1. @Bear Richmond When you are sick, do you ask a plumber for medical advice? If your car has issues, do you go to a chiropractor and ask him to fix your car? Listen to doctors and medical health professionals. Don’t like what you hear from what the doctors on TV tell you? Visit reputable medical sites and do your research. NEMJ, John Hopkins, BMJ, etc… If you still think your opinion is better than what these sites say? Go visit a hospital or medical center and ask a doctor. Better still, visit a few of them and ask as many doctors as you can.
      However, my bet is that regardless of what these health professionals tell you, you would rather believe in some anti-vax anti-mask echo chamber because it just enforces your opinion.
      What else do you have?

    2. The biden crime family leaves 15,000 hostages in Afganastan.
      they should do the same to that family as Russia did to the Czar!

    1. @Dino that’s because Trump IS a dictator, one without any power that is and he won’t get that power in any case…

    2. @Matt Cobretti as far as DeSantis…for me, it’s more about the idea that he’s not doing this based on some personal belief system or for the greater good, or any such thing. he’s doing what he believes his Precious wants him to do…& he THINKS he’s doing it for votes.

      like far too many circumstances, these days, it would be hilarious…if it wasn’t so tragic.

      but, hey…ya know…WHADDAYAGONNADO?!? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    3. @Phoebe Simon wrong are you that ignorant? I just checked they are tied for 24th in Covid-19 death rate.

      So they tell you if your vaccinated you don’t need to wear a mask. Now they tell you need to wear a mask even if your vaccinated when it doesn’t end? Are we all going to wear mask forever from now on for everyone safety?

      New Zealand lockdown their country for 1 case of Covid-19 not 1 death 1 case is that what you want America to do?

    1. If you read the title of this video DeSantis Lies “That Mask Aren’t Proven To Be Effective” How can you call somebody a liar without data to back it up for the people who only watch liberal media I bet you didn’t know Florida is 25th in Covid-19 death rate.

      You know how dumb it is to be vaccinated and still force to wear a mask. Is this America where is our freedom? How can the Democrats be okay with this I don’t understand?

    2. @Rino Ponce Because there many peer reviewed studies that show that masks do reduce transmission, that’s why. And only someone ignorant of history would continue to frame this public health emergency as a matter of freedom. Your freedom ends when it infringes on mine.
      Did you know that George Washington forced all of his troops to be vaccinated against smallpox? Or that constitutional law already determined that mandatory vaccination in the interest of public health is perfectly within the law? If you anti-vaccers and anti-maskers had done the right thing we would already be done with this virus but instead YOU, in your selfishness, have prolonged this pandemic and forced these continued measures.

    3. @A. Alphbond Exactly…Their world view is so tunneled vision that they are incapable of thinking of anything including science as exersized in so many countries to be taken into consideration to the success of anything. Their worldview is simply as far as their backyard. Nihilist running a “Populist” platform…good luck with that Desantis.

    1. I say, we all take off the seatbelts!
      When you get a ticket, smile, because you are paying to back the blue. FUND the cops!
      When your car insurance goes up, smile, because this is America and that’s capitalism alive and well. Not this leftist Biden socialism!
      Plus, none of us want to be kept alive artificially.

      Worst case scenario, they do away with the seatbelt laws and we plunge into a socialist society. Cops will start pulling people over to give THEM money. None of us want to live in that nightmare!

    2. I’m starting to wonder what global conspiracy is responsible for removing lead from our gasoline! There is no freedom until we get lead back into our gas tanks!!!!!!! Lolz

    3. Why can’t I be a commercial airline pilot? Because of big government and socialist policies, that’s why! They say I need thousands of hours of instruction and training before I can pilot a jet filled with 300 souls onboard and I say that isn’t why we stood up to the tyrannical king george!

    4. Nobody should be allowed to drive over 20, any faster and you are putting my life at risk. We need a test to make sure people wear a condom Everytime and never do an Al because that spreads disease

    1. @Soulife They wear them to not contaminate the patient from any pathogen bacteria or virus. It’s about a sterile environment. The point is they work.

    2. @Ric Ladouceur You obviously have no idea how mushrooms work. The largest living thing on earth is a fungus! SPORES!

    3. why is the surgeon dirty in the first place? modern hospitals use robots to operate. hay you! put a mask on that robots fan ven you bigot!

  1. Hoping these fools don’t mind if their surgeon decides not to wear masks or wash their hands before preforming surgery next time they need medical intervention.

    1. @travis burandt I’m over it……these anti vaccination fools can just get infected and die for all I care. They will leave America a better place.

    2. @lightweight0829 No im not that big of a Trump fan. I think Desantis is a better candidate. In a few short years all the Democrats will be completely wiped out. Whats happening is the greatest thing to ever happen to America. I urge every right winger to invest in funeral stocks by spring of 2022. The wealth that will be created will be epic ! 🇺🇸

    3. @Dave Audy its far from crap. Resrarch what happens to your immune system after the jab on yahoo. You wont find anything on g search because they hide it ALL. imagine that ! Read the federal lawsuit too regarding the jab. You better get your will and testament ready and thats a fact 👍

    4. @#j G you believe what you want Dr j G! Hopefully none of your friends and family die from the Covid crap you are dishing out! Saying you like Desantis speaks volumes!

    1. @juul cat Hahaha yep, says does not provide ANY protection against covid. But hey, it’s “the science!” The mask manufacturers are cavemen that don’t believe in electricity, that must be why lol

    2. @juul cat you are full of crap. Desantos is a disaster. In denial. Florida killing off their base. Between him and COVID having Abbot in Texas the two states are in real bad shape.

    3. @Bobby Webber I’ve talked to friends in Florida and Texas. They report back empty hospitals and dead parking lots. So excuse me for not believing in your ‘sky is falling’ anxiety attack. Go find a brown paper bag and breathe in and out – the big bad freedom isn’t going to hurt you.

    1. @countzero87 Yeah, we said the same to the Vaxxed before they croaked, lol! All that pride ended up in wearing toetags. 😁

    2. @juul cat Evedince? Do you happen to have any? Or are you just going to give me a link to a guy making more baseless claims? What was it this time? Lizard people from Planet X? Or is it the illuminati?

      Look, we don’t care what y’all do anymore. Other than the economy this is just impacting you and your kids, not us. I feel deeply sorry for the kids…at this point thought That’s on you.

      Don’t get vaccinated. I’m not trying to convince you. Honestly, I’m hoping as many of you as possible go down from this thing.

    3. @countzero87 some people just like negative attention. Long as they have a fight. It does not master if they are fighting against what is right.

  2. No problem. Just crawl your way over to the Citrus Bowl stadium for your Regeneron if you catch The Covid. Ron “Early Treatment Saves Lives” DeSantis says it’ll be great. Don’t forget to ask your insurance company if it will pay for your (according to them) experimental monoclonal antibody treatment.

    1. No insurance carrier including medicare/medicaid will pay for this. His biggest political donor has more than 15 million worth of shares in Regeneron. Which costs 1000 a dose. Yet the vaccine costs 50 for both shots. No republican can ever say anything about wasted tax payer money again. Never. I hope all these right wingers get sick and die very slow, painful and lonely miserable deaths.

    2. I wonder if insurance companies are going to start not paying if it is known that a client refused to at least take precautionary methods. I look at that as suicide. They don’t pay for suicidal do they?

  3. At this point he is just trying to keep his position. He doesnt care about anyone else except his kids who were seen wearing a mask btw.

    1. and none of them are old enough to be in school,where he doesn’t care if other people’s children are becoming infected!

    2. @No Party Afilliation DeSantis’s daughter attends a charter school Kindergarten that has a mask mandate in place. Which it makes it very convenient for him to risk the lives of Public School children from the peasantry.

    3. Lmao. I keep hearing from liberals how children won’t wear masks because they get uncomfortable and will just take them off anyway. Make up your minds.

  4. Trust DeSantis to deny 130 years of proven scientific facts. He sounds like a high school dropout.

    1. @James Carlson no and I know how to spell the fools name. And no that is not the case as I’m a Neurologist working on a large hospital and no he has said several times over a 9 year period. And he is in fact truthful for once. If you look in labs we work in you wear full body suits and then it’s not safe 100%. So again your little mask does zero it may stop 10 Particles out of a million.

    2. @Marshall Vaughan The AMA and every major medical organization recommends masks. But forget that – have you asked your doctor? He or she would be your best source for accurate info. By the way, I’ve heard several studies cited over the last several months.

    3. @DG youtube So, let’s throw all caution to the wind because nothing is 100%? If there’s a 2% chance that wearing a mask will stop transmission, doesn’t it make sense to do it? You have much better odds that blowing through a stop sign will be safe, but you stop anyway, right?

    4. @James Carlson no your 2% stopping a droplet forcing all to wear a mask is harming or killing 8 to 15 percent of the population. You should have a choice to wear a mask. There are many very many reasons not to wear a mask for many illness.

    5. @DG youtube “2% stopping a droplet forcing all to wear a mask is harming or killing 8 to 15 percent of the population.” Source(s)? That sounds a little sketchy,

    1. @jan van ruth It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult. You are perfectly able to spread the virus to people who will die

    2. you mean the 370 kids that have died of covid out of 70 million age 17 and under since the pandemic began? Clearly you cant be that obtuse. thats hardly a concerning amount as opposed to other health issues kids face.

    3. @Mr Thompson exactly what i meant.
      i don’t know where you got those numbers but they seem a little low to me.
      i would have guessed about double the number.
      my guess is that more children died of traffic accidents during the hours the schools were closed due to covid19.
      probably more children died of gun incidents in the same time frame.
      closing the schools actually killed children…

    4. @i minabrons indeed
      and that will be so for ever and ever.
      so keep the children from getting infected and you have a ready source of infection for the future.
      you could of course choose to let the infection run wild amongst the children and keep them away from those that really are at danger, for the time being.
      and after that the threat to the ones that are really at risk is a lot lower because there is no reservoir of children that can infect them.

    1. @duncan mcdonald where you did you get 350 million people from are you including all the illegal immigrants Biden let come to America?

      Hyperbole much? You act like everyone will get Covid-19. Since your so ignorant you probably didn’t know 1% of the U.S. population died every year and we didn’t shutdown America and take away their freedom.

    2. @Rino Ponce the population of the US is 331 million according to the Trump census. Death rate pre-COVID (2019) was 0.7% annually. You can easily look those numbers up. You are OK with increasing the death rate way above 0.7% because it’s inconvenient and you don’t care. I hear you loud and clear, but I still don’t get it.

    3. @Dr. David Bonar if there’s anything I’ve learned is those who are don’t have to brag on YouTube. 👽💀👹😨😱 Go back to FOX and FOOLS

    4. @duncan mcdonald I know how many people died in 2019 okay 1% is exaggerating like you are with 350 million people. Nobody is okay with dying but death is evitable we all should have a choice how we want to live in a short time we are living in this world. There is no way to prevent people from dying from Covid-19. We can try New Zealand method of locking everyone down if get 1 case is that something your okay with?

  5. All that is needed to ask de santis, is why then, is he allowing his children to wear masks at their private school

  6. Personally, I don’t know why parents wouldn’t do EVERYTHING in their power – use every tool available – to keep their children safe. And I really don’t know why DeSantis is seen as the last word on health policy.

  7. Sooooo, how would DeSantis know if the masks 😷 “aren’t proven to be effective” when he DOESN’T wear one. He sounds like Trumpy more and more everyday. IGNORANT!!!!

    1. perhaps he can’t Read, he only goes with things he’s heard
      like that other guy that heard a lot of stuff

  8. I love how he says “politicians” like he isnt one.

    If you arent a politician, then what are you DeSantis?

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