he lost that one👍

    2. MamaKat Well they need people like him, to dish out all the fake news.. CNN is all about comedy and laughs👍Good times

    3. Neil H.G. Your whole comment reeks of sarcasm and arrogance, but it doesn’t matter because your insignificant and most likely useless as well.

    4. Thomas Perry You must be reporting my comments to YouTube , because I’ve cursed you out twice and it isn’t showing up. This shows your not only weak, but a coward.

  2. Don’t tease me with headlines Don Lemon 😂😂. He’s still rambling on about how beautiful it will be 😂😂😂🤢🤬💩

  3. Did he really look at his team and said that?!🤔 I don’t think so he knows the convention was going to be a mayor flop that’s it he really doesn’t care about anyone but himself

    1. @Clear Thinker yes I did ..and could not vote and stand for a party that is so hypocrite and allowed the terrorism go on ….

    2. Jeff Osborne Trump can’t even say landslide. He’ll say lanshide God bless the United Shaysh?

    3. Silvia Sottili Oh yeah, there’s no more terrorism now that trump is president. The terrorists are probably saying “leave America alone Trump is doing our job better than we ever could.” 140,000 dead? Trump is better than any terrorist. And yeah it’s his fault.

    4. @Southerner At this point even a dead Rat would do better job. It is not fair to compare anyone with trump. The guy is a racist narcissist that has destroyed America. If you voted for Bush and trump, make us a favor, do not vote anymore. It seems like Republicans are only good for one thing. To take credit for others work and to blame when it doesn’t work.

    5. @Clear Thinker I also think that they realised that most Americans are not like trump. They know now that only small group of Americans are haters.

  4. “We’re building a wall, no we’re building replacement fence for the most part…” 🤣

    1. Bill Clinton wanted to secure our southern border – Democratic voters approved.
      Obama wanted to secure our southern border – democratic voters approved.
      Trump is securing our southern border – he’s a racist.

      It is fascinating to watch people be led by the nose to hate others. They are playing the American people.

    2. @B Smith
      He calls BLM a terrorist group
      boy is his base the dumbest of the dumbest

    3. @J W “A president that’s doing what he campaigned for a change”
      Oh, he is? That’s weird, I don’t remember him campaigning on building three new miles of fence along the southern border at the expense of US taxpayers that he illegally stole from the US military at a time when Mexico won’t let us into their country because we’re diseased and contagious. Can you remind me of when he said that? At a campaign rally, “WE’RE GONNA BUILD A SHORT FENCE! AND YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR IT! AND NOBODY WILL LET US INTO THEIR COUNTRIES BECAUSE WE’RE INFECTED!” Was that it?

    4. @B Smith “Bill Clinton wanted to secure our southern border – Democratic voters approved.
      Obama wanted to secure our southern border – democratic voters approved. Trump is securing our southern border – he’s a racist.”
      Yeah, that’s not why. It’s because he called them rapists and then called Nazis “very fine people”. And because he’s a well-known bigot and has been for his entire life and has lost court cases that arose from racist business practices. And his dad was in the KKK. And David Duke endorsed him. We call him a racist because he’s a racist.

  5. I’m watching a news outlet talk about incorrect grammar…..Also since when do news stations have hundreds of millions (250) to just lose in a lawsuit….

  6. I think he doesn’t have it all in his head anymore. He can’t even read a pre-printed speech without stumbling. My 13 year old grandson can do a better job.

    1. I don’t think he’s really ever had it all in his head, which is why he had to pay somebody to take college entree exam and others to do his papers for him.

    2. Google global truth project and read ‘The Present” if you want to learn the truth about life/death. If everyone sees this text, it will save the world

    3. He struggles with the notes because they are not his. He struggles and pauses because for a brief moment he realizes that he’s about to say something he doesn’t believe.

  7. “He played politics with the virus” pretty well sums up tRUMP’s handling of the pandemic and look at the mess of death and chaos we are in today.

  8. He should have dealt with COVID 19 early on. He’s not a leader; never was and never will be. He could care less about the American people. I do want to thank him for throwing his party under the bus, and to the GOP for letting him.

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