1. Ahaahhha nice nice😆 if russia on has special operation, then ukrain to russia on has a special maintenance operation…
      Russia’n goverment they are really angry now just only one area but what they Did in Ukraine 10000 more!!
      Slava Ukraine

  1. The fact that Russia thinks they can attack a country but can’t be attacked back on their homeland is baffling

    1. @Jesse Fisher Which is fine. Most countries do better when they focus on themselves and not on the rest of the world.
      Like I said, free trade between nations is one thing, war is another. I would prefer to see us not have as many wars and I feel scaling my nation back on the global scene would be beneficial in that respect.

  2. The Ukrainians are perfectly justified in this strike. A fuel depot is a valid military target to stop an invading force being resupplied.

    1. @Joseph yea if the loses was that much why would Russia continue??? Russia would fall back and nuke Ukraine… i’m hearing all these things about Russian losses but the way they advance into Ukraine would suggest that the Russian had almost no resistance…

  3. This isn’t “reprisal”. It’s a strike on the enemy’s vital assets, not an attack for the purpose of getting revenge.

    1. exactly. it’s like people expect Ukraine to just fight defensive, it’s a war, you have to take the fight to the enemy, make the population feel at threat just as they are. It’s only way to win.

    2. @Sorcerer’s Apprentice Yep this is the key difference. This was a strategic attack, not terrorism.

    1. Biggest respect to Ukraine, love and thanks from Poland! All my heart and my money goes to you. Already donates $1200 and won’t stop until the sado-masochistic Mother Russia leaves you alone. I can afford it!

  4. Bullies are always surprised when their victim punches the bully back ! Good for you UKRAINE 🇺🇦 👍👍👍👍

  5. OMG, Ukraine needs to conduct more “Special Military Operations” like this. Go Ukraine 💛💛💙💙🔵🔵🟡🟡💛💛💙💙

  6. Seems Kimberly’s need to sound authoritative has exceeded her actual knowledge, as she wings it, making up answers to questions she was unprepared for.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Russia who did this so they can say that Ukraine attacked a civilian oil facility so they can justify there bombing of civilian targets. It’s about 90 miles from Ukraine and between Russia and the rebels in that region it would be really hard for them to fly in unnoticed. They may have done it but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is something by Russia

  8. i couldn’t be more inspired by the ukrainian people, their military, and president. good on them for fighting fire with fire.

  9. Я не украинец, но сегодня я хотел бы им быть. Украинский народ показал, что такое сила духа и единение. Весь мир смотрит на вас в немом восхищении. Ваше дело правое. Держитесь, братцы! UA🤝LV💙💛

  10. incredible courage of Ukrainian pilots. they knew they could overpay for this ‘special military operation’ with their lives but nevertheless they did what they had to do for their country. Respect from Poland

    1. All soldiers have the potential to pay with their life. These guys aren’t special because they are from a country you’ve been told to blindly support.

    2. @Alexey If someone is being attacked, non provoked – and that attack is destroying their whole country and murdering their children, women, men & their elderly – please tell me how fighting BACK is hypocritical ??

  11. “negative impact on negotiations”.
    Putin has no intentions of good faith negotiations. There are no negotiations to hurt in the first place.

  12. Russia: “This could have a negative impact on negotiations.”
    As if they were actually offering to do anything.

  13. So what she’s really saying is Ukraine, don’t fight back you’re provoking this war. What’s up with this Russian analyst?

  14. “This could hurt the negotiations.” Y’all have been attacking them for over a month but how dare they do it to you huh? Oh hush. Though now that they’re saying that i wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians did it so they could have leverage in the negotiating.

  15. This was a valid militarily strategic target. not a existential threat to Russia. If Ukraine were to start flying across the border into Russia and bombing apartment buildings it would be a different conversation. Even that would be understandable to a small degree, but certainly not right. No, this was a completely valid target of a militarily strategic site.

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