1. @Jose Aguilar Well, instead of cutting off money for Israel, the US gives it more and more and not one Politician has the nerve to say anything. So, don’t start with the money for hamas crap.

  1. Boy some mean tweets are sounding better every day! Things are just going swimmingly . I feel like Jimmy Carter is pulling the strings!

  2. You should go there and tell them they are F’in wrong and you will no longer support it!

  3. The president can’t tie his own shoes were gonna end up with a second one, the first one didn’t prove fit
    Use your imagination

  4. Where do think they get the rockets from? They don’t own any metal fabrication facilities, or chemical plants to make propulsion fuels or electronic guidance. Iran.

  5. This is awful what’s going on over there let’s just hope they’re wearing their face masks if they’re going to be outside

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