1. @DAN makintosh just look what happened to MTG they voted for her again. They don’t get that they are voting against their best interest.

  1. Pretty sad when you have a party of petty politicians who change their mind on a bill they promised just to spite their political opponents.

    1. @shade38211 With which part of the bill do you have an issue? I would like to take a look at it but since i am not well versed in legal speech a pointer would be very much aprreciated.

    2. @F. W. The issue is not being able to see the bill. Most bills lately are giant omnibus that very few have actually read.

    1. @Cathy Dennis Yaaaaaa… go ahead and totally ignore the part where they clearly explain to you how there was no bs in the bill, like a good sheep.

  2. I’m a veteran seeking healthcare and compensation for toxic exposure among many others things, this is heartbreaking.

    1. It’s surreal watching this from a country that has universal healthcare. Our troops never have to go through this kind of crap.

    2. I’m very very very sorry! I know someone who recently passed away for toxic exposure and I’m a healthcare worker. I really hope this gets fix because it’s not fair.

  3. Veterans do not deserve the insult of a shoebox with M&M’s. They deserve quality healthcare that includes pain treatment, mental health treatment and the ability to live in dignity. If we can give trillions of dollars to big corporations, we can funnel that money away from those businesses and towards our deserving members of our society. I don’t understand why taking care of our veterans in the real sense is such a radical idea but feel like a “support the troops” sign should be enough support for our troops. If we truly can’t afford healthcare for them then our state and federal representatives need to go without their publicly subsidized benefits as well.

    1. so dont do what you do all the time and that is you keep voting for these monsters. they represent you

  4. Why is it so hard for Republicans to say yes to anyone who isn’t putting money in their pockets? Time to vote these Republicans out now! So proud of you Jon Stewart for standing up to these crazy heartless politicians!

    1. It seems the republicans are winning doesn’t that suck. Roe vs Wade etc etc . Seems out party is worthless

    2. The only difference between a democrat politician and a republican is who’s knees hit the floor first when their donors walk in.
      So it does not matter who you vote out.

  5. That’s actually a painfully good question. How do you shame the shameless? Awful how veterans get taken for granted. They sacrifice so much of themselves to protect people and get little to nothing in return. XD and the crazy part is, I think there were a handful of former cops and veterans that stormed the capital on Jan 6th to support these type of people. It’s a messed up cycle.

    1. There protecting the rich and powerful let’s get it STRAIGHT! That’s why we peasants are in the military. Do the DIRTY WORK. When it time to come home kick to the streets.Defend for yourselves.

  6. I applied for burn pit disability at the VA and they denied it so fast I was in shock at how fast they processed my claim because the VA never work that fast.

    Took decades to give Vietnam veterans well-deserved war-related disabilities, most died before it was approved. This is what politicians do, wait and wait. So now All Iraq/Afghanistan veterans have to wait a few decades for disability.

    1. This speaks volumes to their cruelty. They know our vets will die before they have to bother. They just restart the clock of waiting vets out with the birth of a new generation of soldiers. I hope you get the treatment and support required.

    2. @A M Who cares who he votes for? At the end of the day, despite how cruel they can be, it’s still their job to represent him.

      I just posted above saying, we keep voting for the same horrible geriatrics, not based on policy but teams. Universal Healthcare would address all of this but what do we do, vote in corrupt Senators who are bribed to prevent such legislation. To add insult to injury, we follow the corporate media, demonizing anyone who isn’t cheering for more war or bigger profits for the billionaire boys club.

  7. Thanks Jon, for always telling the truth and representing the majority of Americans. No one enlists till Senate passes and pay up.

    1. Great idea – Boycott military service – That would get noticed! Hey what if – every enlisted man and woman just sat down and refused to budge – can’t CM the. Whole friggin Military. HA

    2. Great idea! Also, how about politicians don’t get to have health care benefits until everyone else does? Also pay higher tax rates. Oh, and live on food stamps and the minimum wage? I’m only half joking.

    3. I think you might have a good way of getting there attention at least. I say also subtract out the portion of are taxes that pays for wars and the paychecks for senators.

  8. I’m a vet who lost his leg 23 years ago and I’m still trying to get disability for it. I get $150 a month for tinnitus hearing damage but zero for losing my leg. Makes me ill to think about it.

    1. B D, There are companies out there that help with getting the disability you worked to earn. They usually don’t charge until your case is settled and then they take a certain percentage of what your settlement is, up to a specific $ amount. Yours would be a 23 year lump sum settlement, so they would get a fairly good amount off the top but, they can only take so much as required by law. It would be well worth looking into that because what the Military is doing is NOT right and morally it’s WRONG. You would get back pay for all the years you’ve not been able to resolve this. Hopefully you have all your records of everything you’ve done to try to get what is rightfully yours.

    2. Have you tried going through a lawyer? I used Bosley & Bratch. No up front fees. They do take a portion of the back payment / but it was totally worth it. And it took a load of stress off. Wishing you luck & relief. 💗

  9. Well spoken Jon. Our well paid, underperforming politicians have NEVER truly cared about the lives nor welfare of America’s Veterans. To Republicans – America’s Veterans are for a show and not about substance.

  10. Thank You Jon Stewart for being a voice of reason! Not only are you loved for your comedy, but your willingness to go before congress and be a voice with genuine sincerity, you are a Blessing! Please run for office!

  11. As a veteran this is heartbreaking and maddening. The Republican Party needs to be dismantled because they are completely useless. Thank you JS for fighting for veterans. Vote Blue.

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