1. I agree that was a beautiful pushback. Well done. But the reporter is also right too. Trump could have steered away from 2020, but nah, he dove right in.

    2. And he wasn’t smart enough to say let’s move on. You guys treat him like parents who have to explain their children’s behavior. Proves Americans love being lied to.

    1. All his responses were defensive. There seem to be people that are unwilling to explain why they support Trump because they know it will make them look greedy, stupid, hateful, racist or some combination of those things.

    2. @susan forrest They don´t know they can still be all those things without supporting Trump, do they?

    3. @Karl-Niclas Bürner Good point. As it is, Trump is the leading candidate that will carry those motivations into office if, heaven forbid, he is elected.

    4. People are scared to openly talk about trump . That’s how much power trump has .

      incredible isn’t it ?

  1. You’re either for him or not, I don’t think at this point it matters. Most people won’t change their mind

    1. Town hall can show how rigid and stubborn Trump is with his thinking. How could he move out country forward when he is so stuck in the past? He is a sad chronic lier and needs to be off the air as the town hall has shown😅

    2. I plan on voting for trump. I’d vote for someone else if they seemed better. As of now I think Trump is the best guy for the job in this moment in our history.

    1. It’s a fact that Trump lost. I just don’t respect the interviewer for even bothering with this “panel”. Who cares what they ” think”

    2. they arent opinions… they are objective truth… therein lies the problem. you people dont believe in objective truth.

  2. I’m not sure this is the best way to get a real indication of how people will vote. The moderator leaves no one unsure as to how he feels, but by making his opinions so clear he is probably suppressing the real opinions of the participants.

    1. He is a democrat drone. Unable of original thought and about as unprofessional as you can get. Move over DON LEMON your replacement drone is here… what a maroon

    1. @Diabolus_Musica They wanted Trump’s head on a stick and Kathy Griffith parading it around times square.

    2. ​@Diabolus_Musica Really? With how the guy kept leading questions with negative conjecture?

      Pretty clear, really.

    3. ​@Diabolus_Musica They wanted it answered a certain way, where they could edit it for there smooth brain base That like watching CNN.

  3. The whole purpose of a Townhall is to get the peoples opinion and impressions. I’ve never seen one where the moderator spent so much time trying to develop the opinions it’s contrary to the whole purpose of a Townhall meeting to get peoples natural reactions to a speech or some other event.

    1. Yes true for question session at the end Ill agree, but why did CNN even host what amounts to a tRump rally in the first place?

  4. “aren’t you guys tired of trump talking about the 2020 election? Let’s continue to talk about it for the next 5 minutes while i grill you individually about it”

    1. He was talking to them like if he was a lawyer and he was giving the jury an opening or closing statement. He’s not really asking them their opinion, he is FIRST trying to lead them and pushing them in to agreement with his lectured opinions. Lawyers do this to people on the stand, and people in the jury box. This guy GARY is a disgrace. Shame on him!

  5. Man asked the third guy a question then adds his own spin when the answers he wants aren’t given 😂😂😂

    1. Exactly what the lady did to Trump! Just because they don’t like the answer doesn’t mean it isn’t an answer!

    2. Because they cannot really answer the question without looking like an idiot. It is hard to defend a fool when you are the fool who keeps voting for them into office…

  6. Love, how its all “we should stop talking about 2020” and they repeat what they did in the townhall and continue talking about 2020

    1. @JIM mahan Let it go. We have more important things to consider in going forward. I am an Independent who will vote for Trump because Biden is destroying America.

    2. @LotsOfFun Believe it or not, being lied to is something Americans consider when voting, you obviously don’t if you think Biden is destroying America

  7. Trump called your commentator Nasty!!!! What is even funnier is he was not lying!!!!!

    1. She is a light weight. They put her up against him on purpose. It was a brilliant play and the funny part is she doesn’t realize she was played.

    1. It’s very calculated, and a double gift for the Democratic nominee who is guaranteed victory in the general.

    2. @Francky Pierre I did, same result (just like 2020). I guess you need to watch and learn all over.

  8. This discussion with this panel is absurd! First he asks that retiree what his personal thoughts were on the 20/20 election, and of course the man would abstain! I really felt for that person. Next the interviewer makes a joke with the next person about her age…obviously CNN didn’t want a serious discussion of the Town Hall anymore than they want anyone viewing the original town hall here on youtube, or CNN website to judge for themselves. I unfortunately missed this event, didn’t know it had happened and was immediately appalled that CNN would attempt this and give Trump an audience that he wanted all along! I am not surprised CNN basically got spanked om live broadcast

  9. So this guy is actually telling these voters how to think… hey buddy they do have a right to there own opinions! No wonder people don’t watch CNN they don’t care what people believe/think. Basically you Think like we do or you believe what we believe or your the enemy! This town hall was eye opening!

  10. While asking a question of wether Trump tried to force a narrative to be true, the moderator never once found the irony laden in all his questions

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