Governor Newsom responds to recall effort against him

California Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a new campaign Monday denouncing a recall effort against him and blasting the calls for his ouster as a Republican-backed movement supported by "anti-vaxxers, Q-Anon conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant Trump supporters."

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  1. Great journalism. Really asking the right questions and wording them in a way where there is no escape for the interviewee. Not accepting tangent answers and making sure the true topic is not lost.

    1. The only reason the Communist News Network is now pretending to be serious is that Gavin Newsome is done. So now they want to ride in and act like they cared all along. They haven’t said squat about California’s totally disastrous lockdown complete with Democrat hypocrisy from Newsome and Pelosi until now.

    2. Should have done a direct comparison to Florida and not accepted Newsom’s BS answer about being so much better than Florida.

  2. This guy should stay off TV if he wants people to trust him. The less they see him the more trustworthy he will be.

  3. Just know as soon as the petition got to about 1.2 million signatures he did a quick 180 and started trying to open everything up

  4. That’s objective journalism, ill give then credit…”
    It’s due to the fiasco with the cumo Brothers

  5. Did I just watch someone giving a real interview at CNN? Props to you guys, the first like I will drop on a video by CNN.

    1. You really shouldn’t trust them. They HAVE to cover this. Just like they HAVE to cover Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal, although they are dumping Cuomo publicly for other reasons (killing elderly people and others in nursing homes while CNN praised him during 2020), they have to cover it

    2. @ibberman every interview, fox or cnn is rehearsed. Tapper actually asked some good questions, but he’s still a pos!! Newsom as well.

    3. for real though
      theyre going after california and new york govenor now but they were praising them its so confsuing

    1. Welll uhh shubadubbah if 3 % wompa rompa hindsight is crystal clear.
      So you don’t regret it?
      Uhh I ashdbdbdbxi

    2. He was thinking- theres no way theres a camara around here, because there hasnt been one any of the other times ive done this

  6. Newsom, there are still a few patches of grass that don”t have homeless living on them. Help them out and buy them a tent.

    1. @Aidan Johnson And end up in another state… or just come back. You don’t have to be overly compassionate like many Californians are, but would you just throw them somewhere unlivable and wait for them to die?

    2. I lived in Oakland from 2009-2015, the homelessness in California has only gotten worse from what I hear and it was pretty bad then and the rent is outrageous. I would love to move back but even small one bedroom apartments can go for $2900 a month.

    3. @Aidan Johnson … You sure are dumb…guess which states put their homeless on buses going straight to SO.CA. ?? duuuuuuh.

  7. This guy is an actor, not a leader. Politicians are so freaken useless, why are we using them to run our country?

    1. You are correct that the guy is an actor, not a leader. That is why we voted him out on last November. He was banned from Twitter, Facebook, etc, and disappeared to the sunset in Mar-a-Lago

    2. @Zakaria Farah – What a weird fucking response. News flash – there can be multiple actors! For what it’s worth, I hope you make a quick and speedy recovery from what appears to be a really severe case of TDS.

  8. My whole family and everybody in my neighborhood have signed this petition.
    And we’re none of those things that you mentioned and vast majority isn’t either.

    1. @abprepboy33 People in North Korea are starving, have no connection to the outside world, some work in labor camps, and live in an abundance more life threatening conditions. You should choose your words more wisely when comparing one of the most advanced places and 6th largest economies in the world to one of the most underdeveloped and poor countries on the planet. You are completely disregarding the experiences of people from both ends.

    2. Really! I am a Native American. Christian, Conservative….not a White Supremacist, Proud Boys or whatever he called us! Shame on him for blaming others for his failures!

  9. Im hyper critical of CNN and honestly I think this is a great interview. This is all we ask for as American people. Tough questions no matter the party bias

  10. “This is the 6th recall effort in 25 months”

    Maybe that says you’re not so good at your job bud.

  11. Im really surprised at the journalist, he kept coming at him and jamming him up. Good for him for taking Newsom to task.

    1. The left is switching to Marxism . Their taking out their weak one by one gov of newyork is next

    1. So he can go out and have dinner and do things with his friends and family but not any middle class California Resident can? I’m in Massachusetts and this to me is sickening. Sounds like so many other democratic run states and Major Cities. And they (Dems) all just got a huge bail out! House plant is going to bury this country!

    2. @Nick Stone I’m not a supporter. Trump or Biden I just want someone to do right by the people! Trump did a great job!

    3. @Gregory Mc shhh don’t say that loud.. lol I am with you. I don’t care if it’s democratic republican libertarian tea party… Don’t care just do a good job. Yes I think Trump did a great job.. hell my portfolio doubled+ in his term. During Obama I barely got 3 or 4 % return last year despite covid 37% return . How can you complain about that. If people hadn’t hated Trump we wouldn’t be having this conversation cuz many people rather than not voted voted against Trump and that was bad imo Biden dead set on erasing the good trump did.. also bad

    1. This is what you get voting for democrats. Everything the left touches gets destroyed. That’s a simple fact. It merely requires open eyes. I know better than anyone being born and raised in New York City

  12. Any time dems are willing to eat their own, it always means there’s something far more sinister going on behind the scenes

  13. The irony here is that Republicans haven’t held legitimate power in California since the 90’s. These CA politicians have 0 accountability.

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