US pipeline attack linked to criminal group originating in Russia 1

US pipeline attack linked to criminal group originating in Russia


A criminal group originating from Russia named "DarkSide" is believed to be responsible for a ransomware cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, according to a former senior cyber official.
DarkSide typically targets non-Russian speaking countries, the source said. The attack has led the White House to form an interagency working group over the weekend to prepare for various scenarios, including whether additional steps need to be taken to mitigate any potential impact on fuel supply, a White House official said Sunday.
Bloomberg and The Washington Post have also reported on DarkSide's purported involvement in the cyberattack.
Colonial Pipeline Company said Sunday it is working to develop a restart plan for its pipeline system, which was temporarily shut down to contain the threat.
The company's main lines remain offline, but some smaller lines between terminals and delivery points are now operational, the company said in a statement Sunday, adding that it "will bring our full system back online only when we believe it is safe to do so, and in full compliance with the approval of all federal regulations."
The Department of Energy is leading the federal government response, according to the company, which was also engaged with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.
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    1. @Alex xelA “Hackers” more like your friendly neighborhood CIA agent the left will kill America with there ignorance sad

    2. @Studebaker Hoch
      Guess so .. I’m surprised Ole Barry didn’t give Putin pallets of American cash like he did for the Iranian Mullahs.

    3. If you really think Russia is more of an enemy to us than the Chinese Communist Party rite now in modern times you are a delusional fool whom does no investigative research

  1. HA!!! Use fewer pipelines and bring back the war on cyber crimes. There should be plenty of money from the War on Drugs that we should shut down.

  2. Private or public sector – paying ransom demands is the wrong remedy. We have to devise cyber-defense tactics that hit the enemy where it hurts.

    1. Didn’t the USA start all this stuff with the Stuxnet attack on Iran nuclear power plant ?

    2. @john mcbride So you want turn off the entire east coast gas and oil system. Wow, that genius idea, “NOT”. I’m glad your not running the country.

    3. @john mcbride Hey obvious putinTroll. Do you have legitimate work there in tiny russia? Well – do you? Please explain to us russianTroll.

    4. @john mcbride How may people live with you in your tiny apartment putinTroll? Please explain to an actual American what you are really about. Your envy for my country is a given. russians reek of envy for the United States of America.

  3. Grew up in the cold war. It isn’t hard to convince me that putin needs his own special underpants

    1. @matteo gottie easy to put all the blame on the winners. We didn’t do anything without local help.

    2. @Audie yes russia and china are totalitarian but america is the best in corruption, which is even legalized under name of lobbyism.

    1. Joe Biden just said this is a private sector thing and left it at that. What are you talking about, Ryan?

    2. @Hayle Seyton you’re on crack. What did the Biden admin say about this issue? They shrugged their shoulders and walked off.

    3. @Obilon Kenobi reporting has ceased. Where are you seeing the stories because I’m only seeing them from right leaning media

  4. This is great and all, but is the CIO/CTO of the fuel company being checked for job competency and responsibility in their position?

  5. We just don’t have a history of protecting our national assets, only foreign assets…

  6. OK! I see sorry for telling but they can’t not anything at all now they are just about done. I can’t stop, they need help too easy

  7. Moscow Mitch 2 weeks ago “we are doing everything we can to stop the Biden administration”. Just sayin’

    1. Mitch McConnell did rather conveniently kill every cybersecurity bill that went across his desk

    2. The Russian Money Trogen Horse is Safely in Moscow Mitch McConnels back pocket. McConnell will run interference with, and undermine every genuine attempt by the Biden Harris Administration to thwart the Russian Cyberfarms impact on American Cybersecurity. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

    1. Supply and demand sucks. CON-VID shut down caused a surplus if oil. Driving prices down and caused oil production to slow down. How gas is being used again and production hasn’t had time ramp back up again, plus oil companies want to make for thx loss during CON-VID. Prices will come down once fracking gets profitable again.
      That’s what got OPEC to start ramping up last time.

  8. #انقذوا_القدس

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