1. Prayers to our Brothers & Sisters of Ukraine, may GOD protect the innocents specially the Childrens 🙏

    1. Lets Go Brandon. What do you expect when the people are so stupid to let the media program them into this alphabet+ gov.

    2. @Henry Smart feeling sorry doesn’t do anything 🤯 your point is…??? Don’t go spewing your hate and act like a hypocrite about being “inclusive/tolerant”. No one asked for your opinion. Just like you didn’t ask for mine 😉

    1. @David Belway why? Because god can’t interfere in human actions. Why y’all crying when america did the same in Middle East

    2. @RobledoSieteSeis What is divine intervention? When god flooded the world he was interfering with human actions. in fact the bible tells tales of god interacting with people all through out. You speak like an authority on things you know almost nothing about’ lol you though you answered my sarcastic question . I think that’s adorable.

    3. @David Belway well why he didn’t prevented ww1 and ww2? And holocaust? He thought 6 million lives where insignificant? Asnwer pls
      Lmfao these religious people 😂👎

    4. @boris sato We could care less about Ukraine they are merely a pawn in the strategy to cripple the Russian economy and make Russia the new enemy du jour. Now we can sell our overpriced gas and oil to Europe and of course everyone will want weapons to defend against this terrible enemy. America won’t lose a single soldier however the Ukrainians will be sacrificed as Canon fodder. Then those same sanctions that we put on Russia are going to also be in effect for the Ukraine under Russian rule.

    1. @Jacob Urban How do you know God is imaginary? Saying that is stupid because you Need to know literally everything before calling that a fact, otherwise it’s your assumption. Therefore anyone who says God isn’t real is an idiot, because in other words they’re saying that they know literally everything in the entire universe. I’m 100% certain you don’t know everything in the entire universe.

    2. @jon pork To not sound like an idiot, add “In my opinion” before everything you just said. But if you genuinely believe that’s a fact, you literally threw logic out the window by claiming something 100% doesn’t exist, without knowing everything that exists LOL.

  2. Those air-raid sirens are absolutely chilling. Praying for everyone and their families in the region 🇺🇦

    1. @T Anderson yes I did notice, he had Trump as his puppet in office for four years to cause a great amount of damage in other ways.

    2. @Alex Lancuba in other ways like how? Biden’s the one that gave approval of his pipeline making him billions!!! Please explain? You know the whole Russia collusion delusion was exactly that. A delusional fantasy drummed up by the dnc and their media cohorts.

  3. It’s hard to breathe watching all of this. We’ve been spoiled thinking the world was getting easier and these past few years shown us how wrong we are.

    1. Guys, this is peace keeping military operation by russia as same as USA did in middle east.
      Mark my words, nothing will happen to us.
      Dont let the media deceives us.

  4. Innocent people in an apartment building getting hit by a missile is terrible horrible , Putin has no conscience at all. May the people of the Ukraine stay strong and May god watch over them to safety.

    1. @Anthony Leander
      Yes it is . The irony is that Americans are convinced that anyone who says anything that deviates from their entrenched belief in American exceptionalism has been brainwashed and everything said is some kind of propoganda .
      Americans take great pride in apparently being ones courageous enough to accept their mistakes unlike the brainwashed others who are fanatic enough to never concede their errors .
      And they never shy away from telling you so .
      What they miss out on is that even their concessions never acknowledge malicious intent . With Americans , mistakes made are always honest and damage always collateral . It’s , looked at carefully , simply no different than the original holier than thou attitude ,worse if anything .
      We all are good at times and mostly bad . Noone is exceptional , is what needs to be understood . Things are changing though since after Trump became the President .
      A big chunk of American population then got to see for themselves how ideologically rigid and self serving their media , academia and liberal social order was .
      The monster that Trump was made out to be and the ruthlessness with which all dissent was crushed presented to a lot of Americans the real face of the imperial world order and its unyielding intolerance . That has made quite a difference ,indeed

    2. @christophero1973 Those people always lived in the Donbass, do you actually think Russian families moved across the border to live in a war zone? Buddy you better quit believing everything you hear in the main stream media. They haven’t been a reliable source of information for decades.

    3. @FANoftheLEAFS_RAPTORS_JAYS yes and we will trap the rewards and the Ukraine and Russia will pay for it. This is what Putin gets for trying to be friendly with the West, they took advantage and moved NATO towards Russia every chance they could until they cornered him. It’s unbelievable how good western propaganda works though. Even though we know who the good and bad players are most of the world doesn’t. Instead of looking at facts people rely on so called experts to form their opinions for them. It’s sad to see how well it works. But people most of the time don’t have the time to study all of these situations in depth.

  5. The fact Russia is apparently immune from expulsion from the UN is ridiculous. They should be expelled for this and should not be able to veto anything with regards to this conflict.

    1. Who created the UN? The UN itself is as made up as anything else. Made up for your benefit and to keep a modicum of peace among the lesser nations. The permanent 5 members of the security council are USA, UK, France, China and Russia. This is because these are the 5 Empires which stood following WW2. Each with a large, sophisticated military. Their colonies may have been emancipated but the parochial relationships and ideas of “Spheres of Influence” remain. This is but soft talk. They are Empires. They are as engaged in the Imperial Game as they have been since the days of Augustus. Think of the Nations and Ethnic Groups ruled by China….see them all? Now think on Russia or any of the others……now do you see? You can no more eject any of the 5 victors of WW2 than you could fire them off the planet. Think of the US sphere of influence, the Monroe Doctrine. The US considers the entire Western Hemisphere to be it’s special playground when it conducts statecraft.

    2. @osiruskat Better this war now than NATO against Russias border and we have WW3. The US is the real threat to world peace. How many countries has the US illegally invaded even in the last 20 years; a US college (Brown University) did a study and found the US was directly responsible for 900K deaths since the war on terror started. You clearly dont understand what is going on here. Just since 2018 80% of civilian casualties has been in the russian speaking Donbass region – and thats from a UN report. The Ukrainian army has been killing its own people. Then you have the NATO issues. NATO is a threat and a self declared enemy of Russia. Look at this news story from November. This predates the invasion scare/threats. Ukraine amassed 100K of its army to near Donbass and Russia thought it would attack Donbass so it formed up its forces. As you can see in the news story what NATOs true intention is. If those missiles were to go into Ukraine they would have a flight time to Moscow of 2 minutes. Would US or Britain or any other country be ok with such missiles being put within 2 minutes of their capital. No damn way, or less than a days drive in a tank? Ignoring Russia’s concerns is stupid and arrogant.https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16695568/us-nuclear-germany-eagle-hypersonic-missiles-moscow/

    3. @Winston Smith – Ministry of Truth There are no good guys when it comes to politics period. I’m a minority in the U.S. and know that Americans aren’t saints. The U.S. only goes into a country that is hostile to us first or made threats of using weapons of mass destruction. In 20 years it’s been mainly Irag and Afghanistan. We would have went into Syria but the American population didn’t want any part of it due to the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is totally bullshit of the claims of genocide although there are some pockets of Neo Nazis in the Ukraine but so does Russia. What did Putin first say that he was not going to invade the Ukraine again and the West was just making stuff up. He said that for weeks then he started a false flag from there he escalated to his true intentions of invading Ukraine again, kill the President and install another puppet dictator.

    1. Russia is the aggressor and US is the enabler.
      Where two elephants fight, the grass suffers the most.
      US and Russian elephants.
      Poor Ukraine is the grass.

      US wants to expand their military bases in Eastern Europe and Russia says no equals chaos.

    2. India is a Quad member against China, India enjoys billions of dollars of favor from the USA. Millions of under-qualified Indians get H1B1 and go for scamming. Despite US pressure Imran went to Russia. China, Russia, and Pakistan are on one page. We lost our strong foothold in Pakistan by overpleasing India. Where does India stand? India must denounce Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    3. Guys, this is peace keeping military operation by russia as same as USA did in middle east.
      Mark my words, nothing will happen to us.
      Dont let the media deceives us.

    4. @DPG Seriously? All countries have corruption. However the majority of innocent citizens are just that; its people, children, dogs and cats. Imagine a little girl crying. Holding her puppy. These are families. Real people. Food, water, services in danger.

  6. My heart is breaking for these poor innocent people. Imagine just wanting a better life for yourself and your family and someone from a different country wants nothing more than to take that away from you….why? Because he believes your land belongs to him! I feel helpless for these poor families. Please stay safe! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 and a big FU to 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

    1. Ukraine needs to surrender. Zelynsky is sending women and children to fight his war. When you declare martial law you put a target on every citizens back. They need to neutralize Zelynsky before he dooms us all with his selfishness.

    2. @yonis wasuge It doesn’t matter the nationality when the USA sees an opportunity it will capitalize on it. Watch us throw away Ukraine just as soon as we are done with them. In fact, we are already done with them and they don’t even realize it.

  7. I live not far from the border with Ukraine in Poland. You can hear explosions all night long and the buildings shake. In Poland on the Border there is a huge number of American, German and other NATO soldiers. Lots of tanks, helicopters and heavy equipment. For the first time in my life I fear large-scale wars.

    1. Putin needs to be stopped, now he trying to threaten Sweden and Finland from Joining Nato. He won’t stop with just Ukraine.

    2. @William Lyons Putin has Nukes, that’s changes things but I feel it’s only a matter of time, he needs to be stopped before he screws us all even himself.

  8. Poor civilians hiding in underground railway stations while an evil dictator bombs their homes.
    Sounds familiar to many in the UK.

    1. @1982bzzz I guess you are talking about the war in the Donbass . That is a war that could have ended a very long time ago if Putin had not fed it , sent equipment and troops . Instead he wanted it to continue , just like his lies about sending peacekeepers which has turned into a full invasion .
      You want someone to blame , look to Moscow

    2. @User User Каким образом он её подкармливал? Путин много раз объяснял, как на самом деле обстоит дело. Были достигнуты минские соглашения, которые Киев, Донецк и Луганск подписали. Германия, Франция и Россия были гарантами их выполнения. Но Киев за 8 лет так и не выполнил ни одного пункта. Киев только обстлеливал из артелерии Донецк и Луганск. 8 лет это продолжалось. Сколько ещё нужно терпеть было убийства мирных жителей? Вы задайтесь вопросом кому выгодна эта война. России? Украине? Я думаю ответ очевиден.

    3. No, the people of the UK can’t relate. We are sheltered beyond belief. What a dumb comment. The Blitz was so long ago that barely any Brit alive had experienced it. We don’t know pain and suffering, we only inflict it

    1. На сколько я понял это истребитель Украины по ошибке атакованный украинскими ПВО.

    2. Ukrainian military mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet over Kiev. The wreckage of the aircraft and the color of the paint clearly correspond to the Su-27 of the Ukrainian Air Force. There are no Russian air defense systems in this area.


    Im from Asia my heart is bleeding for all the Ukrainians .
    A father crying sending his family in a nieghbor safe country he stayed to fight for his country !.His small little girl is embracing and crying for him !
    Heartbreaking im crying seeing this in tv.
    Ukrainians people are all HEROES with pride!
    The President Selinsky is a leader of them a HERO and all the soldiers who fought for their beloved UKRAINE !


    At the end when the war is over i hope the😡 Dictator who did all this miseries will get the price of his demonic war against the innocent UKRAINE.

    💔Solidarity for UKRAINE

    1. @Avegel Johnstown Russia is a failed state, full of drunks. More alcoholics per capita than any other country. Very weak economy. Thousands of Russian women are on the internet, desperately seeking foreign husbands. Your own women hate you. They can’t wait to get out of Russia.

    2. India is a Quad member against China, India enjoys billions of dollars of favor from the USA. Millions of under-qualified Indians get H1B1 and go for scamming. Despite US pressure Imran went to Russia. China, Russia, and Pakistan are on one page. We lost our strong foothold in Pakistan by overpleasing India. Where does India stand? India must denounce Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    1. @Alex Jordon I can appreciate your intellectual honesty because I see too many people condemning Russia for doing it and then forgetting the US illegal Iraq War. It’s wrong from all sides.

  10. This is a horrible sight. Hope everyone is safe and my heart goes out to the civilians. ❤

    1. Its time 4 union between arab And USA to defeat Russian Terrorism And Nazist Boteen
      Not only economics punishment but also milittary operstion
      Unless Russian Terrorism will be extanded to all uroup as well as USA
      So where is NATO
      There is no doubt that USA And uroup And nato can only attak arab And muslims
      Iam certain 5hat Its clear 5hat USA And nato will be not be wble to defend themselves next few years
      Ans absolutely need muslims milittary

    2. You grifter, how dare you “send your heart out” while profiting from this. You are a terrible person.

    1. @RolandSxxx1 hes been out of office for what, 2 years? And your still bringing him up? Yeah your not butthurt at all..🤣

    2. @Dave Unknown Well it’s seems you’re no better at measuring time than you are at judging peoples demeanor.
      Why would I be ‘butthurt’ about Mango getting slaughtered at the polls, then whining incessantly about if for more than a year, it’s hilarious.
      His increasing legal and financial problems just make it all the funnier.
      And it’s you’re BTW.

    3. @RolandSxxx1 cause you brought him up out of nowhere. He must hold a place dear in your heart. Stay mad i guess 😂

    4. @RolandSxxx1 resorting to personal attacks because your feelings is hurt? That is sad. for english being a second language i think i do well thank you.

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