1. They need mobile artilery’ not static howertzas, they dont have the hardware to move these around

    1. @kukul roukul It is a terrific weapon to use against the Taliban that don´t have an airforce, attackhelicopters, drones, supersonic or hypersonic missiles long range guns of their own with counterbatterie radar, satalite etc etc .

      I hope you understand what i am trying to say. Static weapons have no place in modern warfare against a peer or near peer enemy

    1. @CryptoReview101 Facts Everybody acting like they forgot the whole world been spooked of Russia for the Longest 💯

  2. This is the adult version of, “I’m not trying to hit you, but I am just going to swing my arms and walk towards you. If you get hit, that is your own fault!”

    1. That is also is the path of least resistance, which is NOT signaling any type of strategical power.

    2. No, sending 40 billion to Ukraine while not protecting our own border or people isn’t an adult version of anything.

    3. The war is a serious matter and Ukraine definitely needs the most effective weapons to end this conflict, but man I had to laugh at your comment because that sh*t was HILARIOUS!… 🤣😂🤣

  3. Just like sending towed artillery, suicidal without having air superiority. sending crippled or downgraded weapons is a joke upon Ukraine soldiers.

    1. thats not true ! i wanna see someone braving those M777 without using MEN’S ! comandos units willing to sacrifice themselves

    2. @kukul roukul Without long-range ammunition all this aid is just fancy wreckage for Russia. The whole idea of long-range weapons was to overcome russian superiority in air. What’s the point of these systems if they can’t reach russian front lines. Pack of toothpicks seems to have more value that these very powerful but degraded to junk systems.

  4. Russia is getting Belarus involved but they’re saying we can’t get other countries involved wtf

    1. @Anomaly russia would launch nukes to every nato country. Russia has real missiles that reach space then a nato country.

    2. Who is “we”???? You’re at home typing out comments for social media and not fighting, not making decisions, not doing a damn thing. Fohd

    3. @ZeleKnez Early in the conflict, with the first few weeks, there was a report to the effect that Lukashenko wanted his army to move in and support Russian forces, and the military refused. It was such a brief report that it’s unclear if this actually happened.

    1. @MikeGamerGuy The least bad choice here is the one that doesn’t have potential to end life on Earth. What is not obvious about that?

    2. @Foolish3art It might sound weird but no. I am ready to meet God anytime, just not in a hurry, i also have a certain love for this world. You should seriously ask yourself if the same is true for you.

  5. just imagine all the countries who america invaded like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, were they able to strike back at the US? 😂 Ukraine can’t even take back Crimea or Donbas, attacking Russia is a dream that will probably never become true.

  6. Send Ukraine long range rockets, but cover them with ‘Made in China” stickers, plausible denyability.

  7. Breaking news – Severodonetsk is 70% captured. Ukrainian troops retreating via one bridge purposely left open to Lysychansk where they are surrounded to create a Mariupol type situation. Severodonetsk is the key Luhansk city that Ukraine recaptured with lots of fanfare from separatist forces in 2014. It’s a strategic industrial town in Luhansk.

  8. Those launchers have different “weapons.” Yeah, exactly… If I was a commander in the field, I would use those long range weapons to attack valuable targets in Russia. It’s easier to ask forgiveness… Ukraine has shown enourmous constraint in not attacking more into Russia. They simply can’t afford the resources for a full scale attack into Russia.
    If Russia experienced those reciprocal losses in Russia, there is no doubt that they would use tactical nukes. They have all said that, and it’s an integral part of their nuclear policy.

    1. @kartikeya tiwari Russia has already declared war on Ukraine by invading the country. It doesn’t matter if they said it out loud, its a war and Russia started it

  9. The issue should be about arms (HIMARS and other systems) lend-lease supplies blocked by Baiden since April. Ukraine can’t fight without arms.

  10. Can’t allow a victim to attack their attackers! I guess this is a case of “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

  11. How about talking about the real reason why they want the systems? They have SMERCHs, which can range 90km. They are running out of the Russian munitions, so the MLRS/HIMARS is to provide the same rocket launch capability that the West can replenish. That’s the reason M777s were sent. We could not provide 152mm, but we can provide 155mm shells for NATO standard equipment. We can’t send 122mm (BM-21) or 300mm (SMERCH) rockets. We can send M26/M30/M31 munitions for MLRS/HIMARS.

  12. On a completely unrelated note, the US army reports that they may or may not have “lost” over 300 long-range rocket launchers in Eastern Europe. In a press release, US defense secretary Lloyd Austin has stated that he “blames Doug. It’s always Doug. Doug, if you’re hearing this, you’re in big trouble.”

    1. Vlad says he wants to help Doug, he will look for these misplaced missiles, and when he finds them, he will return each and every ones back to sender..

    2. I always knew WW3 would be started by a person named Doug lol no offense to the other Dougs out there.

    1. You either constrain the theater to ukraine with moderate escalations of hardware, or you fight the russians on every Nato bordering country. When faced with those options you start to understand why it must be done as it is. USA is doing what it can. Screaming not good enough can have them just pack up and go back across the ocean.

  13. As long as the Ukrainians agree to keep the 300km range MLRS west of the Dnipro River, they can cover nearly all of Ukraine to the east and not be able to hit Russian soil except in a few places adjacent to the Border. I think the Ukrainians would keep to their word.

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