Uvalde Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado’s body camera footage from school shooting | USA TODAY

Uvalde Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado’s body camera footage from school shooting | USA TODAY 1


  1. That board that says “change the world” with all the kids hand prints hit hard. R.i.p all you innocent kids and teachers. God help their families

  2. “Can you hear me sir?” WT actual F!! The Sgt. called a mass murderer sir, is that man for real or what? That scumbag gave up the right to live the second he fired the first shot and these clowns are trying to reason with him, every second they wait, they’re costing lives, all they had was one option, kill him and they chickened out, I hope the parents/families of these poor innocent victims get justice, God bless their souls 🙏

  3. These news reports really make me want go up to heaven myself and pass away to see and hug these little children who could have been a high school graduate one day just like me graduating on June 3rd with the class of 2022 but I can’t really take my own life away to see these angels because I am only 19 and I still have many years ahead of me and a lot of people are proud of me right now for graduating at the top 50 of my class and going to college in August to study Computer Science.I would have had the courage to take down the gun man myself if I could that day instead of those corrupt officers.I feel like trash and it’s not fair I still get to be alive while these children didn’t get to grow.

  4. You got Police Chief Pete Arredondo acting like he just been locked out of his Boyfriend’s house and just want’s to talk about it. All while Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado gets down on hands and knees and crawls around and starts doing who knows what with/on the floor? 35:50

  5. If you’re not willing to lay your life on line for a classroom full of kids YOU SHOULDN’T BE A COP

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