Voting Rights Activist: ‘We’re Going To Fight’ Effort By Georgia GOP To Takeover Local Elections

Lauren Groh-Wargo joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss how we got to this big week in voting rights in which House Democrats introduced a “robust” voting rights bill as the GOP-led Georgia state election board took its first step toward a possible takeover of elections in Fulton County: “They are institutionalizing lots of little mini-strongmen and women … so that they can subvert and suppress the vote.”
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  1. If you want to know why the republicans have pulled out all the stops on their desperate attempt to stay in power, look no further than the 2020 census results.

    1. @Emily Xiong I bet it was Hugo Chavez!
      (Probably 95% of the Americans don’t know he died in March 2013 or even who he was.) 😂

    2. @Aliza Kessler You’d better hope they do or when the fascist take over your life is going to be so much worse.

    3. @Emily Xiong You’re forgetting that there is actual evidence. There’s the guy who murdered his wife and used her vote too and the guy in Florida who was showing people how to vote for Trump in Georgia even though they didn’t live there. Oh yes, they were republicans and they’re in prison!

    4. @Margaret Nicol They’re so fixated on sticking it to the libs. Responses from them have been as stupid as “I’d rather Kim Jong Un be president than a Lib like Biden.”


      Maybe we should send them there.

    5. The comments are just astounding. At any other time, that sort of admission would be frowned upon, especially from people in that party that loves to pretend that they are the most Americans in this country.

      Those like President Bonespurs will wave and fondle the flag as though they care. They need to make that sort of spectacle because what they genuinely believe is far from that which they claim.

  2. Republicans no longer have the numbers to win.
    So they must change laws, rig elections, and ramp up voter suppression to unprecedented levels.
    It is literally their only chance to win, since there is only a tiny minority left who want to vote for them.

    1. @aardvark Hendricksthe states are sovereign when it comes to elections 🖕 look how fast wendy Rogers of AZ shut Merit Garlin down when he attempted to mess with AZ forensic audit of the 2020 ballots. The results of that audit come out next week 🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸

    2. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways Not anymore. Trump is a criminal and so are his supporters. We will win no matter what.

    3. They have not had those numbers for a very long time. It gives me no pleasure to say it but the only reason they have not been forced to change their position is because our side is…well a bit flakey.

    1. @The Homeless Travel Network Airways and remember that dumbassness and douchebaggery cost Arizona 4 million dollars for new voting machines alone?
      Don’t forget, there was no bamboo in the ballots. If there was evidence of voter fraud we’d have it already.
      BTW, we have karate judo kids coming to do another audit in Arizona.
      Don’t worry, we’ll record everything from the day we get the ballots to the private property we have in Montana and back to the board of elections in Arizona.

    2. @Edward Riley AZ is about to recall its electoral college votes for joe Biden. Not really a waste of now is it????

    3. @Edward Riley h lo w about the Forensic audits in PA WI GA? What if those sstates recall their electriol votes for SLOPPY joe.

    4. @Edward Riley we should audit all 50 states and liberal voters should pay a tax rate of 99% until the inflation and gasoline prices come down!!!!

    5. LOEITA Express Merit Garlin at the DOJ is having creiblity issues after AZ told him to go 🖕 himself attempting to shut down the AZ audit that is complete now.

  3. There will come a time when the major cities of the south will need help from the Northeast and Pacific. Mark my words.

  4. And all this can only happen because you have a constitution that’s not even worth the paper it’s written on.

    1. @El Loco Why dissenting opinions from the supreme court? If the constitution were rigidly written it would not be subject to interpretation.

    2. @Mark M — Yes, and that’s exactly what the problem is … not a fixed law, and open to interpretation by an institution that is the ultimate political hack.

    3. @El Loco That statement does not refute that the constitution is a flexible document. It is a flexible document and it’s up to us, we the people; to flex it as we need. It’s been a very long time since we used that power in any meaningful way.

  5. Allowing the GOP to have total control of everything related to elections, all the way up to declaring the winner regardless of the vote, is like asking all the local foxes to stay overnight in the henhouse to guard the chickens.

  6. Yes Ma’am . While everyone kept worryin about giving out water , only a very few bothered to talk about this .

  7. Lol. And we are trying to instill democracy in other countries. And here we have one of the two major parties turning elections partisan by giving itself the right to openly change electorals.

    1. We never were trying to instill democracy in other countries. We were just told that because it’s what we wanted to hear and would accept.

  8. Kudos to Lauren G-W for being at the vanguard. It’s mind-blowing that one or a few Right Wingers can disenfranchise entire blocks of legit votes.

  9. And the problems that this type of cheating and dishonesty will bring to this country will eventually get amplified into enormous issues that the country is NOT ready to handle! There will be regrets, maybe not now, but surely there will be consequences!!

  10. There should be one law for all states. Count the votes be honest and tell the f—-g truth. Don’t listen to the president that lost tell you it was rigged.

  11. Grasping at straws.

    Georgia law is about Fraud mitigation, restoring voter confidence and ensuring election integrity.

    Stop fighting it. And stop trying to Game the system under the appallingly misleading name “for the people act” and whatnot.

  12. While these so-called “voting rights activist” is fighting against a fictional threat to voting rights, voting rights just died in Afghanistan.

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