US to designate Russia’s Wagner mercenary group as a criminal organization

The US Treasury Department will designate the Russian mercenary organization Wagner Group as a “transnational criminal organization” and will impose additional sanctions next week against the group and its support network across the world, the White House said. #OrenLeibermann #cnnnewsroom #News


  1. In light of the mercenaries proudly calling themselves by a German name, why not call them by a German description like either Waffen SS or perhaps Einsatzgruppen who are enforcing the Kremlin’s policy of lebensraum.

  2. If we recall, early at this war Russian Defense Ministry announce that any foreign fighter fight in Ukraine will be treated as Mercenaries. This should include Wagner Group. And this should also be reciprocal. No POW status for them. A spree for Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    1. Ukraine reports captured/ID’d Russians to Ruzzian families via proper channels and social platforms. Russki army directorate doesn’t even report their own…

    2. @Sgten Russia would have to admit it was a war for their troops to count as POWs. As it is they are normal criminals.

    1. Your isolated sentence would make any prison a criminal organisation. It’s important to add they actually commit crimes as part of their membership to the organisation. 😉

  3. Wagner’s ALWAYS been trans-national, they’ve had ‘security forces’ (AKA:troops) in Africa securing mining sites for YEARS. They’ve gone from “security” to attacking other mining operations since the rouble crashed, claiming several of the gold and diamond mining operations in the area.

    1. @Andrew Ch Not for long, an empire cannot exist without wars, without the peoples it oppresses. And if all regions of Russia are given the right to choose to leave, it will turn into the Moscow Principality of the 13th century.

    2. @Simulation L
      Russia needs to keep those bags for themselves.
      Oh, wait! That’s right…. Russia just leaves their dead laying on the ground to rot. Hopefully, some of God’s hungry animals will be able to get a good meal before they’re no good to eat. Plus they booby-trap their dead soldiers with mines.
      99.99997 % of Russian “fighters” 😳 are soulless monsters.

  4. Well since most of their “troops” are prisoners, it makes sense.
    I still think they are actually not so secretly a prison management company getting a flat fee per prison, so cleaning out the prisons to improve their margins

    1. @inter modus Eric Prince the co- founder of Blackwater, then renamed Xe Services, and again now Constellis contracted for the CCP in terms of instruction and training only to help provide an apparatus to maintain a modern 21st century concentration camp. Point being …… yes, China does have resources but, they are constantly open to acquire new kinds of familiar and modernized IP(intellectual property). Constellis is as close as it gets to an American version of Wagner Group.

  5. So you’re telling me that these inmates who rape, murder and steal washing machine are criminals… No way 😮

  6. If Wagner is a criminal organization, is it possible for America to confront them militarily directly wherever they are in the world?

    1. @Tahira Abdul are u awake most of them are hiding like weak animals but once they are pit on the open they get what’s coming to them they are a dirty scummy animals

  7. The Russian military must be happy for the Wagner fighters do the job for them. I mean, the military will not do the fighting and safer for them, just watching further from the frontlines.

  8. how do they know there’s ammo on those trains? am I missing something I feel like you can’t “prove” that based on those pics… and I’m pretty sure if you are hiring Wagner your already on a USA sanctions list lol

  9. Did it really need years in the making to see what a criminal mercinary assasin organization does “is a criminal organization???” Does it take just as long to decide that 2+2=4?

  10. I chuckle at the “Wagner Group’s” attempt to seem scary. All this tank, armored vehicles, and howitzer discussion seems dated, yet is observably still relevant for the conventional battlefield of today. Fifth, sixth generation aircraft and drones seem to be the all the hype of the near future for unbridled war; however, they pale in comparison to the state of the art in war that is nascent for the coming decades: massively parallel, self-organizing, systems of literally millions of killer machines, costing next to nothing, that are a hybrid of digital and analog hardware. They won’t be only flying things; they will be on, under, and above the ground everywhere, and produced in factories by machines themselves. There will be no GPS or central guidance; they will communicate via a myriad of sublime transceivers short range, which will spread to long range via sheer swarming numbers, and determine their vectors of attack via the maladroit, but oft used metaphor of meshes of neurons. Such an approach will be orders of magnitude more sophisticated as would be expected of the Internet of Deadly Things, which can carry nuclear, biological, or any other sort of weapon to anywhere. Russia, China, Iran…and especially goofy criminal groups like “Wagner,” have no idea the concepts being confabulated for unleashing death involving no involvement of carbon-based life forms; however, they will be the targets of such. Needless to say, the incredible acceleration of the fundamental science of this field is where one would expect the nexus of far reaching, science fiction made reality to transpire. Interestingly, and strangely, humans seem increasingly removed from the locus of understanding and seemingly more peripherally involved as the technology continues to bootstrap: the complexity they leverage is already mostly opaque. If Ukraine were in need of weapons in thirty years, a few thousand boxes of strange looking inventions would arrive, and their problems would be over. This is a transitionary period in the science of killing humans. The world has no idea the circles of hell the country with uber accelerating creativity, and a willing market for it, will unleash as the machines help them unleash themselves. As such, becoming a pariah and falling behind in technology is Russia’s death knell in terms of future conflict, and groups like Wagner will no longer be relevant.

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