Vice President Kamala Harris Extols The Virtues Of American Initiative And Determination | MSNBC 1

Vice President Kamala Harris Extols The Virtues Of American Initiative And Determination | MSNBC


Vice President Kamala Harris salutes the hard work and determination that Americans put into overcoming challenges and pursuing a brighter future. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Vice President Kamala Harris Extols The Virtues Of American Initiative And Determination | MSNBC


    1. @Loida Gastelu If you’re into illiterate lying thin skinned crying cyber bullies that have been rebuked and banned from most social media, then yes dark days ahead.

    2. @Loida Gastelu So make sure you reject all the benefits that will be flowing your way. You can start by making sure you remain in the dark by remaining unenlightened.

    1. @Muddy Water But the guy was separated from his wife for more than a decade so yes they had an affair but no news articles say she used him to get to the top so your dis informing

    2. @Muddy Water again that story depends on which article you read. On of the ones I read said he was separated for 10 years. If you want to be technical one could look at it as her dirty old man boss that held a position of power over her took advantage of his much younger employee. What’s your value system, if it suits you make a big deal of something that happened years ago without all the facts and on hear say using the in,y article that suits you purpose.

    3. @al_el_il_ol_ul olelokiterakapto so you really must have hated Trump who has 29 complaints of sexual misconduct against him.

    4. ​@Teresa S nooooo oooo. TRUMP 45 is the greatest president in US history. He moved the embassy to JERUSALEM. But we all know that Hussein Obomo hated him for this bold move. In retrospect, it is condescending that you will compare adultery ‘accusation/claims/gossips’ to an actual and real public admission of sympathy for gays by Hussein Obomo.

  1. This is my first time watching a inauguration and it felt good.
    With hope that American can get back on our feet.
    It made me feel like we can do anything and come together instead of fighting each other.
    New year!!!
    New president!!!
    United States getting back on track!!!!

    1. @inter modus marijuana is not seen. it is smoked. Just say you don’t understand instead of saying you don’t see it. It is a shame for a woman to even go low as smoke pot. Nature should teach you this fact.

    2. @inter modus I can’t see what you addressed. But I can see that she is your buddy in the chimney tunnel.

    3. @ “@” @alelilocghjbdthgfdty

      “@” =at

      The rest is indecipherable, and only makes sense in your mind … because, I’m sorry, you are not sane.

      Have A Magical Day.

    4. Freely?theres no freedom of speech!!!you will get banned for things you says in today’s world.You know it’s true.

    1. “good” can not prevail until “evil” is punished for its deeds and made an example…otherwise it just incentivizes others to follow suit (since no matter what you do you just walk away from it with impunity)

  2. My god it took my breath away for a second when she introduced herself as Vice President. Such a great moment for America 🙂

    1. @Tech ti Your mind is corrupted by lies and hate. Many of you can’t be convinced otherwise so we move forth with you and your views.

    2. @Zo Carrillo the trumpist, qanon nuts just can’t see how ridiculous they look. As you said, I just ignore them like I didn’t hear a word and move on 🙂

    3. @Tech ti
      Well we stole it and time to celebrate
      That trailer trash has been removed from the white house and good to see trumpunzees be crying for rest of their miserable lives.

  3. Well done America for voting for the presidential team that I believe will excel American expectations
    Well done and god speed from New Zealand

    1. America didnt vote for those fraudsters. You actually think China joe got more Votes than Obozo, come on man..


  5. Ignore negative voices, they’re just upset. Don’t wear rose tinted glasses either, everyone needs to be held accountable to their word and actions speak volumes.

    1. You are a dimwit. America is mystery Babylon. Go read further. The pope of rome is in the White House. She is only a marijuana addict from Jamaica.

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