Video captures flying objects that officials can’t explain

Mysterious drone-like objects have been flying over Colorado and Nebraska in recent weeks, but authorities can't figure out who is responsible for the aircraft. #CNN #News


    1. Bovine One no it hasn’t changed at all. If anything as US, Russian, and other military technology gets better. The chances it’s Aliens decreases

    1. @dozzer009 The list of suspects would be very short. Some eager beaver at the FFA could figure out who this was in a hour or two if they were that concerned.

    1. No y’all it was my pet cat🐱!!!
      He’s a highly decorated fighter pilot😂😂😂🌌🌌🌌😂😂😂

    1. Guys…… you keep getting it backwards.

      Why does everyone always assume it isnt the super smart, nerdy, bruise playing football, no lingo using dorks that waddle out of the saucers and come up to the Generals…….. and that it isnt the Generals telling them ” uhhh…. yeh sure Gort, we actually just sent our guy for the hangout at Alpha Centauri, you must have missed his call. You better start heading there now so you catch him. ”

      “Are you sure? You guys said that last time and we even typed the time and date into our Casio wristwatches so we didnt forget and they even have calculators so they are defenitely advanced enou…..”

      “Yeh we are sure Gort, we definitely sent him to Alpha Century, sorry Centauri. Yeh we def did. You better get outta here, lol……. or your gonna miss him!”

    1. Because now that drones exist, and anyone can buy how many he wants, and those things apparently were flying like drones fly, it’s reasonable to call them drones. If the things had behaved like supersonic planes, missiles, hot air balloons or helicopters, they would be talking about them otherwise. If the things had behaved in a way that doesn’t match how any other Earth aircraft behaves, this video would be way more interesting.
      They just hovered in formation. O.K.

  1. I think this is probably a government agency trying to get people freaked out enough to demand a law against drones.

    1. Gonzalo Oropeza – You know how long Bible readers have been saying “the end is nigh”? Since the Bible was written.

    2. I hope there are laws. Not to ban but to restrict their use by civilians. In the UK they are banned anywhere near airports and I think they were talking about licences for them. Like they said in the video, they have caused damage to planes and brought planes down in some cases. They are not just toys so please stop acting like children and be more responsible.

    1. @quietstormNC when they’re done slinging their poop around,for the moment,they have to stop and see where it landed,so to appease Trump,their leader poop slinger,if you have a different or your own opinion.

  2. Clearly, if the government or military isn’t showing much interest, they know full well what’s going on. They’re just not telling the locals.

    1. I wonder how long it’ll be before the elites stage an alien invasion or a second coming — it sounds nuts, but it would justify global government

    1. @Sebastian Thor but it was swamp gas. Weather balloons. Airplanes. Sky divers. Birds. Natural weather phenomena. Superman. Your mom. But never aliens.

    2. @Kal El my bad Superman. Was just making a point that people confuse you for aliens. Even though you’re technically an extraterrestrial yourself lol

    1. @Leon Davis unfortunately they found out that most of the population on planet Earth is gay and bisexual ,,!!!!! Hope that’s not the reason I turned up !!

    2. @Bacon Butties you could be RITE ,, my FRIEND,,,I just hope when they turn up they are not gay lesbian and bisexual that rumour about aliens having three legs could be true ,,!!!!!

    3. @James Latimer often you find the people thinking the most about gay people are in the closet. You know you like sucking meat, it’s okay.

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