US President Joe Biden makes remarks on the COVID-19 pandemic. USA TODAY 1

US President Joe Biden makes remarks on the COVID-19 pandemic. USA TODAY


US President Joe Biden makes remarks on the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is expected to comment on how drugmaker Merck & Co will help produce rival Johnson & Johnson’s newly approved coronavirus vaccine in an effort to expand supply more quickly.

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  1. Listening to Biden talking is like listening to a con man talking when he sold me a broke down car. They are good at keeping a straight face when spewing b.s.

  2. Poor old senile Joe, struggling again to read the teleprompter. Can’t believe he took a question. Didn’t even know anything about the second question. Just goes to show how they keep him in the dark and once again he forgot to put his mask back on while leaving the podium.

    1. Why do you bother watching him. For patriotic Americans it is more refreshing and intellectually stimulating than you can imagine to see a President who knows how to do his job and does that job to the best of his ability. One who speaks to the science, the statistics, and the truth. He speaks to intelligent Americans knowing we will understand perfectly. Did you notice that the media doesn’t have to fact check every statement he makes? What a relief!

    2. Poor old Tom trying to figure out how Trump could lose to this guy??? Really!!!! Trump would have answered those questions so much better………

    1. As he always does(and sounds like he’s struggling to do so) …Not coherent enough to speak for his self

  3. Where’s the plan, Dementia Joe?

    Where’s the $2000 checks, Dementia Joe?

    Where’s the unity, Dementia Joe?

    RESIST this corrupt administration!

  4. Changing the voter laws without the legislature and a public vote is unconstitutional. Not my president

  5. What is he going to do to help farmer and ranchers ?? Or buddy up with Bill Gates and tell people to stop eating Beef ?.?

  6. You call that remarks? Good thing his handlers are using simple words for him & he can still read. What will the press do when he poops his diaper like Nadler in public? The struggle is real

  7. I suggest US take a seat, pause ,think and reflect. Should I continue this path of imminent destruction or reverse the policy by acting like any other countries , developing themselves and be a contributor and responsible stakeholder to the international community. Don’t wait until US is in irreversible doldrums, then you change. All empires wax and wane , no matter how strong they were. Leave a good legacy behind. Stop your conspiracies against others and be a man (responsible country)

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