Usain Bolt Disappointed with Development of Jamaican Sprinters - July 17 2021 1

Usain Bolt Disappointed with Development of Jamaican Sprinters – July 17 2021


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    1. He tried to mentor them and they didn’t listen to him. Why should he continue to do more for them than they want to do for themselves?

    1. @Tash Davidson you’re calling out old men! Men who weren’t good to begin with. Kemar Cole has never run a sub-10 and no amount of hard work was going to turn him into 9.8 runner.

    2. @Tree Apologetics are you SERIOUS? What more did you expect from Warren Weir? He was a hurdler who was so injured he was told to stop running. God bless the youth with a good year and you wanted more from him.

  1. Bolt, anything after you was gonna be a disappointment. You raised the bar sooo high that this affects all males sprinters, even outside Jamaica

    1. Understand what your saying but it’s not really fair to say “anything after him would be a disappointment “ Becaz if Shelly had retired as well we still have Elaine and shericka and many other ladies running well to get medal. Becaz wen bolt was winning we had athletes behind him to medal as well, we have world championships with 4 men in the finals and olympics with all 3 as well, bolt retired yes but we should still be in the finals same way and getting medals for the men, if bolt didn’t exist, Yohan Blake would have been the world record holder for both 100 and 200, but when bolt retired it look like he took everyone speed with him as well look on all the relays before bolt last race, he had alwayssssssssssss got the baton first to win the relay, so obviously we had more talent other than just bolt but in 2019 we couldn’t even make the finals. Bolt retirement should have motivated ppl to train hard and be the next winner for Jamaica, not the opposite

    2. @Yannick Edwards Shelly is no doubt the greatest female sprinter of this generation, however she is no bolt she has no World Record nor does she pull the same numbers as in spectators… Not to take anything away from her but what she has done for the sport is standard, The world will see another Shelly , what Bolt have done is unbelievable, This man smashed the world record while jogging, Then smashed it the year after…

    3. @Neiko McCalla the world will never see another SFP, do you know how hard it is for 1 person to win a medal in 4 different Olympics much less 2? And four gold medals in individual 100m wc? Plus a gold in 200m wc a silver in Olympics 200m, I’m not gonna count the relays or pan American games!! I beg to differ yes she may not have the world records like sir Bolt, but I really don’t see her dominance being duplicated, think again, I’m waiting for your respectful response!! She’s the goat of female sprinting hands down it’s gonna be hard to do what she have done!!

    1. @Novelette Anderson Jah know, yohan should be ruling the world, it all went wrong after his injury

  2. Big facts bolt could run right now and clock a faster time than these current guys and he’s been out for awhile

    1. @Dennis Robinson lmao no chance, dude could barely run 9.95 in 2017 when he was still young and training.

  3. The problem with these male athletes is that they party too much. So, when it’s time to train it becomes way difficult. Another thing is that they start to hype when they run a fast time like dem reach anywhere. They have no discipline.

    1. Name the Male athlete who should be on top, but he’s not working hard enough? You people just blaming air because there was no Jamaica sprinter in the pipe line after Yohan.

    2. @Hengel Andrews Minzie, Matherson, Raheem Chambers, Akeem Bloomfield, Michael O’hara, Nigel Ellis, Jaheel Hyde

    3. @Andre Sterling Okay out of respect for myself I will try not to ask about your mental faculties with this list of names. These athletes weren’t beating people international when they were young, but you feel they should now? What’s wrong with you putting Hyde on this list, the guy has been injured for a few years now and he’s back.

    1. Who are you talking about which Jamaican male athlete not performing to what you expect? Call some name!

  4. Winning medals is sweet but the training and the dedication is rough. Bolt train HARD and listened to his coach in order to achieve success. Bolt set a standard for the others to follow. Whey dem deh? Cho…kmt!

  5. Agreed 100%. JAAA failed to ensure that they were athletes in place to take over. Especially, from Bolt and Blake.

  6. Do something about it Mr B. like coaching and school talks etc. The easiest job is to point out what’s wrong.

  7. I would have been disappointed if he said otherwise. He tells no lies.

    People should be motivated by his statements and get up and work harder.

  8. Bolt talking directly to blake, but the only way Blake will ever perform good is if bolt reache out and go train with him. Bolt is blake greatest motivation. Blake just have too much pride.

  9. Well, he needs to understand that U.S has always dominated the men’s sprint events for decades b4 he came on the scene. Jamaica wasn’t really popping in the mens event like that so he can’t expect anything but the status quo. The women is a different thing.

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