Uvalde police body cameras show disorganized response to school shooting | USA TODAY

Uvalde police body cameras show disorganized response to school shooting | USA TODAY 1


  1. Terrible!!! Besides being scared it seems there were too many “good guys with guns” which created confusion and too many “chiefs”

    1. the one that arrived within 3-5 mins, and was supposed to be the incident commander didn’t want to take his responsibility.

    1. He had his chance to go in long before other officers were there to hold him back! He doesn’t seem too startled or in a hurry to go ANYWHERE!

  2. Gun advocates: It only takes ONE GOOD guy with a gun to stop a BAD GUY with a gun
    100 cops:Well……we can’t necessarily see how many bad guys are inside so we’ll stay out here

    1. Police share the blame for don’t go to confront the shooter. If police are afraid of this kind of weapon then they should be requesting the local, state, and federal governments to ban these weapons from citizens.

  3. Damn let’s just not appreciate nothing that these officers did that day and publicly humiliate them and there actions for trying to stop the threat

    1. There’s not much to appreciate seeing as they did a swell job of publicly humiliating themselves. You mean to tell me 300+ officers were at the scene and it took them 77 minutes to take down a lone gunman? Something was definitely mishandled on their part

  4. Child is in a room full of victims and they still just stood there like duh. Something has to be done. These poor babies lost their lives because these cowards allowed this other coward to continue to hurt them.

  5. Its obvious to me cops are arriving with little information….where is the shooter…how many…should we evacuate or what?? This idea that each cop on their own should be rushing in guns blazing??? Really??….and if ONE innocent person is shot by a cop?…would that be ok? Or would we now be hearing screams of why didnt they WAIT…why didnt they talk and organize better???? Its like no matter what a cops does…people will find a reason to complain.

    1. ​@Lynne D. “300 cops running in and getting shot” this is such a meme. J D I wouldn’t even argue with someone making a comment like this. They have already lost touch with reality. This dude thinks pushing into the school to stop the shooter is equivalent to charging up the beaches of Omaha xD

    2. @J.D. Jensen Fired…wow your fun. They were not cowards just not organized and seemed to not every know what was happening and where. Too many were there to being with and just in each others way. But they ALL came to help.

    3. @TorchBearer90 I guess maybe my reality isnt the same as yours…yours is more like a hollywood movie maybe. I dont know and kind of dont care. Think what you want.

  6. A bunch of whimps standing around with AR-15’s and a war chest of ammo doing nothing! Should have rushed that room guns blazing!

  7. They had gas masks. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t gassmoke the room and take out the shoot. How do you have all this tactical gear but don’t use it. COWARDS!!!

    1. @Janet Wood no there alive because they survived from multiple gunshots. Tell that to the kid who yelled to police for help from room 111 while police went back outside. Then the shooter proceeds to shoot room 111. Sounds like they waited for the gunman to run out of bullets…

  8. Kids called 911 multiple times and thought cops were trying to get in there, one even told dispatch she could hear cops outside. Smdh

  9. Shots fired, no. Second time, 5 rounds… from behind that door? Okay.

    Food for thought…

    Doesn’t the entire story fall apart at the vehicle? That truck was NOT driven to that location. The entire suspension is missing from the whole left wheel well. They laid a tire on the ground, but if that was driven to that location… so when he wrecked it, the tire came unbolted from lugs, laid itself on the ground, ripped the connecting arm and tie rod end out of the gearbox and steering column, and then grew wings and flew away? That truck has rolled itself NOWHERE in a long time, especially to that spot.

    They’re not cowards. They are liars. A civilian shooting 150 rounds in 5 minutes isn’t possible. Maybe 120, but you will hit practically nothing. So this guy can shoot more rounds in 5 min. than humanly possible with a semi-automatic AR? He also killed 21 people in that time? What you believe then, is that an 18 year old is shooting Delta Force level marksmanship.

    There’s many more obvious lies as well, it’s laughable. For instance, the interviews from houses across the road “thinks” and “are pretty sure” they heard gunfire huh? Yeah, a barrage of 150 rounds for 5 minutes? Okay, like they wouldn’t hear that in all directions for 5 blocks. If you didn’t already believe them, you never, ever would. Assault rifles are high velocity, small diameter projectiles. They don’t cause “carnage” they are meant for penetration. An AR causes minimal entry and exit wound damage, even with hollow points, because they are traveling over 2000 ft. per second. They are lying. Unidentifiable bodies from high velocity rounds…huh? Impossible.

    Losing a child is the most devastating thing a mother could ever face. Of course, the largest factor is whether the death was expected or sudden. In nearly ALL cases of small children, the mother is inconsolable. Parents will do anything to get to their children, they don’t take time to do a calm interview while they don’t know if their kids are dead or alive.

    The five stages of grief are apparent to any outsider who knows what to look for: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. They don’t refer to their child in the past tense when their child isn’t even in the ground, because they can’t fathom that they’re no longer here. Think about it, even when it’s a grandparent that passes, in the days and weeks following, you often catch yourself talking about them in the present tense, because it’s a habit that you have to make an effort to change. These “parents” haven’t had any time to emotionally process the death of their beloved child, so they would NEVER say, “She WAS always smiling”. For heavens sake, if you’ve referred to your flesh and blood child in the present tense for 10 years, after 2 days you’re not gonna be able to say “She WAS” without making a concerted effort to do so, such as reading a prepared statement.

    For another thing, it is well documented that the resuscitation of children can, at times, defy all odds in the most unlikely situations, even after cpr has been ongoing for lengthy periods and all hope seems lost. Miracles happen when reviving children. Did every child receive perfectly placed head shots that resulted in instant death? DOUBTFUL! We go above and beyond, even further than we go when resuscitating adults, to make sure every attempt is made to resuscitate a child. Unless their body is cold, EMS would do everything possible to AT LEAST TRY. So, where’s the video of people being transferred to ambulances and airlifted? There’s a ridiculous amount of holes in this story for anyone willing to take a RATIONAL look at the evidence.

    When funeral homes pick up a body from the hospital or morgue, they are as discreet as possible. Autopsies had not been done. Even though the so called “shooter” was killed, all evidence would still need to be collected in case there was additional involvement. The medical examiner would need to document all gunshot entry and exit wounds, collect any bullets, fragments and so on. It would take days, possibly weeks, for a medical examiner to perform autopsies and collect evidence related to a mass casualty event. The bodies of these children would not go directly to the funeral home, because documented chain of custody is necessary to preserve evidence. Never would this type of situation happen when police haven’t done any investigation to ensure the shooter acted alone (which they, somehow, knew already and said it over and over on every channel).

    Have you ever seen a hearse at a crime scene? Ridiculous.

  10. Who said, “keep everyone back” “there’s no active shooting. Stand by. Someone’s probably hurt, but stand by”, that the ones that are more to blame than others.

  11. How did nearly 400 cowards in police uniforms all show up on the same day in Uvalde? Who gave the order to stop and disarm an officer willing to go in? Hard to fathom. As two examples,there is no way the sheriffs in say,Howard or Lampasas counties would have stood by while doing nothing. Never. NEVER. Who is the sheriff of Uvalde?

  12. The cops lied from the start! said they were waiting on tactical gear and AR-15… They had a arsenal at the beginning!

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