Use Of Force Expert: Floyd Does Not Appear To Have Intent To Assault Or Attack Officers


    1. @grin chi agreed 💯💯 and have the entire PD undergo an INTENSIVE retraining to ensure acts of unnecessary violence like this never happen again.

  1. I pray that this cop does not walk free from this death he caused. Our systems are on trial and I think all of Minneapolis will burn if verdict is not guilty.

    1. @Sarah F good for you. This is the correct response to the trolls. They don’t deserve anyone’s time or energy.

  2. After seeing the Defense Cross-Examination… Yeah the defense is just being hypothetical at this point. And after seeing the Cardiologist shoot down all of the defense’s arguments about drugs after checking the body, medical records and the video evidence all together, This is going to be tough to cause reasonable doubt.

    1. I would love to see one of the people in the comments section coming up with crazy theories to defend Chauvin to be called up to testify

    2. @Joel Rivard Well the defense proved that but at the same time the Cardiologist after seeing the video and medical records showed that he did not die from drug overdose, he had fentanyl in his system which was bad but the cardiologist expert, the person who knows his stuff about the heart, lungs, artery’s, etc, said that drug overdose and heart problems/pre-existing conditions were not part of the problem and were written off as not even a factor.

    3. ​@Joel Rivard You said ‘Hypocritical’. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  3. A look at the OTHER video of Floyd sitting behind a store, on the ground, with Chauvin, completely destroys ANY notion of resistance. As if 9.5 minutes of the infamous “Neck Push-up Ploy” wasn’t enough for “Those Lyin’ Eyes”.

  4. Defense: “We’d like to call Tom from the Tom & Jerry cartoons, who will show that no injury is so bad that you can’t just bounce right back.”
    Court: 🤔😅😂
    Defense: “Oof, I’m just glad we still get paid regardless of the outcome.”

    1. Lol that’s basically what’s going on here. Nothing in this trial has gone Chauvin’s way, I truly believe this is the most lopsided trial I’ve ever seen.

  5. If this jury does not convict, they can expect to live in fear, forever.

    I believe all watching fully expect a guilty verdict. There is no defense that could possibly undo what has been done, or unsay what has been said.

    All witnesses have been invalidated, all arguments made moot.

    1. @Joel Rivard you didn’t listen to the evidence… the levels have to be interprered in context of his addiction.
      But you do know that, don’t you?

    2. Joel Rivard is a troll. He’s been going on the other threads spouting the same garbage conspiracy.

  6. Because those 3 officers were on him holding him down but Chauvin had his knee on his neck and Mr Floyd was begging him to move his knee because he couldn’t breathe! Geez, how many times do you have to watch the video to see how they treated him. It was awful! The one that had his f**king knee on his neck for almost 9 minutes did it on purpose. He and Floyd knew each other from before, and Mr Floyd had problems with Chauvin with him then. Now he is dead and I feel like Chauvin did this on purpose! He soooo deserves to go to PRISON forever for the MURDER if George Floyd!!! This was not his first time. He already had a court case going for Brutality against another man.

  7. Its a huge indictment against the system that the most obvious facts of how Floyd was no danger and need to be explained.

  8. Trying to be as non bias as possible here, but from everything we’ve seen so far in this trial, Chauvin’s defense is failing big time. Nothing in this trial has gone his way, a truly lopsided case.

  9. ‘Intent’? That’s what we’re having to argue about now?

    I have the ‘intent’ to kick Chauvin in the balls but I shouldn’t be arrested for having that ‘intent’.

    And even if I did go through with my intent, I should have to be killed for it!

  10. This horrible ex cop clearly had bias, and let the job go to his head and he has a control problem. MARK MY WORDS HE IS GOING TO PRISON FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

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