Video Shows Counter Protesters In N.J. Mocking George Floyd’s Death | MSNBC


    1. @devine Johnson I’m sorry young lady I know your menstruating and your probably aching, but you need to stuff a tampon in it, I know your all worked up because you think the police are going away but wait till the defund them an a new type of liberal lbgtq/blm brown shirts comes marching and u will actually see how oppression really is

    2. @devine Johnson I also love how you assume I’m a racist and I’m also on the right, that’s usually a sign of someones low education, I’m of Black, Arab, an Mexican descent, I’m also a proud Kekastanian I vote for who every is the best choice for this country. Which is something you obviously don’t believe in because you seem like another blind sheep

    3. Alljinxedup4160 H. You need someone to talk to you came and made a statement not related to my comment mental illness is real seek professional help 💯

    4. @Alljinxedup4160 H. is that why in your previous posts you claim to be white, and native, and black, and Asian. You’re just a basic troll, and thankfully the previous posts button makes it easy to find losers like you who changed their stories. What’s up with your misogyny incel? No woman will touch you without getting paid, so you just attack women for fun on YouTube? You must be such a loser in real life if this is how You are online…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @J. Noble, Open your eyes and see hate is coming from the left. You hate the freedom Americans have and strive for big government rule. Socialism👎

    2. @andrea Perry, I live quite a distance from some Leftist S***hole Liberals and hope to keep it that way.

    3. @Michael Rostine living in a bunker with general Bone Spurs, then
      Thought so..
      Back to your bunker, your husband is waiting.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr not every man with a police record should be judged as if he is still a guy in prison

  1. 0:12 _“One of the men in that video is a state corrections officer.”_ Of course… 🐷

  2. These people are sick in the head and happy to advertise it. An advert for the enemies of a free America.

    1. @758joe if you stole gum (commiting the crime of theft) and then proceeded to resist arrest, you don’t deserve to die, but you put yourself in that situation because of your pure ignorance and stupidity

    2. Alljinxedup4160 H. If I’m already handcuffed explain to me how can I resist arrest unless I’m tryna run which is still no threat to the officer

    3. Why should anyone ever be fired for practicing their first amendment rights. It’s not just the one way street it goes both ways for everyone

    4. @758joe if you got cuffed up you did that to yourself stop blaming other people for your ignorant mistakes, grow up, be a man, and take responsibility for your actions, more than likely you grew up without a father or a stable family to teach you how to act like a civilized human being

    1. I’m against the protestors our children shouldn’t have this forced on them.
      He was a criminal. Yes he was murdered.
      But why dont they protest the killings of children in Chicago, that happen every day…. black on black that’s why , dont the children’s lives matter .

  3. In Germany he would have been fired immediately and would now be facing (or ist “Prosecution” the right word?) charges of racism and denigration of the dead. He would end up in prison for a couple of years without any ifs and buts and would never again be employed by the state.

    excuse my poor English, I am so angry that I could not look up some terms. I hope you understand the meaning of what I wanted to say.

    1. @Alljinxedup4160 H. Stop spamming you clown. This German has more sense about America than you do. Thats sad

    2. @vijion2020 Considering the 10 times higher killing rate in the USA compared to Germany (5 kills per 100k population USA / 0,5 kills per 100K Germany) I am very happy not to live in the USA and that someone with your attitude towards violence obviously has no intention to ever come to Germany.

      A real win-win situation … or rather not, because I live a much safer life, have a functioning health care system that makes no difference in terms of origin or income (even in old age or poverty), enjoy the advantage of a fixed and state-guaranteed pension (and even an unconditional basic income is currently being discussed). As a person with a clearly non-German appearance, I don’t have to be afraid of the police or of some crazy racist shooting me while jogging on the street because I look suspicious. My children can study after university, even if my income would not cover the cost of studying (state aid and interest-free loans).
      Oh yes, and in Germany we have certainly come to terms with our inglorious gassing (you know, the Nazis and the 6 million gassed people of Jewish faith, Sinti and Roma) and do not repress this part of our history. What is the situation in the USA in this regard? Have you come to terms with the genocide of the Native Americans, or the countless victims of slavery and its late consequences, which are still clearly visible to everyone outside the USA? Guilt and atonement belong together. And I don’t see the US coming to terms with its past… but it’s great at repressing it.
      Don’t get it wrong, Europe and especially the Germans are eternally grateful to the USA what they did for us after WW2. Unfortunately, the same process, the integration of all and the critical handling with his own past did not take place until today, or at least not completely. But I still have the hope that the USA will still take these important steps, even if the first real steps here will be very painful. Otherwise the USa will disappear in insignificance, just like the former Imperium Romanum

    3. Myself and many others support the protest. Doesn’t mean we support people acting like fools. Personally I think it’s stupid that people are trying to make any of this about political parties, which I personally feel are all a joke. What happened to Floyd is not okay!!! People making jokes about what happened is not okay!!! Blaming people for this because of their political views is no different than stereo typing any other person for any number of reasons.

  4. You can stop this madness. Volunteer to help your local candidate. Help get EVERY vote out. Be a patriot. Bring back democracy. RESCUE America !!

    1. Thank you for your educated rational opinion and good advice. I was beginning to think the world has been taken over by morons.

    2. No the whole system doesnt work, dont vote, all politicians are bought. Invent something new.

  5. 0:51 _“…we can see a man kneeling on the chest of another person on the ground. It’s not clear why.”_

    Oh, we know why 😆

    1. @Katerina Hikesalot “Attracted to these professions because you are racist”? You can’t possibly know that. That makes you a liar, and liars do the cause no good at all.

    2. not all of those prison cops are bad, they might know some of thos convicts from day one of prison to the day they leave, there is room for relationships and friendliness maybe greater then a normal cop would have with people

    3. @Katerina Hikesalot keep showing your pure ignorance. Ashamed to share the same soil. YOU are the problem. So sensitive. Be a victor, no one likes whiners and complainers. Do for yourself and stop depending on the system.

    1. @Gheth Qetwrg that’s exactly what the saying means. “One bad apple can spoil the bunch” if they are not all bad people need too stop calling them apple’s, they are bad cops.

    2. @SparrowGryphon yea forsure. Welp get ready because all the racist will soon come to the light

    1. As opposed to the fine liberals looting, burning down buildings and cars and taking over a 6 block neighborhood in Seattle and setting up borders with armed guards LOL, yeah liberals are such little sweethearts.

  6. People were horrified when Clinton called them deplorable. Personally, I think she was being too kind.

    1. Communists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the real menaces to society. Trump 2020. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  7. Whiney and Petulant Children Just like their “Great Leader”
    Someone needs to have a look at the disciplinary record of that corrections officer..

    1. Probably a perfect officer!!! Looks like it anyway…certainly knows how to treat thugs!!! As it shows in his demo…

  8. Thank you to all journalists who are doing their job and providing the truth we need to know

    1. Trump supporters vote for this to continue. And yeah, nobody likes to feel like they’re the problem, so we understand why you are trying to be nice. While we die.

    2. Intercat – I don’t know what kind of side ways comment this was – but – I’m depressed now – was trying to nice 👍

    1. That is not a very politically correct thing to say. You are mocking disabled people. You can used hurtful and offensive speech to condemn others.

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