Video shows parents frustrated with police response to school shooting

CNN has obtained video that captures the parents of children at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, visibly frustrated with the police response to the school shooting. CNN's John Berman and Shimon Prokupecz break down the footage and speak to Lt. Chris Olivarez, the spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety. #CNN #News


  1. You ever see fire fighters stand outside of a home on fire with people inside? No you dont …

    1. Ok but they also make sure you don’t enter the building with deadly fire in it. I think that’s what the cops were doing here. They were protecting the people from a crime scene

    2. @Louie D. Bro.. Kids being shot … All rules don’t apply here anymore.. Specially if that is your kid… I dont think they give two fucks if they die trying to save their kids dude.

  2. Good God. Those cops were more interested in keeping the parents back than they were in storming the school to rescue the kids.

  3. I got chills watching this. It’s like “give the parents the guns and let them go in”!!! You could hear the desperation in their voices!!!! My Father God help these families.

    1. @Madison Boop you can 3d print a working gun. This has been common knowledge for nearly a decade

    2. @JACpotatos I mean I wouldn’t consider that general common knowledge lol maybe in certain niches

    3. @Madison Boop anyone that has a basic understanding of modern guns and/or 3d printing is well aware of this.

  4. There wouldn’t of been so many crying parents if the cops would’ve been more focused on the children and not themselves. They signed up for the job, do it.

  5. My heart aches so much for those parents that brought their children to school but didn’t get a chance to bring them home 😞

    1. @Chris Linton give a child a gun? Ehhhh how about back ground checks and not letting those with a criminal record have a gun perhaps?

    2. THEY REFUSE TO WEAR CAMERAS… They will not learn from this incident because they have nothing to look at. They cant catch their mistakes.

    3. When their are no cameras the cops can say what ever they want. They made it seem that their was a resource officer and their wasnt one. They made it seem like their response was immediate and it wasn’t. The police waited outside the school for about an hour, then a boarder patrol officer went in the school and shot the suspect. ALL that shite they said before were lies. IF they had cameras on them they would have been forced to tell the truth. WORSE because there is not footage you cant learn to do better the training opportunity gone

  6. Just a couple weeks ago, here in Arizona, my nephew was threatened with a gun at school by a kid he had been fighting with. We told the school, they really didn’t seem to care.. All they did was suspended that kid and my nephew for fighting. I personally don’t believe schools or school districts really care about this type of stuff. If I had my own kids they definitely would be home schooled. Its too easy to walk on to a school campus and open fire on innocent lives.

    1. Why did you not get the police involved? The police would have investigated the claim, arrested the juvenile, and checked for weapons.

      This could have a mass shooter contained before a mass shooting occurred. Now that you left the school knowing your nephew was suspended, guess what? That kid your nephew was fighting with has more chances to go back, carry guns, and start shooting down your nephew and everyone else involved.

      You want that on your hands? K, good luck because there’s no going back when you lose your nephew.

  7. As a parent this was extremely hard to watch, it’s easier for parents that would easily sacrifice anything for their children and go in. That’s pure suffocation at it’s finest, not being able to do anything would be insane. I feel for the parents my heart goes out to you. Hopefully somewhere my words have weight with the law enforcement and law policies that read this, how many more times and incidents do you need to see time after time, again and again. All over the world this mostly happens in the US. The people won’t stand for this much longer.

    1. HEY REFUSE TO WEAR CAMERAS… They will not learn from this incident because they have nothing to look at. They cant catch their mistakes.

    2. @SpaceHobo42 BS, some parents went in and saved their kids, look up Ms. Gomez. Some tried and were handcuffed and pepper-sprayed. The police waited an HOUR to go in. Imagine how many kids bled out that might have been saved. Some police did go in and save their own kids, btw. Just not everyone else’s.

  8. At a teacher training I attended on this, police told us to be aggressive, and that inaction, trying to plead for your lives, or freezing up would cost people their lives. They even said use whatever you have at your disposal which is why I always have a pair of scissors (I know not much) I can get to if someone gets through the classroom door that I always have locked and closed

    1. Meanwhile here the doors to every classroom are open, they all have large windows that are open as well and parents can walk through the school at any time to go and get their kids. The kids have never heard the sound of a gunshot unless it’s from a movie, they’ve never even seen a gun in real life either. There are no drills for shootings or bombings, there is no advice on what backpacks to use for protection, they are used for storage only. Not one parent ever feels stressed or worried about their child being shot at school, it’s laughable, it’s absurd, it doesn’t EXIST here.

    1. THEY REFUSE TO WEAR CAMERAS… They will not learn from this incident because they have nothing to look at. They cant catch their mistakes.

    2. @Shlep Messing The Uvalde police dept gets 40% of the city budget -they are not defunded! Stop saying stupid things that don’t apply to this situation!

  9. It makes me sick to my stomach that they didn’t go in while this was going on. All the fire power the police had and no one did anything.

  10. So some of the parents were hearing gun shots, knowing that their child/children were being killed by a gunman, yet also knowing that the police on scene were going to stop and arrest them if they tried to save their children.

    A parent should NEVER have to make a choice between saving their child from death . . . or going to jail for trying to do so.

  11. This is aggravating watching the cops harassing these parents!!! When they should be running into the school to stop the slaughter of their precious children!!! Who hire and train these cops?

  12. That footage was chilling. The screaming in the background likely of a parent unsure if their child was alive and even if they were they were stuck on the outside unable to save them. I can’t even fathom what they were going through. Such unnecessary violence, such a sad story and its sickening how young these children were that were attacked. What an absolute monster to commit such a tragedy.

    1. One of the mothers broke away, jumped the fence, got into the school and rescued her kids (who were in another classroom). Proof that the parents were better off taking matters into their own hands instead of waiting around while the cops did nothing! It’s so infuriating but props to that mom who did what she had to do.

  13. And the gun lovers say: “a good guy with a gun can stop a bad one”, these police waited outside for over 40 minutes for special forces to come, that destroys that stupid argument. Don’t make it so easy to access guns, that could save lives, in this country you CAN NOT buy a cigarette or alcohol if you aren’t 21, why make it so easy for an 18 year old to get a gun?

    1. There were parents who attempted to go in and stop him. Police assaulted them.
      Yet you think police are the only ones who should have guns, other than the criminals who don’t follow laws. Although with all the police gangs having officers murder innocent people as an initiation, I’d say you only want the criminals to have the guns. Gangs are in charge of a large number of police forces, but they are the only ones who should have the guns?

  14. There’s a lot of cowardly cops in Texas. Utterly disgraceful that they waited to go in and that is what happened. They waited a long long time and ultimately left it up to another force to make entry. Stomach turning stuff, kids could’ve been saved.

    1. @Pete I’d argue this is worse. Soldiers in a foreign country aren’t usually tasked with protecting children from a mass shooter.

  15. If this doesn’t terrify the public, then I don’t know what will. I never in my wildest dreams would have believed that I live in a country that loves guns more than its children. My deepest condolences to the family members and friends of all those affected by yet another senseless tragedy 🙏

  16. Nobody deserves this💔
    My condolences to all victim’s family,
    May mata rani bless the beautiful souls🤍
    Prayers from India🇮🇳🙏🏻
    ~ॐ शान्ति

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