1. Every day, it’s the same old thing. Around and around in circles. I just don’t get it. In Texas, the Republicans are gaining ground. Jenner is up and running. We are the only ones stuck in this hamster wheel, while they are all having a great time.

    2. Foreign Agent Giuliani reported to Foreign Agent Trump who reported to KGB Col. Vladimir Putin.

  1. Scaring 45 does nothing. Unless we see consequences to elite impunity and blatant lawlessness and deception, it will continue ad infinitum

    1. 45 was elected and juss cause rachel maddow says hes a russian spy dosnt make it so..they may have shared polling data with them(we all know how accurate polls are)he didnt incite riot read the transcirpt…youre all sick sychophants juss like the maga hats…they do seem less crazy tbh..trump isnt going to jail msnbc can keep doing segments on it and u idiots will eat it up….you silly silly ppl

  2. “It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again” -Buffalo Bill

  3. Obviously Guliani thinks he’s still in charge. Let him sink himself with his own words.

    1. I had my second covid-19 and they told me I would be a zombie. I do have a craving for right wings with some spicy BBQ sauce 😋

  4. Whatever happens, the investigation marks yet another step in Giuliani’s unimaginable fall from grace.

  5. hey Rudy, what ever happened to that Good Insurance you have in case Trump throws you under the bus? 🤔🤔🤔

  6. Simply put “when you hang out with Cheat-o Jesus you get Cheat-o hands”.
    “Chester Cheeto” 1971

  7. I don’t believe anything will happen to any of these people until I see it. They seem to keep on getting away with more, and their fan base is eating it up. I can’t see 12 people convicting any of these criminals. I hope I’m wrong but history has proven me right, so far.

    1. Hate to say it, but I agree with you. What does that mean for the future of our nation? I’m being pessimistic and will assume the Dems will lose one or both house in 2022, what then? The bullies and crooks will be in charge.

  8. I could’ve jay walked across the street, and I guarantee I would be locked up before these dudes,and they tried to turn our country upside down!

  9. It goes back to the saying, “anything trump touches, dies”.
    RIP – Rudy’s career.

  10. Clip was shorter than i liked,seemed cut off half way through,like to see more of john,he’s awesome.

  11. Giuliani – It seems that arrogance and ego are getting in the way of experience and any remaining reason.

    @ 2:24 ” … he’s radioactive …” That is SPOT ON and hilarious! 👍🤣

  12. Now ! The most astonishing moment in this clip is when John was introduced and you can see how deep he had rooted them AirPods in his ears – I mean deep, how was that even possible 😋😄😄

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