1. Store employees, don’t risk your life for material objects or food. Your employer most likely wouldn’t risk their life for you. It’s above your pay grade, let them hire trained security.

    1. In American cities …cops no longer respond to shop lifting under $1000 or other crimes …the future : – ))

  2. 81 thumbs up vs 19 thumbs down, hmmm. 19% of viewers believe the shop owners should hand over the merchandise. Start putting thieves into jail again !

  3. The problem is when you do your best to stop them….It’s not worth intervening..let them take whatever they want. Stand back take description and report it. It’s not worth your life over stolen property.

    Not trying to defend the criminal , however the employee violated the number one rule for robberies…DO NOT resist or fight unless you have to to protect yourself from aggression initiated by the robber.

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