Vance: Giuliani 'Conveniently' Forgot DOJ Doesn't Just Raid Apartments Without Probable Cause 1

Vance: Giuliani ‘Conveniently’ Forgot DOJ Doesn’t Just Raid Apartments Without Probable Cause


MSNBC legal analyst and columnist Joyce White Vance discusses Rudy Giuliani's experience as a federal prosecutor, and why that past should have guided him to avoid his current legal situation.
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  1. All this news is fun and all but what most of us want to read and hear about are charges being brought, arrests being made, and trial dates set.

    1. @eltorocal , do not know what you mean by your post, Waldo, but only a few key positions have been changed in the DOJ. So it is still basically the same DOJ, I guess that makes it the REAL DOJ.

    2. @Clark Davis “…a few key positions…”

      You’re an imbecile… the New DOJ along with Merrick Garland are now draining the swamp. That’s what’s NEW!

    1. I wonder if the golden shroom has a spur? Better check that trump golden Bob’s Big Boy Hamburger’s statue.

  2. As a former prosecutor suddenly the law doesn’t apply to Rudy now that he is the target of an investigation. Cry me a river… of hair dye.

    1. @Ashley Stowe Ya aright… your love of trump says all about you…a true deplorable you are…keep twisting with your lies

    2. @Mike Currie Gee, I thought Fox-King of Fantasy News said he was just tucking in his shirt. What do I know, I’m just an educated, white female. Great topic but I have to run an errand at 4 Seasons Landscaping.

    3. @mike briganti Only a suggestion, perhaps you should do some research on presidential pardons. It might show you that proven, released to the public and verified collusion between Trumpy’s campaign officials with Oligarchs is 110% true. Is that the hill you want to die on?

    4. @mike briganti o yeah or which blackwater murderers of innocent iraq women children you pardon.. Nothing fishy there?

    5. @The Bee dear good sir sir your country has virus! you need latest anti virus booster 13.42. your booster 13.41 is outdated and puts at risk of loosing immunity. sir you will not be able to travel without injection today.

  3. Only the uneducated think that you can just go into Rudy’s home without a judge signing off on a warrant.

    1. @Justin Bradburn then why did republican judges and attorneys say no evidence of fraud was found. The GOP investigated and it only uncovered fraud by republicons

  4. Giuliani on fox crying that it’s like living in East Germany under a dictatorship where attorney’s homes were raided etc etc.. He’s a raving madman..

  5. Rudy: “Nice try, feds! No files here! I opened up the computer, checked, and no papers in there!”
    FBI: “You do realize the files on your computer are electronic, right?”
    Rudy: “Ohhh nooo! Rudy, you really stepped in it this time!”

    1. Rudy doesn’t know how to unlock his own personal phone.
      Yet he’s in the security consulting business.

  6. Rudy to FBI agent:
    ‘I’ve never seen that damming piece of paper evidence, covered in brown spots, before…..honest’ 🙂

  7. No, the DOJ was not so independent under the Trump administration with Bill Barr blocking investigations in Giuliani’s case. Now, it is back to the AG being the People’s Attorney, not the President’s!

  8. Between the defamation case and criminal dealings catching up to Rudy Giuliani…..I can almost hear him singing on Trump Acappella and that’s a lovely sound.

    1. @62867meech Asking them for facts is like going into the local steak place and asking for organic tofu. They will laugh you out of there…

  9. Trump’s DOJ was the first DOJ that served the Presidents personal interest over that of the United States.

    1. I’m not sure that’s quite true, at least parts of it did some pretty shady things in forgotten decades, but it is in first place now by far. Nixon looks like he made a minor math error on his taxes one year by comparison.

    2. I don’t know for sure, but the t***p DOJ was probably the first to do so blatantly, with no attempt to conceal the corruption. Past DOJ’s probably took some instruction from the president at times, but at least made it less obvious.

    3. Actually, Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr were the fifth and sixth AGs that put their political loyalties over their country and Constitution.

      Before Trump, there were John Mitchell, Ed Meese, John Ashcroft, and Alberto “Gonzo” Gonzales.

  10. Imagine Rudy being put in a cell with one of the mobsters he convicted when he was a US prosecutor.

  11. I’ve never wanted to see people in jail as much as I want to see these grifters behind bars.

    1. The Bubba’s are all ready for these guys. “Ouch bubba ouch”. “Shut up and get them panties off”

    2. @julio torres what’s even more scary is imagine the next grifter that comes along like Trump that has a brain and knows when to keep his mouth shut.

    3. @wouldnt chuliketoknow You hit the nail on that head! I am legitimately concerned about the future of America. There are what appears to be millions of people who still think that Trump won the election. And those nimrods in Arizona, “recounting” ballots, sure aren’t helping. Even if Trump & Co. get sent to the pen, I am afraid that the crowd will not simply go away. It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump is made a martyr for going to prison! We sure have hit a crossroads.

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