Video raises questions about ‘accidental’ in-custody death

Within hours of his call to 911 outside a convenience store, Sterling Higgins lay dead, after video shows him being forcibly restrained on the floor at the Obion County Jail in Union City, Tennessee.
A surveillance camera video from that morning, 15 months ago, shows a correctional officer gripping Higgins' neck and head for nearly six minutes, and part of that time his arresting officer with one foot on him. Then, Higgins' limp body was dragged to a restraint chair and wheeled into a cell.
The video, submitted in a wrongful death lawsuit filed in federal district court in Tennessee, is at the heart of another claim that yet another black man needlessly died in custody because of law enforcement misconduct. All the defendants have denied the allegations in legal filings.
Those videos were never shown to a grand jury that, last October, declined to indict any of the officers involved, as first reported by WSPD, in Paducah, Kentucky. The 27th District attorney general, Tommy Thomas, told CNN he didn't see the need to show jurors the video because he already had decided not to seek criminal charges against the officers.

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  1. License to kill. Coupled with racist intent. Fueled by herd mentality. Grounded in fraternity style rules. Promoted by the dollar bill.

    1. @C-Mo 313 you simple minded mzungu. Trying to claim that what your eyes see isnt true. You must be either extremely stupid or extremely racist. Pick one. Or are you both?

    2. For 526 seconds….think of one thing and only one thing that you want in your life, in silence and darkness. You will never yearn for anything as much as George Floyd did for a single breath.

    3. Racist intent, but they kill more whites each year and we don’t even see one single video. Stop lying. This is an agenda

  2. They put his body in that chair, KNOWING the cameras were running, so they could claim he was “alive” at that time, and making it look like he died Later

  3. What about the guy..whose back they broke some years ago..and left him in a room without food and water… couldn’t get up to feed himself..and they didn’t call the medics until he died…

  4. Why they strapped a lifeless man to a chair, to make it look fake. Why they didn’t have to think about it I’d guess they’d done it before and knew how to try to cover it up.

    1. @Raven Stark Oh, so facts are now lies? Ever read a history book, know the first man killed in the revolutionary was black, did he die for Ideology or racism? Seriously, you graduate high school?

    2. @J West Go home and stay there.. Literally.! Clearly you have too much unsupervised free time. Your Ignorance is the identical ignorance of your people. The ignorant one’s. Get a lollipop and sit in a corner.

  5. The men and women who serve as police officers should be better trained than this. This is unacceptable

    1. typical blue kkk soldier and they dare play the drama queen when people defend themself souless animalls

    2. It’s a fact known to everybody around the world that the USA police has a less training to compare in europe or Asia, probably some countriess in Africa and the reason is this. In Sweden if where i’m from, when you want became a police office, you’ve to have full diploma from Highschool and be strong, all the major sport like, running, swiminng, lifting your own body weight, doing like pull ups, push ups etc, after you finish that, we’ve to go through physical and psychological test. If we pass all that then we’ve to study tre full years in colleg just to became an police office in Swedish police academy which means every police office in Sweden has a bachleor degree. What’ve heard in the USA is between 12 to 14 weeks training. Let’s be clear that is not how to serve your own ppls intresse. Don’t ger me wrong, i’m not a hater, hoppe you all get my point

    1. @muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber That’s because you fascist trolls bring our average down.

    2. They are in cahoots with criminal members of law enforcement & correctional officers. The criminal “justice” system is unjust.

  6. It’s a special kind of evil that allows someone to choke someone else out on camera and without absolutely any repercussions. I hope they throw the book at all these dirty cops and I want them in general population. That’s enough already.

    1. @100% af danske politifolk er idioter I have ScreenShot your posts and reported you to the FBI as a foreign asset posting lies and propaganda in an attempt to influence the election. Enjoy being on that watchlist traitor.

    2. @100% af danske politifolk er idioter
      What about pedophiles of other political parties? Do you support them, or just choose not to mention them for some reason…what might that reason be, I wonder.

    3. So evil begets evil. And you espoused that Monique. May they and you never hurt or espouse evil again. But. I’m sure like most trolls of humanity, as is evidenced by your evil comment, you will.

    4. @Raven Stark Fixation. The inability to show concern and compassion and responsible behavior unless instigated by the actions of others. Thus the silence as you speak of.

  7. “…he saw no need to show the video to the jury as he had already decided not to press charges against the officers.”
    What is this, 16th-century England’s jurisdictional discretion?

    1. Yes, it’s always the same, every generation believes they are more educated, more civilized, and more enlightened than previous generations, although neither our judicial, health, or educational systems have evolved significantly over time.

    2. As hated and despised over here, 🇬🇧, as over there, where it’s taken root and spawned.

  8. I’m going to throw up! Sickening! That cop literally chocked him to death while he was looking at him! I saw it with my eyes!

    1. Andrew Mounce yeah you’re probably right…..I’m sure he just held his breath till he died 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. are you suggesting that democrats are not only pedos but also corrupt to the core

    2. It’s a total sh*t show! The entire infested swamp must be drained, replace the criminals in authority with humane individuals who uphold the law, not break it whether or not the cameras are rolling.

  9. What more people need to hear about is what happened to Breonna Taylor, an EMT shot by police multiple times after a no-knock raid.

    1. @Kaitlynisdemocrat That just shows how little is mentioned of her. I didn’t even spell her name correctly. Thanks. I’ll edit my comment.

    1. @J West That’s a lot of scripted, copied and pasted anger there.
      I think you have been in lock down too long.

    2. @J West i see your making sure you post this same comment in everyone’s reply, i think your the killer

    3. @J West CNN didn’t delete your comment, your comment was probably reported because it looks like spam because it reads like a 5th grader wrote it.

    4. @J West if one of you white boys even look at me wrong you will go bye bye to meet Jesus. I won’t take the time to figure out if you are racist or not.

    1. @D Goshay who else…. the police control the narrative, and dead people can’t defend themselves… so in cases where there’s a shooting , with no camera footage…the police can pretty much say, the suspect was coming towards me with a knife, throw a knife on the scene and it’s justified , no questions asked…happens all the time. I’m not saying that all are injustices, because I’m sure there are ligitamite kills, but 99.9% with the way they act these days…that’s bogus, which means there are alot of cold blooded murderers out their with a badge….

    2. I think enough to make every decent American to literally throw present administration out to the curb fromthe white house

  10. Dude was still high on meth, they should’ve put him in isolation until he gets back to his senses.

  11. Higher charges and higher penalties for abuse of power! Nationalized criminal cop database. No more military equipment and lethal force training.

    1. It’s part of the reason why you and all like you do nothing for children at risk.
      Please stop using the murder of a man as an excuse to say you actually are pro active or to claim anyone but the APA, child abuse investigators and collateral workers are. I should know. My 6 year old son was a victim of your inactivity and concern.
      Know thy country. Or claim others do.

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