US intelligence report says Russia attempted to interfere in 2020 election

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released its declassified report on foreign threats to 2020 federal elections, which concludes that foreign adversaries — including Russia — did attempt to interfere in the 2020 election.

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    1. Ya China is calling America weak, and crippled since Biden fell down the stairs, and called Harris president again. They even anal swabbed American dignitaries.

    2. @Frank White I am going to leave it up to you to prove my assertions wrong
      just like when your congress & media lie & you eat it up with no questions what so ever
      so go ahead
      you wont
      because you cant
      so democrats dont lie cheat & steal? they dont deal drugs? they dont work for the drug cartels? they dont rape & abuse women & children? they dont produce porn?
      their actions reality & facts say otherwise ma’am.

    1. @Love is the most powerful force in the Universe – I have VERY highly placed and connected family members in NYC dating back to that era, and in their circle, the career con man’s association with shady Russians was common knowledge – SO common that any cabbie in town could tell you the same. The FAKE president was involved in serious large-scale construction projects then – and large-scale construction projects in Manhattan just don’t happen without mob involvement. But I’ve read your cringeworthy posts – and you have no connection to and no interest in actual reality – you’re a straight-up cultist, so I won’t waste any more time with you. You could google “Trump and the Russian mob” and peruse a hundred or so of the citations that pop up in less than a second – but no – you’ll just look for some way to deny or deflect. Right?

    2. @Godfrey Daniel There could be tens of thousands of citations, accusations, or even witnesses, but if there is no proof, then Trump having this type of relationship with Russia is fake. You are innocent until proven guilty, at least in the US.

    1. For years Trump didn’t want to share intelligence with the Congress the first section of the Constitution

    1. Well, he sure does their heavy lifting for them. I feel certain he has a Russian, “advisor,” who helps him approve F*x’s content ✌️


    1. Did you see that Creepy Joe is scared to talk to Putin one on one after calling Putin a killer!!!!Putin proved what a weak little weasel Creepy Joe is!!!! Biden: Putin is a killer! Now I’m gonna go hide!!!!!! LOL

    2. @Korn Woompa all right absolute power corrupts absolutely and if you can’t admit that you’re wrong sometimes especially with Trump you are the problem you are corrupt

    1. Eric 1
      !n 1780, Benedict Arnold was given command of West Point, an American fort on the Hudson River in New York (and future home of the U.S. military academy, established in 1802). Arnold contacted Sir Henry Clinton, head of the British forces, and proposed handing over West Point and his men. On September 21 of that year, Arnold met with Major John Andre and made his traitorous pact.

      How then were the actions of Benedict Arnold any different from tRump’s?
      When he (tRump) sold out the U.S to Russia, during his sexual liaison with President Putin in Helsinki?

    2. No, this is no longer a theory, the theory ends when the president of a country begins to accuse another president. Now that’s fucked up. People will demand war for this.

    3. @Colin Mahoney Putin one of these Navy base in Syria and Crimea so he murdered thousands of people

  1. You mean after Donald told Vlad not to interfere? What we’re all waiting for is WTF happened behind closed doors in Helsinki!🔥

    1. Even so it’s not reassuring to normal people why Putin americas mortal enemy loves him some Trump… Then the fact that fox news hasn’t talked about this story at all days after we’ve found this out doesn’t give me reassurance

    2. „Donald told vlad“. That’s not what happened in Helsinki. Rather, the useful idiot received his orders from his master.

    3. Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell was literally fucking a Chinese spy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Well of course they would America’s too busy imploding on itself so they’re going to sneak in the back door and do damage🤔

    1. Not really doing damage unless they hacked the U.S. power grid, or something like that. More damage would be like Ford taking their $900 million plant in Ohio, and moving it to Mexico under a new agreement signed this year.

    2. @Earth Worm Dirt you’re actually right about that I was researching those guys I didn’t know they were like that🤔

  3. My question is does America intervene on elections in other countries? The answer is of course it does!!!

    1. @AmirPlayZ because someone else is doing the same thing to US who normally interfere in other people’s politics

    2. what does that have to do with this? Yes the US meddles in elections, it dosent change the fact that we had a president who was a traitor and worked with our enemies to keep power.

    1. It may have gone too far. A war with China is a real possibility in the next decade, or so. Is anyone even talking about it? Not outside the Pentagon anyway.

    2. @John Freedman the Pentagon had war games and every time they said the US would lose. I doubt they’re gonna risk an actual all-out WW2 style hot war, not to mention nuclear weapons.

    3. @Warren Lam Ya they say that, but China has never actually won a war that wasn’t a civil war.
      It is doubtful, but not impossible. It is very likely they will try to steal Taiwan, as well as land from Mongolia, and India in the next 5-10 years. Soon as it goes nuclear on either side though ya the world is finished.

    4. @John Freedman if we’re talking about big wars involving big armies, China has had only one since 1949 which is the Korean war and you know how that went.

      In the next 5-10 years, for Mongolia, I seriously doubt they’ll try it. They already recognize Mongolia and Mongolia is more or less friendly to them.

      Taiwan a bit more likely but I also have doubts. China is literally willing to wait it out. Taiwan’s exports, a large chunk of it go to the mainland.

      It’s probably with India that things are likely to happen. Perhaps near Kashmir (since Pakistan and China have already settled an agreement but India and Pakistan haven’t)

  4. I’m not sure if Russia even has to interfere; USA seem very capable of breaking their own selves into pieces.

    1. We don’t enforce election laws so who cares if Russia interferes? Demonrats do more damage than the Russians.

    1. @Zack Wiley hahaha! Sure. Did they provide you the evidence? Haha! Just like Trumps 2 impeachment’s. Fake news designed to keep you down.

  5. You always get angry when someone meddles with your election, how about stopping meddeling in other countries election or even stop regime changes ?

    1. Problem is if US stops those meddling it will mean less conflict = lesser profits for the MIC … which is highly unlikely for the US War machine …

  6. Putin mad because his boyfriend didn’t get a second chance at being in the White House, for a second term. Lmfao

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