US State Dept. working to verify Wagner’s boss claim that US citizen died fighting in Bakhmut

The US State Department is working to verify Russian warlord and Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s claim that a US citizen died fighting in Bakhmut. CNN’s Sam Kiley reports. #CNN #News


  1. For a brief moment I thought it said ”Wagner boss died.” I guess I have to wait until the next special missile delivery.

    1. He was on the ground he doesn’t go near any building that has more than 2 floors😂

  2. Prigozhin does resemble Max Schreck in his starring role of Nosferatu which was a silent movie(1922).

    1. He looks like evil Uncle Fester… Never thought possible with the lovable Jackie Coogan making that role his

    2. Absolutely eerie but not a coincidence that Nosferatu lived off the blood of others, including the innocent young man assigned to visit his castle off in the hinterlands, leaving his despairing fiance behind. Early in the movie we meet the creepy boss who knows he’s sending the young man to his doom, because he knows Count Dracula’s real identity.
      Welcome to Ukraine.

  3. A US Citizen died in Bakhmut? What about the Canadians, the Estonians, the French, The British and the rest of the Foreign Legion of Ukraine who died?
    I meant it as ‘This isn’t anything new’. You want to fight fascists, the Russians are great examples! 😀

    1. @BruceWayneIsSoberyea what a waste of life. imagine how their families are feeling. dying in war they have no business bieng in

  4. It wouldn’t be the first foreigner or American that died in this war so far. It happens. Even some Irish lads have died. But most go there cause they choose to and want to fight for a good cause. To protect a country from an extremely hostile invader.

    1. At least our brothers will come home to rest and be remembered. The Russians can’t even count the bodies they’ve left to rot on Ukrainian soil let alone the names.

    2. Where were they when the US and NATO have invaded Iraq and Syria, Libia? Did they just discover they had a soul?

    3. @kirikoo We killed a bunch of the terrorists and also Mercenaries from Russia that killed Syrians. Russia caused horrific destruction and death there. Aleppo’s destruction was Russia’s fault.

    1. @Danny Serrano Maybe you should face reality. American volunteers are fighting in Ukraine, so it’s only a matter of time before one of them dies there.

  5. Sounds like pergoshin is trying generate sympathy for himself before russia loses and the hauge come looking for him.

    1. He reminds me of Himmler in that way. Of all people, the SS leader had peace feelers out while Hitler hunkered in his bunker, oblivious about it until the last moments.

  6. America. Calm, Charm and Charisma. Be PROUD To Be American. An Australian Friend. (One of very very many). An Irishman born, living in Australia 34 year’s, the son and grandson of “just everyday Americans”. God Bless America.

  7. Not to brag but also Italy has been supplying air defense to Ukraine since December: Spada and Skyguard in addition to SAMP/T.

  8. Spying for ukraine, bashing and cursing the Kremlin, respecting the usa Citizen. I sense a window is being opened somewhere on a high floor 😂

    1. No no, they would never! They just happen to know that he’ll soon develop an unexpected and unidentifiable illness…

  9. If so, he died a hero, fighting evil.
    Evil will triumph if good men do nothing. He was a good man.

    1. he isn’t a hero he’s just some mercenary fool fighting a war that didn’t involve him and died for NOTHING

    2. You misunderstood something ….. Ukraine and Russia is not a fight between good and evil ………. it’s not black and white ……….. everybody is grey in this war (the supporter countries are also grey too on both sides)

  10. If you go somewhere to fight and you end up on the wrong side of the coin, that’s on you buddy

  11. I feel like prigozhin trying to get on the good side of the U.S. He got something up his sleeve.

  12. If we had an American citizen that died in this war .. they definitely volunteered.. and died bravely along with Ukraine’s, and other volunteers from other nations. Mad respect. I hope all of them are returned to their families.

    1. @john smith there millions that really do not give a damn what you think … in fact .. some would let YOU fight on your’e own ..

  13. Respects for returning the body to the United States if it’s true because he didn’t have to ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  14. Number one this isn’t an international incident he freely chose to stay that and fight while honorable it was his choice

  15. You can’t disable a patriot system, you can only hit a launch system or a control unit, but a complete system only with a nuclear weapon ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  16. Love You Nick, will miss you for rest of my life. When I see you again the drinks are one me.

  17. You mean to tell me that the Patriot took out a hypersonic missile in mid-air which was then recovered on the ground fully intact with a partially punctured frame? Sure…I have a golden bridge in Florida for sale at a steep discount.

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