Video captures moment 6.3 magnitude aftershock hits Turkey

A magnitude 6.3 aftershock struck Turkey's southern Hatay province, near the Syrian border, killing several people and injuring hundreds, according to Turkish and Syrian officials. The aftershock comes two weeks after a massive earthquake killed tens of thousands of people in both countries. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. I should qualify my statement is for the govt. of Turkey. The people are victims of both the earthquake and their govt.

    1. @Billy Woods did I once say anything good about either one? No. Is the comment we’re responding to have anything to do with the war? No you’re just a f…ing whiner.

    2. @RCisneros and why are you telling me i haven’t defended their government My comments are about the earthquake and the people suffering.

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    1. @Justmekpc Can’t prove, can’t disprove, either. We also know how to make buildings more resistant to earthquakes. But erdogan did none of that. He’s been busy trying to stop infidels from offending his God instead of protecting his people from nature. Any way you look at it, erdogan has bad karma.

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  4. Some says that it’s some experimental earthquake ..
    What do think? Is it possible to quake any country?

  5. Brandon fell again today going up the stairs to Air Force One on flight from Poland. Putin and Xi are still laughing…

  6. The Lord is speaking we all better look and listen too many wickedness is happening around the world we all better repent

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