Voter Intimidation Concerns In Arizona With GOP ‘Sham’ Audit | The ReidOut | MSNBC

A ‘sham’ audit is under way in Arizona, where Republicans have handed millions of ballots over to “Cyber Ninjas,” a sketchy sounding firm led by a Trump supporting conspiracy theorist.

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    1. @MrEkzotic Cyber Ninjas have no experience with elections , nor , are they an auditing firm . In fact , their boss is not even impartial , since he has been pushing the idea that the
      election was ” stolen” by the Democrats .
      They don`t seem to know what they are doing . They were using blue pens when that is a no , no .
      At first , the only media allowed in the building was OAN, who are helping to bankroll this ” audit” . For people who say that are interested in transparency , that is not
      a good look .
      Republicans are doing this ” audit” with no Democratic involvement . The volunteers involved seem to be Republican supporters . One volunteer was a guy who
      actually ran in the November , 2020 election . Even more troubling , he is an ex police officer who is on a list called the Brady list , for cops who gave false testimony .
      Observers are required to sign a non disclosure agreement , so they cannot speak about they have observed .

  1. Cyber Ninja, from FLORIDA, with ties to the Q community… good lord are these people serious?

    1. @Google Gurgle I would have thought by now you people would realize that just because you say something, doesn’t make it true…. I mean c’mon…

    2. @Google Gurgle 👈🏼 his sister, oops I meant girlfriend was in the double wide that the space lasers destroyed. I’m sorry for your loss my friend. Hopefully your parents have siblings and you will have time to chose which first cousin will replace your true love. Good luck and I’m praying for ya.🙏

    3. What about “verified voting” proven corrupt look them up. (they did the other “audits”)

  2. Let me repeat a question I asked last week … how come the judge handing over ballots to this group of frauds has not been tossed into prison???


      Tell us another joke, you are obviously a professional comedian!!

    2. Because its our Duty to America (not politicians) to seek the truth and Appalachian court ruled there is no crime unless there is a victim. There is no victim in an audit.. Just a bunch of butt hurt soy addicts out there. But your victim mentality doesn’t make you a victim in reality. That’s how. Because its legal. And to intimidate or stop a peaceful audit would make the afflicter the criminal. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it right or wrong. It just means you’re over opinionated and think you are more important than other’s opinion. There are over 200 other countries you can try if you don’t like ours. Witch I encourage so I don’t have to rightfully call you my fellow country man. Romania is pry the best communist society you’ll find. Start there.

    3. @J S There are several THOUSANDS of victims in this audit.. EVERY single AZ resident who voted and respects our Democracy is a victim of this audit since it’s not being done correctly and transparently.

      You are right.. there are over 200 countries and if YOU do not like our Democracy, as evidenced by trashing our democracy with this sham of an audit, you are welcome to move to any one of those. Don’t let the door hit you on your a** on the way out… actually, please do let it hit and hit hard.

    4. @9753flyer They have observers, audits do have red pens since red pens cannot be used to change the vote on ballots…blue or black pens would be cause for concern, not red. Depending on what you’re looking for, an audit may or may not use a UV light. Basically, they are looking for watermarks on the paper…a watermark would indicate a counterfeit ballot.

  3. Cyber ninjas are photographing voter registration records and ballots to harvest down ballot voting data, for future canvassing schemes.

    1. @Google Gurgle you’re in EVERYONE’s comments, take it easy bot you’ve only had your acct 4 hours, if you wanna keep it longer behave 😉

    2. Yes… They will find a way to cheat the system by what they know. I pray that after they have done the audit if it’s allowed that they change how votes are done because they want to be back in control and it’s festering. 2022 all if not most should be voted out.

  4. How come a few voters from that area haven’t stepped up & started sueing people over them being allowed access to their personal information?
    Isn’t our vote supposed to be private so we can’t be intimidated?

    1. there are records about if you voted or not for each election and this is public information but your choices are not made public

  5. They will also know who to purge from the voter rolls as well, not just voter intimidation

    1. @Google Gurgle

      Turned out to be dead republicans, voting from the grave with the help of a alive republican relative…..

    2. @Google Gurgle

      Everyone know it’s not an impartial “audit”. Who know if they are even tampering with the ballots.

    3. @Google Gurgle we are worried about what that spoiled narcissistic brat is going to do with our voting information. We know he hates demacrats. You’ve said it yourself that covid was worse in demacrat run states. Have you ever wondered why? Maybe it was done on purpose by someone who really hates demacrats

    4. Isn’t that like Nazi Germany stripping Jews of rights because they don’t like them? The events in history right before the mass murdering.

    1. @MrEkzotic Let me correct YOU with facts: the 6 Jan insurrection was a very violent, deadly attack on the Capitol, on American democracy, law and order, on members of Congress and policemen, who heroically tried to withstand the onslaught and are either dead, injured or traumatised. There were all sorts of weapons and a bomb planted, objects stolen and lots of damage done to the building and media equipment.
      The purpose was to stop the certification of the vote and to overturn the election results.
      This insurrection was clearly incited by Trump and his goons, with the narrative and the pressure on supporters building up for months, no wonder after he said “we love you” to those thugs.
      Get your facts straight next time.

    2. @J S Wrong, not “half the world agrees”, not even half of Americans agree with your claims.

      As someone from the rest of the world, let me tell you:
      99% of the world agree that Biden is the legitimately elected president, that there was no fraud by Democrats in the election.
      And ca 70% of Americans agree, too.
      Sorry, to burst your bubble

    3. @Good Vibes False. The only person killed as a direct result of the Jan 6 protest was a white, unarmed, female veteran killed by a black cop. That’s a fact. BLM has committed over 20 murders, thousands of injuries, and has caused over $2 billion in property damage, they have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people, that’s an insurrection. On Jan 6, a bunch of unarmed people punched a few cops, broke some windows, moved some podiums, and put their feet on desks….not even close to an insurrection.

  6. Trump already has a note from his doctor to get out of criminal trials:
    Phone Spurs.

    1. Tweetingcarpel tunnel as well, but that condition / addiction has been cured with forced abstinence…lol

  7. I really hope that there are phone calls to the police that suspicious people walking around 😂

    1. it is not illegal to knock on doors and ask people who they voted for. Your people defunded all of the police anyway fool.

  8. Warn your elderly friends or young people we don’t have to answer to anyone of them fools. Ever!

    1. People who voted for Biden are too ashamed to admit it anyway. And what about people between young and old? No warnings for them? Resistance to an audit is indicative of guilt.

    2. Umm, when you are brought to court on charges of fraud, you still don’t have to answer but I’m sure it won’t work out well. No one give’s a sheet about your or my opinion however I’m just pointing out how short sighted and ignorant you are… Just like a typical lefty.

  9. ABSOLUTELY!! They have proven and proven it and proven it again!! They are straight up thugs and ignorant bullies! One more in my face for ANYTHING…will walk away with their teeth in their hand

    1. really? If I knock on your door and inquire about your voting you will knock out my teeth? Come on now man, you democrats are really uptight about your poor choices. I don’t blame you.

  10. I hope when they knock on each one of those people do or they get what they looking for remember stand your ground.

  11. “lock them all up” -DJT “if we’re wrong, we’ll look like fools” -Rudy Giuliani

  12. They gonna keep counting until they win and probably taking people information down and then start to discriminate against the ones that didn’t vote for trump

    1. they already know if you voted and they have every right to ask you who you voted for. You do not have to reply, or reply correctly for that matter. Don’t be so defensive, It makes it seem like you are hiding something..

  13. Someone please ARREST these “auditors” and subject them to psychiatric evaluation! This is ridiculous!!!

  14. They are taking this opportunity to collect data from these ballots ‼️
    They have complete access to seeing who and how people have voted which they’ll use to target their campaign messages

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