1. As a former certified police officer out of manatee county Florida, we were trained to go in and stop further action by a subject who is a active shooter utilizing deadly force immediately. I am absolutely gutted the chief of police and officers alike did not make the right calls here. I do thank the USA border officers ignoring the chief refusing his orders going into the school to take the proper actions. In my opinion, the chief needs to be terminated and arrested held accountable on 21 counts of involuntary manslaughter charges just based on his call alone misguiding his officers. The officers should be made to do a mandatory *non paid* retraining course for their failure to override the chiefs orders in which each officer could of done the moment reports came in regarding anyone shot as deadly force was indeed justified at that time forward. The school resource officer on duty should be terminated instantly and face accountability much like the chief also.

    Children should feel safe always at school and never face such terrible situations. As a father and as mentioned a former law enforcement officer. My heart much like the world’s is broken over this situation may all impacted regardless if you known those murdered say prayers for all those whom lost loved ones of these little angels and may they rest in peace. Send condolences to the families as well.

    1. Local police: Shooter locked the door. Need more equipment.
      Border patrol tactical team arrives. Explosive charges, etc. to blast open doors.
      Border patrol: Say, umm janitor, may we borrow the keys to open the classroom doors?

    2. @Omoge BlogTV quit spamming every thread or I’m unsubscribing and encouraging others to do the same

  2. Still can’t believe an armed man shut himself in a classroom with kids, and cops calmy took it as a hostage situation

    1. @Stephen Hill how about those that were dying, as supposed to dead, that could have been saved? They must have assumed the deaths were instant? I guess they were all busy making this kind of assumption until the kids were all dead, then it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. This is so freaking heartbreaking! Many of those precious children were 100% alive when the cowardly decision was made to not enter that school!

    The Chief of Police and each officer who not only willingly stood outside while shots were actively being fired into their bodies, but held back crying, devastated parents, who wanted to rush into that school and save their children’s lives should resign.

    But before they do, apologize to each and every mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother and grandfather as they do so!

    How can human beings stand outside of an elementary school for almost an hour while a coward shoots them dead?


    1. @Gena Cunningham Not entirely, as many in the military would not have done things the same way. The oath the military takes carries a lot more blood than a cop that writes tickets all day.

    2. The point I can’t understand is that he amazingly didn’t understand people don’t die right away, they bleed out. He just sat there while the life literally drained from them.

  4. What the kids in that school have had to go through is truly heartbreaking! The police were outside that school for over a half hour! They could’ve gone in and stop that shooter! Instead, they just stood outside, staying safe while those kids were terrorized and killed by that madman!

    1. They don’t even have to rush in, just have suppressive fire on the shooter or keep him busy and away from the kids

  5. Just so heartbreaking 💔 I’m a mom of 3 with a child in the 4th grade and I just can not imagine going thru something as tragic as this prayers to the families..🙏

    1. Culture, economy, security, social welfare, education, tech advance, globe influence of the US is collapsing a lot faster than we Chinese have expected.

  6. I don’t care if YouTube suspends my account, but as a ten year U.S. Navy veteran, to the cowards in uniform, who took an oath to protect us, especially children, yet stood outside for an hour, especially after hearing the repeated gun shots, cries and screams from dying children, you truly don’t deserve to wear that uniform, any uniform.

    How can any of you call yourself men, nor fathers for what you did?

    Each of you should do us the honor and save us the time and effort!

    1. @Truth Minus The BS they tried. But the police handcuffed them and held their guns on the parents. One mom actually got free and went in and got her child. One of the cops also got his child out. But the police just left the rest.

    2. @Adam Pretty much yeah, if a few people got killed and cop died stopping it – they would praise them as hero. Instead you have all of them saying I don’t have the best tactical gear on me, so I’m not going in there… Better just let him do what he’s gonna do. lol? you think they did do their job?

    3. did you know that these proud cops have stopped cooperating with the investigation? that is law enforcement for you.

  7. So if the cops are so scared of these weapons than why don’t we ban them for everyday citizens?? There is a reason these are weapons of choice to mass shooters. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. But omg the survivors. Those poor children are going to need a lot of help. As someone who has PTSD from a car accident. You can be ok one minute and than something can trigger you. Even in the present moment at any given time it could feel like ur right back there. Those poor kids have to see their friends and teachers bleeding, screaming for help, and killed. May someone in that community offer them free mental healthcare.

  8. People need to be aware also that when law enforcement makes their attempt to storm a room the gunman in most cases at that point will take his own life. As many lies have been told in this case who knows how the gunman died .

  9. Uvalde School District Police Chief Pedro Arredondo has to be terminated and removed entirely from law enforcement. He should also face prosecution for his incompetence in how he handled this mass shooting. He displayed gross negligence in his performance while handling the situation. He made the situation worse by showing up and it would have been better if he hadn’t been there at all.

  10. In my country Germany we call what this coward cops did “murder by omission. “ And here they talking about to swear in the guy who is responsible for this Desaster. It’s just mind blowing.

  11. It’s heartbreaking to hear that poor innocent child say “I got shot” and no one came to aid them on time. They let them die!

  12. I’m in disbelief how cowardly the police were in this situation. They all need to be fired. Serve and protect, what a farce.

    1. In this situation??? Are you forgetting Sandy Hood?? Are you forgetting all the other countless situations across America

  13. I have one question how do any of them look themselves in the mirror after this act of cowardice

  14. The police chief should be ran out of town on a rail like the old days. He is a disgrace to any uniform. I’m an Army vet. How can anyone in that community have any faith in those police ever again? He has blood on his hands.

  15. We can’t even depend on the police to protect our children or do the right thing in these situations…..shameful, we as parents have to act and take it in our hand to act and do the right thing for our children.
    Can’t believe it took over an hour for them to stop this and the misinformation we’ve been given.

  16. That poor kid OMG! How many minutes those scared kids waited for help is ridiculous, it kills me inside being a veteran and seeing this story unfold like this … I don’t care what order I was given, I would of still went in and dealt with the consequences afterwards

  17. Truly disgraceful that police officers would not risk themselves for the children that were helpless in that situation. If they know what theyre signing up for then they should not have been a cop. PERIOD

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