Video shows what looks to be banned cluster munitions used in Ukraine

A video shared to social media appears to show possible use of banned cluster munitions in a civilian area in the Kharkiv region, Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. In Ukraine, people don’t surrender in any battles, because this land is our mother land. I wish Ukrainian army and people could succeeded in this war to bring refugees and family reunite back to the country. Slava Ukraine!

    1. The fire defeat of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation of the cruiser “Moscow” was confirmed

    1. please stop believing an invisible fantasy character can solve this (or other) unhappy situations … this is man-made and man is the only one who can solve this madness

    1. @W V that story needs to be told for sure but, we really need to investigate the laptop and all the criminal behavior and activities…..the list is long!!

    2. The fire defeat of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation of the cruiser “Moscow” was confirmed

    1. Invest in Kleenex then, cause this is going to get worse. Or y’know, learn to compartmentalize like people who are sane and keep level headed in order to function, SMFH 🤦🏼‍♂️

  2. This is so crazy and extremely saddening. Praying for yhe people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 🙏 💙💛 ❤🤍❤

    1. @Ed Cause the “banned” munition is what the video is about. Whether or not Russia follow the Geneva and the “civilians’ convention” in general is a whole other story. There are plenty of other videos where the focus on that, hell most of them are. This is about cluster munitions so lets the focus on cluster munitions. You talk like that is a strange thing to do.

    2. @Victor McClellan
      Are you from a nation who still uses those kind of munition?
      Your policy makers are probably the ones you want to talk too.

    3. @Ed Although what Russia is doing is morally wrong and I don’t defend them for that. Victor is right, neither the Americans nor Russians have signed anything to say they can’t use cluster munitions and therefore the title is misleading as they are not “banned”. They are not banned under the Geneva convention and neither the USA nor Russia agreed to not use cluster munitions. Using it on a civilian population is obviously wrong and a war crime. The munition itself isn’t banned. Victor isn’t wrong.

  3. I watched a video more than a week ago from Kyiv and a soldier picked up the main body of a cluster bomb delivery missile.

  4. Damn that was a close call for that dude in the car, good thing he didn’t get hit goddamn that must be terrifying, putins a fukin madman this guy needs worse than what Qaddafi got.

  5. 3:57 The trucker probably shized his pants when that CB bounced off the road hit his truck shot straight up then straight back down on to the road next to him.

  6. Been trying to refrain from watching news but being so far removed and well understanding that it could happen to any of us, I am breatheless, truly! Children and their poor innocence taken. 💔

  7. Kiev is so beautiful during the Christmas season. My apartment was just a few blocks from where the reporter is standing. It sickens me to see what Putin’s naked aggression has done to such warm and friendly people in Ukraine. I pray for my friends there and for their families. Especially for the family of a very dear friend that lost everything during the early days of this war. They used to live in Mariupol until their home was destroyed by Russian bombardment. Thankfully they were not at home when the bombs hit.

    1. @xz ab The war has been going on for 8 years, and Ukraine was the first to take up arms. What do want, paperwork? gtfu

  8. I don’t think Putin cares about banned weapons, human rights or anything like that.

    You’re not dealing with someone with scruples here, let alone any genuine mercy or compassion, either for his own people or anyone else’s.

  9. I support a FREE Ukraine, Strong and Proud. 💙💛 Slava Ukraine. the EU, NATO, and all western countries who enjoy freedom and peace, shame on you for not providing Ukraine with the weapons it requested while defending our Freedom

  10. What are the consequences if someone deployed banned weapons like cluster bombs? In finance, some investors are prohibited from investing in such producers of such weapons. Isn’t it necessary to prohibit lending government funds who buy and deploy such weapons?

  11. apparently Putin expects to make a deal, similar to the deal they made decades ago with Finland, simply to flatten and then offer to annex Eastern Ukraine in order to appear that they won the conflict and save face. Horrific distruction will reduce any valued infrastructure and remove the entire population, making it somewhat less desirable for the Ukraine to argue for rather than keep suffering death and destruction for the remainder of the Ukraine. Plus it gives a more forward position to Putin for an further aggression and important sea ports with land access to the rest of Russia without having to build bridges.

  12. I’m just begging and pleading every day that the units in Mariupol can still survive this. We should be sending in so many more weapons on a regular basis rather than just one-off big deliveries. If we did along with actual modern tanks let alone more fighter jets then Ukraine could actually start going on the offensive right now and maybe even save Mariupol.

    1. @Clutch Nixon well how very very brave of them huh, how many rapes, murders and genocidal slaughters did that take I wonder.

    2. Maybe they can just order needs online and have UPS deliver.
      You should follow the news if you care so much about the city. It has been completely surrounded for weeks with hardly anything making it in. Or out

    3. @Clutch Nixon – Taking & holding are 2 different things. Ukraine has proven to be excellent at urban warfare.

    4. @Clutch Nixon It’s a fake. Today, however, the Russian ship “Moscow” was sunk in the Sea of Azov, and the Ukrainian troops joined the Azov battalion on Mariupol : D

  13. God bless the citizens of Ukraine, especially the children, the soldiers, and president Zelensky.
    Victory to Ukraine!!!!!

  14. I hope Europe is helping Ukraine because the next stage is alot more important to keep European Countries nearby safe and allow Ukraine access to the sea.

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