Vice President Kamala Harris participates in public transit roundtable | USA TODAY


  1. Anyone asking her about the several thousand kids in overcrowded cells???? Heels up Harris & Cenial Biden won’t witness their debacle? Where are all the Trump haters who screamed INHUMANE!????

    1. Fixing all of Trumps criminal and inhuman screw ups. Do USA a favor stay away from Capitol Hill, wear a mask and get vaccinated.

    1. When are you gonna do something useful like wear a mask and get vaccinated. As if you cared when Trump started this sh*t at the boarder with kids, now they think all we allow is kids. Most of those kids already have family that live here, they have to be processed before placed so that we make sure they be properly taken care of. Leave them kids alone your no help. Your not CNN your a Russian troll.

    2. @Deanne DFL rocks! your virtue signaling reeks of ignorance and hatred. You need to get an education before posting such foolish garbage!

    1. @Deanne DFL rocks! This is about saving souls and lives. Do you think that Kamala and Joe can persecute the Church and glorify abortion and escape judgement? Look at every example in the Bible. Every single society, person, and king that did this without repenting met judgement. The death of the unborn is on their hands and on yours for supporting such evil.

  2. So many of us rely on public transportation to get to the Dr., grocery store, work, school it’s so vital.

    1. This is their whole infrastructure program
      Agenda 21
      Heard all people to citys
      All Mass Transit

  3. Why would 61 people dislike public transportation they obviously are clueless about what it means. And don’t know how to focus or pay attention. Sheesh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

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