Veterans React To News That 200 Americans, Allies Flying Out Of Kabul

Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Paul Rieckhoff, and Headstrong Project Executive Director, Zach Iscol, joined Stephanie Ruhle to respond to breaking news that the Taliban is allowing 200 Americans and allies to depart Afghanistan. They also share what they're doing to support Afghans following the U.S. withdrawal and reflect on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

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Veterans React To News That 200 Americans, Allies Flying Out Of Kabul


    1. @two weeks It is the severity that has gone up. You can probably survive a few category 3 puffs. One category 5 and it is goodbye house, life and everything else. And there have been multiple category 4s and 5s in recent years.

    2. @Konrad Yearwood The 1969 season was the year with the most tropical cyclones affecting the state, with a total of eight systems. The storms were more severe and there were more than there is now

    3. @Konrad Yearwood You see my information is coming off a hard copy book that dates to the 20 if anything the storm are smaller and the amount is smaller facts are facts.

  1. What about America? Have they looked at American life lately. I still stand by my opinion since I voted Gore.

    How can you fix other nations when you can’t fix your own?

  2. Why didn’t these “Americans” leave MONTHS AGO?????? They knew Biden said he was withdrawing August 31st. If I was over there and heard that, I would be packing my bags THAT NIGHT!

    1. Imagine that! Biden believed the advice of military advisors who were WRONG. Who’s responsible for giving the chief executive bad intel to make decisions on? 🤔

    2. @JOYA MAHAN If you were an American, would you trust the Afghan military to protect you from the Taliban? REALLY? You would have to be a moron.

    3. These Americans that did not leave also knew that Trump had set a May 31 date. Yes, Biden changed it but with a more definite emphasis. Why, they did not start making plans, is because Americans think they are protected by Rome?

  3. WTF, Allies and Americans…These are not all Americans! No doubt, these people should have left sooner…like four months ago! And, it must be social not financial, why they are there?

    1. PBiden told the American people that the Taliban would not take over Afghanistan after he ordered the removal of U.S. troops.

    2. @JOYA MAHAN Trump had made this deal in 2017&8…The Taliban have been in charge since 1994…against Russia. You need a history lesson. And I’m a NCO!

    1. They Never acknowledge anything good that comes from or out of the Democrats. They are bent on negativity and misery forevermore. They only get excited and think they are winning when they are doing manipulative , unjust, and dirty work.

    2. @birdlynn there is nothing good the Biden administration has done. Everything has been destruction, failure and malicious.

  4. Question, are you working with the Biden Administration, or are you thumbing your nose at it. You catch more bee’s with honey than vinegar.

  5. This won’t be reported on Fox for sure. I don’t see how some people call themselves patriots while wishing the worse for your Country and Countrymen. Smh!

    1. @Billy Pardew The President said he will get them out. Period! Why are you hoping and wishing for the worse? If the Trumpster hadn’t dragged his feet and obstructed the process, so many wouldn’t be without proper paperwork.

    2. @Respect Begets Respect Why didn’t Biden break out his all powerful executive order pen ( which he abused ) and fix another Trump screw up ?

    3. @Billy Pardew Your lack of schooling and communication skills glaringly shows by your writing. You do not even know how to punctuate or use proper grammar?

  6. Who’s the bald headed guy? Jesus. Its not like the ones still there haven’t been warned over and over since April.

    1. Yeah seriously. I can understand Afghan allies having trouble getting out, why were Americans sticking around when the writing was on the wall since before Trump left. The Afghan debacle began a long time before Biden, there comes a time when you need to set a date and do it. Had we delayed after August 31st more US troops would have died. Enough already. The effort now should be to provide means and sanctuary for Afghans who need to get out, not point fingers.

    1. Trump always said…
      “I don’t want to stay there for the next 40 years.”
      “It’s not going to do anything. … I campaigned on the fact that I was going to bring our soldiers home, and bring them home as rapidly as possible.”
      “Part of keeping that promise, is not thrusting U.S. forces into even more conflicts that have no end in sight.”

      “I can understand the other side of it. But if you go by the other side, that means we should never, ever come home. … We’re willing to do what we have to do, but there has to be an end game. And if you stay, it’s going to be the same thing.
      “We’re not a police force.”

      At first it was a small group of Special Operations forces would leave the northeastern part of the country.
      Then 1,000 troops sending them to Iraq.
      Leaving Special Operations forces in southern Syria in place.

      There was a plan and we still have a few troops there.
      We didn’t leave military equipment behind.
      We didn’t leave Americans behind.

  7. Stop already.
    You have your agenda for pushing your views but last week you said the last 200 Americans left behind..and now you say oh, there are 100 Americans left to pick week it will be another#. Just give it time. Give President Biden credit for doing the best he can with what he is dealt with.
    Stop giving these people air time!!

    1. Except for conducting the withdrawal exactly Backward. Civilians and allies First, then the troops.

      Leave us not forget the Billions in equipment left for the Taliban. Every military member knew that the Afghanis would fall, because they Are the Taliban…and ISIS…and Al Qaeda.

  8. We can’t keep this up 20 years of high gas prices and lost jobs spending tax money because we are trying to make America 2.0….TAKE CARE OF HOME

  9. Veterans should be supporting the Biden Administration, people were well aware of the deadlines, which was early spring to leave. They need to for their action.

    1. Veterans will never support a president that does not support the military. Says this veteran of 16 years. Cut our budget and he’s not very interested whenever we roll off an airplane in a casket after we gave everything. Don’t do veterans what to do unless you’re in the club.!

    2. You mean the party that cut the military budget, every time they held office, Clinton cut the military budget, Obama cut the military budget , don’t hold your breath, if you think Bidens infrastructure bill has anything in it for the military.

    3. Don’t think sayin’ support Biden is gonna work out for you. I mean he is a known liar and traitor. Just sayin’

  10. Yet I’m reading that Washington DC is on alert again! Perhaps the focus should be at home for the next 20 years!

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