Why police identified this man as a ‘person of interest’ after subway shooting

New York City police say they are looking for Frank James and identified him as a "person of interest" after a shooting on a subway train that injured many people. #CNN #News


  1. “15 bullets”? When he had three extended magazines capable of carrying around 25 rounds? Do they mean shells? As in empty shells?

    1. @My cat is way smarter than most of you with all that metal in a tight space oh yeah the fragmentation from the stray shots and those that went straight through would be going everywhere. That’s what I assume happened if there was shrapnel injuries. A smoke grenade doesn’t explode so it wouldn’t have been from that.

    2. @T P Then he threw the gun away….. If I was about to be arrested and face life without parole at the very least. (Without a terrorism charge and any deaths I don’t think death penalty is on the table), but I could be wrong I’m sure of the specific criteria in NY for this sort of situation. The last thing I would do would be discard my weapon. Especially one so easily concealed.

    3. This is a CIA op. if I ever saw one. This man gets on the train and fires close distance and nobody is dead?? I guess he just wanted to wound them.

  2. “We will use all resources.” “These people dont know who their messing with” – Idk where he is

    1. Ummm. This wasn’t person-of-interest-on-person-of-interest violence. Sorry. I mean Person-of-interest-on-Person-of-interest. I keep forgetting it’s racist not to capitalise these days.

  3. How come they are not talking about the fact that this man was on the FBI watch list. Sure seems like a red flag to me right after the potato’s speech on guns.

  4. We’re back on the subways because we have to pay our ridiculously sky-high rent and pay bills we can’t afford. It’s not so much that we’re resilient, it’s that we’re broke.

  5. So did the guy throw a smoke bomb on the train and get on and start shooting or was he riding the train and the passenger that was talking was sitting beside him because now I’m confused….also the cameras weren’t working all of a sudden

    1. He was already on the train. Apparently, he was in the subway for an hour before his rampage.

  6. CNN HOST, we have an individual that was on the train with his children
    Guest, NO I had just dropped off my children…..
    CNN 😂 loves to exaggerate with out having full knowledge of the situation

  7. “Blacks and whites shouldn’t share the same hemisphere ” – James Frank

    Damn, I can’t imagine if a white person said that. Lord, we would never hear the end of it.

    1. @Avis Robinson Why is hate wrong? Do you think that one emotion evolved with no purpose or that hate is necessary to defend yourself or your people?

  8. Funny how you always learn more about the truth from the CNN comment section, than you do from the CNN story. Pardon the pun.

    1. When you get one of the “fuk what you saying it here” bot comments you know the algorithm doesn’t agree 🤣🤣🤣

  9. The *black* police chief at first described the shooter as a black man – then later in the day said he was “dark skinned.” Then they showed the mugshot of the person of interest and he is BLACK. Political correctness has no place in law enforcement when it comes to protecting the public safety! I have Mediterranean ethnicity and in the summer I can get tanned and dark. But I am Caucasian not African American. Hispanics can be dark skinned. So saying the suspect was dark skinned was (purposely?) bowing to the PC crowd!

    1. @Mike Lee if you look black you should be described as black, that is one of your physical characteristics, nationality such as Puerto Rican or Dominican cannot be identified visually

    2. Weird how they caught the man within 24 hrs regardless of your whining about his description. It’s almost as if you’re throwing a fit with nothing but a wad of Lubriderm in one hand to reason your distress.

  10. Our human right to defend our lives in NY (and NJ) MUST be recognized! As it is in the rest of the USA

    We MUST have Constitutional Carry recognized!

    We MUST have Stand Your Ground as law.

    When being attacked, or seeing someone being attacked, would you rather have a cell phone in your hand to call the police, or a firearm?

    1. @Marcos Juarez that’s not true. You’re the same person but now you have a weapon to defend yourself. If my grandma has a gun she’s not going to go on a murderous maniacal rampage. That makes no sense.

  11. 3:09 They don’t know who they’re messing with lol. What a joke they know exactly what they’re messing with lady. That’s why they do it. That’s what you get when you defund police. How something like this happens and he’s not apprehended during the event or immediately thereafter is amazing. Waiting for CNN to call this guy out

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